Wiley - Danny Weed Freestyle Lyrics

You can't imagine how much energy it took to build this empire
Right now I feel like I am standing in hell's fire
My head is hurting I used too much brain power
Relationships [?] that person 'til they turn sour
I just turn to music, you can pay me by the hour
It's my occupation, my job is to run this empire
Eskiboy's that boy you couldn't see that clear but now I've
Got the globe in my hand and I'm sure that you'll discover
A part of this was created by me and my little brother
Wiley Kat and Dizzee Rascal on the front cover
They really want us to argue and go against each other
But we both know that 'cause we both appreciate each other
Trust is just a word, I don't trust my own mother
Let alone a baby mother, don't trust baby mothers
Especially baby mothers, who try and get their brothers
Watch I'll turn the slowest other men into fast runners

It was me and Danny Weed who realised that we could do it
People tried to shut the door on us, we got through it
We wrote it down on the paper and whizz through it
Roll Deep album was finished ready to be delivered
To get a record deal is hard here but we can do it
Hit the road and promote the album we gotta do it
We had a couple of chances before you knew it
We blew it up and they had to set, they saw us doing units
I'm no longer human, I've become an investment
It's just a gamble 'til you start to see recoupment
When you sign that paper it's a very big commitment
So ask yourself if you really want commitment
I'm overcoming fear but I'm scared of commitment
You can tell me every rule about it but I wouldn't listen
Many try but they can't stop me on my mission
Because I'm too shabby on the road I'll make the whole world listen

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Wiley Danny Weed Freestyle Comments
  1. fresh clems

    What's the track at 3.20 called does anybody know

  2. Arron Elms

    Anybody ever figure out what the track that starts at 11.06 mins was called?

  3. GDJ _85

    Thought I'd heard every PAYG or Roll Deep set of my era. Thanks for sharing you legend.

  4. 1inaBillionEnt

    instrumental at 38:07 anyone??

  5. Guerillatoker

    Is this before Wiley met Dizzee? Hes talking about Ho! like hes not sure who the producer is.

    British Grime/Garage Music History

    Its a bootleg remix of Dizzee's Hoe....

  6. SamOween

    danny weed is a mad DJ

  7. James Rose

    Danny weed had talent wil always said and new it

  8. Ison Reign

    When uk rap was actually decent


    tune at 9 minutes?

  10. Khal H

    Insane shit

  11. nuclear pistachio

    download link please?

    British Grime/Garage Music History

    no links I have original copies in my possession!

    nuclear pistachio

    @British Grime/Garage Music History would you ever sell, or at least consider ripping so we can have it full quality?

  12. Blacklava

    first riddim pleeeease?


    +Blacklava ah sorry seen it in the comments now

  13. Jacob Jacob

    anyone know the hoe refix @7:20

    Sir Hiss

    +don don Dizzee Rascal - Hoe 3

  14. wazb723

    Big set, tune at 15:56???

    Sir Hiss

    +wazb723 Danny Weed - Salt Beef

  15. Red Black

    Creeper devil mix >

    Tobias O

    +Jonathan Lee legendary



  17. Deadguy1988

    11:06 what is that dub?

  18. the other side

    big up all the grandad's out deya doin the grandad skank
    walkin stick business

  19. 123456789ten

    SOME ONE TELL ME THE NAME OF THE FIRST TUNE!!! thanks, big ups for the upload history right here

    Luke Milne

    j2k - switched up freestyle


    @Luke Milne champion!!

    Mr EBK

    B r right ludacris

    syed farzaan


  20. ghostcell

    oh my beat at 30:00 anyone?


    @Meditate on Bassweight Big $hot - Stomp (Remix) I think it's his own remix too

  21. silverdrizzle

    I have listened to this set nearly every day in my car for something like 3 months. one of the best and most interesting old school sets.  thanks again for putting these up SMZ. 

    British Grime/Garage Music History



    silverdrizzle with ya on dat been playin it since the upload, load of stuff on it proper classic

    Tom Pearce

    yeah same this one of the best Wiley sets online. large up yaself. no set shows better what a nutjob genius old bill is

  22. Ch0yc3z

    aaaahh! I've got this set on DAT tape somewhere. Remember it for the 'Pretty Woman' riddim they did. Set must be from about July / August 2003.


    Whats the beat at 12.00?


    or 10.00?


    this is absolute gold. thanks for the upload

  25. jhb6991

    so many big instrumentals that never came out

  26. F D

    Whats the beat at 20:35????? pls anyone??

  27. crillis

    tune at 11 minutes?

  28. BlazeHed

    what is that 1st tune by j2k called??? need this!!!!! ?????

    Cedric Kabesa

    J2k switched up freestyle

  29. k Kwabs

    Just a random one but how many splifs has wiley had in he's life time looool

    James Rose

    Mike Kwabs lol whatever he used to take smoke back then we need give it him again as I swear now that’s why he dnt get zonal like he used to

  30. oldskool curt

    I remember listening to this set live..


    this is a fuckin gem right here