Wiley - Born In The Cold Lyrics

Eski boy, yeah
I was born in the cold, it's not make belief
I hit the ice like a maple leaf
I can't spit if I don't rate the beat
Don't push cause you're gonna make me hate the beat
My cousin's got iPhones on silver cheap
Street raised me, now I'm gonna raise the street
My mind might flip, go astray for weeks
I went to look for it, then it came to me
When I was young, never had a brain for trees
Slush puppies kid, swap brain for freeze
E-S the game changed, I changed the greeze
Cause a blizzard anywhere I take my feet
But let me take you to a place where I chase my P's
London, the place where I grate my cheese
And if you can't hustle you won't last there
I seen people crumble in a half year
Swear I like when I see the youth doing good things
Cause I want them to know what doing good brings
I've been there myself and now I'm gonna help you
You don't want what the hood brings
Look away from it, looks good but please don't play with it
My advice, I'm a vice got me looking for the cold
And I don't know if I'll ever go

[Andreena Mill:]
I'm running to the sky
I wanna go
Cause I be on a natural
High, high, high

I was born in the cold, snow falling
Way before snowboarding
I swear winter can hear me calling
Still had a good heart even when I weren't balling
Life's like a game of snakes and ladders, ups and downs
Everybody rushing around but I'm loving the sound of it
Keeps me going, yeah, keeps me flowing
I got the drive that will drive all around the world
And spread the word, get people knowing
I come alive anywhere on the earth
Can't lie, the fan base is growing
Quite noble, recording at Noble
Feel like a local
Always searching for the perfect vocal
To be precise we're using Pro Tools
My city need this, cause we breathe this
Natural talent, can't say you got it if you haven't
I like to be diverse and keep a good balance
They know I work hard for it
I'm gonna be the next star of it
Free spirit music
I'm a free spirit and my living can prove it
I'm always chilling or cruising

[Andreena Mill:]
I'm running to the sky
I wanna go
Cause I be on a natural
High, high, high

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