Wild Feathers, The - Backwoods Company Lyrics

In the Backwoods Company
Praying hands and bended knee
Forced to gamble, learned to cheat
In the Backwoods Company

Lay me down by the old oak tree
Don't cut my hair when they bury me
Light me up and send me out to sea

In the Backwoods Company
Pray for Jesus, forgive me
Smoking pistol burned my hand
In the backwoods they understand

Lay me down by the old oak tree
Don't cut my hair when they bury me
Light me up and send me out to sea

Lay me down by the old oak tree
Don't cut my hair when they bury me
Light me up and send me out to sea

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Wild Feathers, The Backwoods Company Comments
  1. Mrs Holzfäller

    Thank you The longest ride for giving me this beautiful song

  2. Amber Evans

    You guys are smokin'!!!!

  3. Chloe Blatzer

    I am obsessed with this rn ❤️

  4. Put A Cow


    Everyone: thank you longest ride

  5. TJ5146

    This songs is rocking awsome

  6. blossomboop

    Discovered y’all because you are coming to Edmonton! I wish I go see you guys cuz y’all are awesome!! but I’m under 18 aha :’>

  7. RayRay 5

    The longest ride

  8. Mike Hyman

    Great sound add the steel and you are country’s future

  9. o p

    Thanks to the longest ride i discovered this amazing song, i simply love it 😉

  10. D'laynee staples

    My Grandpa is a music know it all and he brought my attention to this band. The Wild Feathers are now one of my favorites and I love the voice and tone of the music.

  11. Oksana Prusova

    gotta love this one!

  12. lois geal

    'Hey. Hey!'
    '...keep it.'

    One of my favourite movies! Awesome soundtrack!

  13. Daiga Armone

    Sweet one, this because I will married in Oct 29

  14. TechNina

    the longest ride

  15. Fajar Wirmansyah


  16. laura ashley murray

    The longest ride brought me here ;*

  17. KnatyahMatlock

    Thank you "The Longest Ride" for bringing me to this song.

    Hoàng Hiếu

    +QueenMonkey Me too

    Leiah Preston

    no kidding. i love this song and i love the longest ride

  18. Tomken3

    Great song !! :D

  19. jheannycasey1986

    How do they not have more views?

  20. Ashley Jaden


  21. Fritz Franklin

    I also discoverd and fell in love with on guitar center sessions

  22. Steven Gibson

    I just saw them live over the weekend. They are awesome.

  23. Ashley Marlow

    Saw these guys on Guitar Center Sessions and fell in love. Buying their vinyl ASAP

  24. Nunya Bidness

    OMG, As a hippie, surfer, hard rocker, protester, wonky 62 yo Great- grandmother X3, I LOVE THIS MUSIC !.  Jut watched on Guitar Sessions.  I am so impressed! I hear BB, Jimi, CCR, Eagles, 38Special, Waylon, Willie, Charlie, Allman Bros & even Jonny Lang & MORE! When will these guys come to the "Left Coast"?

    Classic Cars Classic Rock

    I love it. Eagles brought me here.

  25. Bernie Stuart

    Love love love this song :)

  26. Mr.Patriot

    Well that's it. After listening to this, The Ceiling and Got It Wrong I am now buying this album. You guys got it.

  27. Jason Peltier

    Loved your show with Soundgarden last night!

  28. Sabrina

    <3 Love you guys!!!

  29. Wouldntyou98

    For a reason I can't place... The Wild Feathers sound classic to me. 

  30. Penny Baird

    Just as good live! When will you guys have more songs out???? Chop Chop!! ;)

  31. dale4bama

    Just got turned on to you guys... Love it! Keep em coming!

  32. BestBuyMusicGear

    This song is so good. Fun times in Minneapolis last night!

  33. Melanie H

    oh yes!

  34. Jon Pearce

    Sounds good. I like it

  35. Golf2015

    He's my cousin too !

  36. Erin Barrett

    Wow. Blown away at the blend of old rock/new indie chords, rhythm, blues.... Thank god for KFOG. Played The Ceiling yesterday and I had to hear more. xoxo Wild Feathers!

  37. ouija bored

    I think once somebody posts some spam, then they have a bunch of people that work for them or something on the computer waiting to refresh and give them likes.

  38. Kathleen Dec

    Love them "Wild Feathers"

  39. exontref

    That's impressive!

  40. Chelsey Marie

    LOVE this song!!!

  41. katelyn grace

    how the hell did you get likes?

  42. Xavier Bond

    Similar to Kings of Leon

  43. Mozartmaimai

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  44. okguy456

    Your judgement is terrible sir. Why are you even mentioning pop bands? Why don't you give us some examples of "american music?" since you are an expert.

  45. dleo6446

    Damn good sound guys!!

  46. hayden bennett

    this is like country folk punk idk what this is but i like it

  47. DC Hall

    Enough with the "thank God American Music is back" comments (there are multiple). Are we referring to our ass hole neighbor Canada for giving us Justin Bieber, or the UK for One Direction? All I listen to is American music, and this has "I hope we can sell a shit load of records to teenage girls" written all over it. An advertisement let me to this video lol. Not what I would consider "American music".

  48. LovelyLelu

    Very BRMC...and I love BRMC

  49. Noel Elizabeth

    in loveeeeeeeeeeeee

  50. leech101

    " the ceiling" continues the video story

  51. Paul Ruzynski

    Going to see them in DC in Sept!!!

  52. Mike Faires

    It's so fuckin' good to hear an American band play what we want to hear!!!!

  53. Izzy Leans Over

    Oh, add all of WV for your tour.

  54. Jack O

    I like your music but please stop using other band names to promote yourselves. it looks bad. why would you compare yourselves to another band?

  55. Shawn Greathouse

    is this willie's boys?????

  56. 4supermele

    I saw these guys when they opened for Bob Dylan in Louisville. I liked them from the moment they started playing. Proud to say I bought the first album they sold ever.

  57. KILL 4JU1CE

    i hit it by accident to. the highlight of by day XD

  58. KILL 4JU1CE

    finally an true american band that doesnt say nigga nigga nigga

  59. Mark Pedigree

    sounds like cage the elephant

  60. Felipe Mathias

    He looks like Dan from The Black Keys, for me

  61. drummer083

    This could have been great, but the production lets it down for me. Absolutely no dynamics. My 12 year old could have done a much better job of capturing this on tape.

  62. Haret5

    I have a feeling that this might be addictive.

  63. robert shelton

    guy from kings of leon has a new band?

  64. Victor Ximenes

    You should try "The Black Keys"


  65. Wahoo Gonzales

    DUDE!!!!! im glad i hit this by mistake

  66. Sonny Diesburg

    Uhhh...Black Keys Meets One Direction meets Mumford and Sons if you ask me.

  67. TreStyles666

    Even though this isn't what I was looking for, I'm actually pretty glad I click on this.

  68. BestBuyMusicGear

    This one of the best new songs of 2013!

  69. Will Parker

    My cousin is the new drummer, Ben Dumas. Hey Ben!


    Reminds me of the beatles for some reason

  71. Kaleb Kautzsch

    Dude you weren't kidding, I don't ordinarily like this kind of music, but they are really good!

  72. Brandon Stirber

    Saw you guys tonight in Boise opening for Kip Moore. My girlfriend and I were blown away at how good you were. I will be playing your album when its available throughout the music store I work for and letting everyone know about you.

  73. AHPRvideo

    Great videography. Great camera work.

  74. Janee Ojaiko

    They way how they're lined up looks like they're in some type of competition. I choose the shaggy Brunette!

  75. Jin Kazama

    Cool Stuff ;)

  76. Nate Brenner

    oh SNAP!!!

  77. Tim

    They are one truly talented band, extremely interesting music and AWESOME!

  78. James Osborne

    Best new band since Mumford & Sons in my opinion!

  79. Rachel Smith

    They deserve to be famous

  80. Susan McMillan

    Oh, Jesus, LOL, stay away from the deep, dirty, south people!

  81. Gabriela Cruz

    And... The CD? You sounds good.

  82. John Moore

    fuckin awesome!!! Can't wait to hear the rest of the album

  83. mihail gabriel

    placut ! dar amesteca!rock!

  84. Niki Grozdanov


  85. Richard Perrone


  86. Alice

    Why does this have so little views

  87. gsteinbring


  88. Amy Kitka

    This is fantastic!

  89. Yukelele T

    American Music is back!!

  90. Nar Jeffrey

    I feel like this would be on AltNation on SiriusXM.