Wiley - Climbing Up Lyrics

I had to work for my name to survive, damn
Im lucky to be alive,
The rooftops block any rain out
I'm in the booth and I'm letting all my pain out,
I feel powerful, I got music; more than an album-full,
so many songs I cant even count em all,
plus I'm confident, I get compliments,
meet me at trafalgar square monument,
love the fans forever, they're the reason,
when you see me still here next season,
all I wanna do is be in the lime light,
make more money than a soaring heinsight,
it was enough but I got a strong drive,
I had a short but I wanna long nine,
if you aint gotta place in the UK scene then you must of read the wrong sign,
Follow me though.

Every single day, I'm climbing,
tryna find a way through, to you.
Every single day, whatever comes my way,
dont get it twisted I'm still thinking of you.

All work, no play, no rest for the wicked,
I wanna push the UK to the limit,
Dont wanna see good players on the sidline,
that I am top, strike at the right time
Fly by on the right wing, high fly, I roast defenders all of the time yes,
Common sense is all in the mind,
I stand up strong, no falling behind, theres
more to England than London I see it,
if you dont travel around you wont see it,
Countrysides Towns and Cities,
different people living life, the roads are still gritty,
But I spread my vibe around,
I gotta try harder this time around,
Cos the numbers dont lie, they tell the truth,
With them talking; No excuse.

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Wiley Climbing Up Comments
  1. catherine white

    Wiley. Dick. Shouldn't have leaked it. Purely because Ben wasn't happy with it yet. Idiot.

  2. Grime Games

    Dont Chat To Wiley About Not Doing Grime, LEt The Man Experiment, Hell Always Come Back To Grime !

  3. fraser16smith

    Right, His making a grime Cd and a mainstream Cd, so this song will been on his MAINSTREAM...........!

  4. Sp00n

    autotune? ffs.

  5. Mattilake57

    i genuinely like this

  6. Jon ishy

    sheeshh dot ruind him man wiv that video nd den wiley sendin texts begging to take it off,, his times up jus give up bro

  7. Sachin Khakharia

    His flow has not changed since day 1. Just cuttin' his verses short these days. I hope the guy blows he deserves it.

  8. Dragomoss

    fuck the haters, you aint ever going to achieve what these guys have

  9. Blair101

    Firstly Wiley sounded epic as usual then Hudson came in and it sounded awful with the auto-tune and whatever but then you get kinda used to it and I quite liked it in the end, would be better if it was longer though as you need to hear more of it to get right into it..

  10. Callum Sill

    i actually really like this..

  11. Jerome Haughton

    Mmm...Colab dnt work nah

  12. Mohammed Bakeel

    huson screwed

  13. PHDdARkNeSs


  14. watleft

    the collab doesnt work

  15. macylapy

    Not sure bout this one . That seduction tunes is alot though . I can see Wiley doing well this time round . The last 3 tunes I've heard have got that chart topping commercial sound . I never really used to like all the commercial shit but that because alot of people sold there's souls just to make it . People like gigs and many more have managed to reach mainstream without changing what They do best. So now I've grown to like a bit of commercial as long as the artist ain't fronting. But still .

  16. Joshhy G

    nicee :)