Wiley - Don't Bread Me Lyrics

I'm not gonna lie
All them "you weren't there" likkle cheap shots
It's like, come on man, that's not no kinda level

You know in this life it's not fair
So how you gonna talk about I weren't there
When the feds had you in Australia
I didn't act like a fool, I knew you was there
So you can't be a don if I'm not there
You likkle eediat
Get Dizzee, come 'round 'ere
This style none of you run around 'ere
I been livin', I been dying for my sons 'round 'ere
I come to your house, you've never come to my house
Bumbahole looking for the clout
Deep down in your heart you're not an MC
I look around, I see your real gauge empty
Try to drop man out on the sly
And then you come back start looking for a bligh
Haha, no bligh
Me and you are done, no lie
About god forgive you if you bust your nine
But wait
You ain't gonna bust no nine
If Dan never made German Whip, you'd be right back there at the back of the line
And you ain't above clouds, you're the basic grime
I do shut up and fuckery and facety grime
I gave this brudda life, he ain't taking mine
I know two girls now
They're the reason why you're even out here now doing famous grime
Bumbahole stay there, I won't waste your time
Just me being real, it's not a hate you crime
You made Jme stop, that's paigon time
You made Jme stop
For you bro
I can never stop, 'cause I've gotta drop
You was never a top shotta, the cream of the crop
You was never on road like dat
You gotta stop with all this
Clout-chasing, that's what we call this
That's not what we gassed you up for all this
You're a real snake, that's what we call it
I thought about it, there's nuttin' else to call it
Tryna be my friend but I overrule it
'Cause you lost your way back, you need schooling
Bare yes man around you, that's boring
You're fame-whoring
I run up on any stage, one up
Draw stage, one up
Anytime I step to you, I step one up
So you can't step on mic and run gum up
You man ain't like me, you can't one up
I'm a king of one up
Think about that tonight, to the mornin' when the sun come up
You said that Bob Marley copy fella, could see dem kinda talks I bun up
'Dem talks I bun up
I rock up on your next stage show, I come one up
'Cause I'm a rave done-er
I'm one up
You know me when I start help you out, then your whole life tun up
Remember when Wiley told you to pick up the mic?
Good I hope you never forget
Look into my face, you was never the best
I trip you over, I put my foot on your neck
I'm a junior, and you're a junior
You bring it to me, I bring it to yah
And manna heavyweight, looking like a cruiser
I might catch you on the chin like Bruza
Stand up and think of a plate, and run through ya
I'm the bo, and the booyah
You can bring Jaykae along to protect the greatness
I'm still gonna rise and do ya
Mascot's news to me
In my face, they can never say "boo" to me
It's not news to me
And how you gonna say that I'm ungrateful
When you was the one that was using me
But I'm a street don, so I had the clue to see
Never ever put a limit on who you could be
So go be who you wanna be
Don't try chattin' to me about envy or jealousy
'Cause that ain't me
I said, Wiley chill, his attack ain't peak
'Cah man are followers, like that ain't sheep
Took a cheap shot like, that ain't weak
I guess you just wanna singalong track of the week
And I was sitting down, now I'm back on my feet
I got a likkle few bars now I'm back on the beat
I'm chiraq on the beat, I'm hard crack on the beat
I'm like, you wanna bread but no can do
I don't wanna squash any beef with you
Man are robots, and I programmed you
Pretending you like each other it's not true
'Cause you don't like me, and I don't like you
Man get rich and switch, end the crew
And I caught on like I was meant to do
And that whole rich and switch, that's for you
Yo, you can't G shock man
'Cause you man are some cheap shot man
Rocksteady and Bebop man
Round saucer, you man are teapot man
Blam, you fouled me as I was going to the basket
Now I got three shots fam
Look around, then I look to the basket
And then I put up the three shots man

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Wiley Don't Bread Me Comments
  1. S Boy

    Jme is lyrically as good as any man at the top.

  2. Nadia Saleem

    Hahah NO BLIGH!!!

  3. #brokenHOUSE Music

    After all the hype dies down and you come back to this you begin to really appreciate the LEVELS. HAAAAARD

  4. henry lavery

    Wiley is obviously short if of P... Let down

  5. Daniel Hawkins


  6. ashley joseph

    Raaaaaahtid Wiley is back... the flow is a mazza

  7. MF Grant

    Someone please explain the slang. What does "bread me" mean

  8. Jimmy Beerz

    Skepta needs to low the dresses he gonna do a Jenner and implant breastses

  9. You are wright , i am wrong firstly.

    This hard....

  10. Shaun Clarke

    These man have got fake beef like wrestlers

  11. Bea Sted

    woiii skepta got bagged

  12. Jugbir Singh

    Big up Wiley

  13. mr smith

    When the teacher put you back in your place 😅

  14. george georgiou

    Skepta seeing stars.....got spun.....

  15. Khalifa K

    Fakin hell. Murdered the Bro Skeppy jheez

  16. Rotten 5

    I swear Skepta took it up the ass for the fame.

  17. WK 2233

    Wiley turning back the years

  18. Ben Lewis

    Make it happen 👃

  19. Ben Lewis

    Wiley king mofo Kong kill Skepta all day

  20. Rattyboy

    Why they beefing again? I thought it was a fake beef before 🤦🏾‍♂️... Someone explain

  21. Woovie Beats

    skepta scared of this clash TRUSS MI DADDY *drake voice*

  22. fuckdaswine

    shame this old crackhead makes more pop than grime these days 😂

    mr smith

    I know skepta fell right off 🤣


    @mr smith wileys the jelous popstar tho

  23. Alf Aa

    East London Representing!

  24. Pops TV

    Bunn ba ol

  25. hollow hype

    Skepta thinks he’s American now

  26. Poltergeist Hunter

    Wiley murked him

  27. Kal King

    This deserves 4 million views

  28. TapeJunkie

    That's probably ur problem wiley.. ur still "in the trouble so streets" would you employ a gangster? to run a business.. I wouldn't lol asking for trouble.. nobody cares about how hard u lived and how it was for u growing up these days.. Think money... your getting overturned and u don't like it..chips done well harry shotta was doing good and bugzy Malone done pretty well.. theres younger far better rappers in London town now.. ur what 40 now? put the mic down.. ur voice is old.. I know u will say YES BUT IM THE ONE WHO STARTED GRIME... its been and gone mate

  29. Julie McHugh

    Skepta ent on his level you made jme stop oh my. kill them of Wiley Devs is realer then all these made it pop rappers now days Wiley respects real and remember where you come from.

  30. will jf

    Miles above skepta

  31. s1 topboy

    Skepta Stole From Big H, Boy Betta Know Was A Bar H Used To Say To Add Energy On The Mic.
    Why is funkeedee singing are you gonna bang to little girls?
    #ifyouknowyouknow BLOODLINE ALL DAY

  32. Brendan Hunter

    Skepta been quite ever since

  33. Dingus Squatford Jr

    I like Skepta but he started riding Drake dick

  34. Kaptain Peroxide

    Wiley really making niggas pic up the mic just to do this 10 years later

  35. Filip Vacek

    ,,Skepta that’s my brudda,That’s my don.
    Wiley-Cant Go Wrong
    No respect for Wiley anymore, old pagan

  36. Aaron Pearce

    Dame. Skepta’s got better bops tho 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️😂stfu.

  37. Mick

    Lookin for a diss, found it here.

  38. Dibo Kkill

    biggest diss ever.... " ima jr. ur a jr. bring it to me ima bring it to yah "

  39. DJRustla

    "you wanna bread but no can do, i don't wanna squash no beef with you"

  40. Jonny Quest

    Remember the days when an M.C got bodied, and people would distance themselves for a while. Both this and Pusha T's lyrical raping of Drake prove skill is irrelevant in today's scene.

  41. Claire Austin

    True talk

  42. Максим Чекулин

    Wiley strongest grimer

  43. Diplamatik Juan

    Donnie said Rocksteady and Bebop man. Dead

  44. Sammy Siddiqui

    I thought this was weak for Wileys old standard personally. A lot of redundant bars. A couple of gold ones though 😂

  45. Kdotzzz

    That "one up" word play be crazy 👀🔥

  46. david dane


  47. videofudge

    Jesus christ

  48. Nizz 001

    Who made the beat?

  49. Jack Holborn

    🔥🚀🙌🏼 Skeppy just been merked! God Father of Grime. End of. BRAP

  50. Steven Ackroyd

    C'mon. Unless you're a 16yo Drake fan on a pop hype, you know Skepta can't test Wiley


    Skepta is average. Drake is for teenage girls

    Who want the dancehall fi stop?

    hahahaha oh lord, gotta love them self called "hardcores". Skepta would bury him. Wiley has no relevance anymore.


    @Who want the dancehall fi stop? hahahaha. Skepta can bury his cat in The garden. That's all be can bury. Wiley is way more talented

    Daniel Heighes

    @Who want the dancehall fi stop? really?? Pretty sure he's left this beef well alone since this. Skepta gets the beats, but Wileys got the bars.

    False Messiah

    It’s just girls fam

  51. carl neale

    Awww is, wiley jealous. Needs some air time lol

  52. John Gibeon

    Wiley moving hurt. This is him crying

  53. Crate Flippa

    Mercy Ace remix thank me later https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXiCqLr0eS8&feature=youtu.be

  54. 420-247 Productions

    Illllll bring back old wiley

  55. Michael Hooper

    Best diss track I've heard

  56. Hallucinogen2000

    Gluten free anthem

  57. Jammy

    OVo BBK 🦉 skraaaa

  58. Raw & Uncut Media

    hows it a cheap shot if your never there wiley? are you disabled or something or just have a fobia of going outside

  59. Simon Kaggwa Njala

    Skeppy got bodied! Moist yute. Big up East London, Tower Hamlets all day everyday 💯

  60. R.O.B. UNiQUE

    Wiley Come wit da stylee! Original Dundadda! #1

  61. Skanda Fazil

    U some.rocksteady and beebop man 🤣🤣🤣🤣im dead

  62. paul hellaskelter

    Bye-bye, Skeppy. Eski Man put you in the dirt.

  63. BMW_Msport Family


  64. Platform Tv P-T-V

    Bumber Hole 😎😣

  65. Jayy Micah

    I KUM to your house... you neva KUM to my house?!

  66. Ghhougueule Delta

    Vid is shit like mine, i hi-level a thumb up for that

  67. Red pilling

    The 1 up king

  68. BertyBoy

    Thing is....if you've seen how skeptas been moving last couple years you know Wiley is holding back, I can't imagine how Wiley feels that Skepta ain't replied 😂

    Dr. Prank

    BertyBoy Wiley’s the godfather but I don’t care who you are... no ones lucky if Skepta sends for them

  69. Lil Cee

    this is just chat, Wileys career is dead

  70. Wee Wee

    Did skeppy really make jme stop makin music? 😦

  71. opp block yh

    It's all in ya name fam I don't need to try i take away the W and take away the Y mix up the other letters all you do is just LIE

    Skepta' s bar if your uneducated

  72. gregnoelb


  73. Dan The Man


  74. SUGAR-3-ME -

    Skepta defo got shutdown. Love em both tho ☑️☑️

  75. adam watkins

    Warring Wiley in grime is like challenging colonel Saunders to a fried chicken contest. RIP skepta

  76. Gareth Burgess

    All I hear is wiley arguing with himself not heard one wiley diss from anyone in past two years

  77. Mike T Football Tv

    Skepta cried to Drake at night, Drake then tries to help his girlfriend by going on radio to diss Wiley. Drake is so pussy & skepta & giggs are his Uk best friends

  78. Hana

    I love u Skepta but...

  79. Hana

    Godfather of Grime 🙏🏼

  80. SLUG_FM

    Big up Beebop & Rocksteady!!!

  81. TheBradders1993

    Skepta needs to go back to he’s nasty days wiley just merked him

  82. Andy Hinchcliffe

    It’s Wiley and everyone else, he is above them all

  83. Danny Anderson

    Wiley is the modern day Shakespeare

  84. Benjamin South


  85. Bud Weiser

    I'm sure this is old af

  86. Shaan G

    Why did he make JME stop


    Plus no video it still pops legendary shit remamber that!


    Everyday Wiley wins love from from Glasgow Wiley the godfather don't get it twisted views don't mean shit Wiley runs it

  89. mayzie girl

    Wiley just... Just put the mic down skepts gonna own u


    maybe u only just heard this.. but this the second upload.. the first one was 200k this second 200k which got took down.. skeptas one didnt even get over 60k


    mayzie girl wen?? Still waiting


    mayzie girl I think he’s dead 💀

  90. Ant J


  91. Filipino Black

    Wiley Cat's a Pioneer inna the Game!! #Legendary

  92. Steph Turner

    Grimey Wiley 🙌🏻🔥❤🔥

    Karl Lloyd

    Oiiiiii 🍆

    J Shaw

    Cant beat him when hes on form 👍skepta wearing too much💄👒👙👠👢...to be waring wiley 😂😂

  93. Jamie Brandon

    Got man going round the twist

  94. LuxFN

    nice one wiley rate that

  95. Ryan Fellows

    Wiley spun Skepta threw the whole Laundrette and Hung him out to Dry wonder if Skepta gonna Reply MAD No Fuck's Given.