Wild Child - Take It Lyrics

Don't just smile, when you look at me
Because if you feel something
You got to let it be said

Can't we both just play the trust game
Because I know you're always a saint
And I know it's a test, a test

Take it, take it, hear me say this
How about trusting when I'm not around
Break me or make it, believe me or fake it
Just let it go and love what we found

Don't look back and make sure I'm watching
Cause you know I can't see a thing
That don't remind me of you
Ask me for everything and still give me pieces
Cause I ain't whole either babe
But I ain't asking for help, oh for help

Days move fast and I know it hurts you
But if we can't ask to slow down
We might run out of breath

Take it, take it, hear me say this
How about trusting when I'm not around
Break me or make it, believe me or fake it
Just let it go and love what we found

Take it, take it, hear me say this
How about trusting when I'm not around
Break me or make it, believe me or fake it
Just let it go and love what we found

You know that I sleep better beside you
And that I get lonely on nights when you're gone
You need to believe I won't feel so damn evil
I just can't imagine being on my own

You know that I sleep Better beside you
And that I get lonely on nights when you're gone
You need to believe I won't feel so damn evil
I just can't imagine being on my own

Take it, take it, hear me say this
How about trusting when I'm not around
Break me or make it, believe me or fake it
Just let it go and love what we found

Take it, take it, hear me say this
How about trusting when I'm not around
Break me or make it, believe me or fake it
just let it go and love what we found
Oh love what we found

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Wild Child Take It Comments
  1. 2020

    Hello Wild Child I love your music

  2. David

    since when do tim and eric produce music videos?

  3. A B Culture//

    Tienen unas maravillosas canciones, que llenan el alma y hacen sentir bien, dudo mucho que conozcan sus canciones en el habla hispana, pero espero que si conozcan.

  4. Leahan Gallon

    1:06 I swear I thought she said "Alexa where is Charlotte" but "but looks over his shoulder" is apparently correct

  5. 5 minute videos

    I love this song more than anything, not only is it funky as heck ooooooh I love the aesthetics!!!

  6. Shannon O'Shea

    wow I didn't realize Gus Johnson was in this video

  7. cwillboxer3

    How am i just now hearing this

  8. Dalton Ryan

    Love your guys videos and music. Also! I like how y'all used Jacob's well.

  9. François Dillinger

    That wine at the start of the video cracks me up. I just saw wildchild live. My homboi and I was getting drunk on other people's wine at their show right in front of the stage. Kelsey caught us and actually talked to us lmao!

  10. Levan Abashidze

    Hey, I made a cover of this song it would be great if someone reading this comment checked it out ^-^

  11. Professor Oakenshield

    Gus Johnson got lost

  12. Tony Makaroni

    I just found you and I love all of your songs.

  13. Ryan S.

    Ron Swanson's college years were weird.

  14. kmjsocket

    Omg! I love you!!! I cant believe it's taken this long to discover how Awesome you guys are!! <3

  15. Anwesha Mishra

    Moustache man is my ultimate 🤭^_^

  16. Esteban Condori

    el de bigote debe ser le gemelo perdido del tipo enchutv si sabes de lo que hablo te vas a reir jajajaja al conserge me recuerda jajajajaja buena musica igual abrazos

  17. Gold Lynchelle

    more songs pls!

  18. Thành Trần

    ahhhh Best song in this album!!!

  19. ThatGuy678

    See you in Colorado tomorrow:)

  20. BaskoSMP

    посмотрел второй клип этой группы . И вот что то не то .Хочется дафтпанк посушать .

  21. Michael Wehmeyer

    This song is tight!

  22. Retro Hero

    This music video always brings a smile to my face. :)

  23. Sidhu Superman

    Come on guys these guys need to be subscribed I subscribed to their chanel 😍

  24. Onur Arslan

    can't believe the lack of views on this one.

  25. Marcelo Reis

    This clip is so incredible, I can't describe it (probably because I'm not a native speaker). I have heard it so many times

  26. Mostlyfpsclips

    Thank you.

  27. Chris Saylor

    Tour with Happy Fits, make it the Cello Rock tour.

  28. Wild Wild West RP W3RP

    Damn, the Tim and Eric show is stepping up their game and putting good music on finally

  29. Julieta González

    Soooo smooth 💕

  30. Magic Jhonson

    fucking iconic

  31. O Chuko

    It's been a week and I watched it around 30 times. It's so fun I love it!

  32. O Chuko

    This video is so damn fun

  33. Chris Chan

    Song ends
    Me: Well, damn I think it's done
    Take it back, turn around
    I start all over again

  34. Jack Klip

    I like this song. 🐷🌹

  35. ChrisFarleyLives

    I love that some of the people watching this don't realize the host is actually the lead guitar player and co-vocalist, and instead think he's just some weirdo they hired for the video lol

    Great video, legitimately funny, heavy Tim & Eric vibes, and he sells it pretty well

    François Dillinger

    Oh man you are so cool with all that information. You must have watched the next video in the queue. Man to be so cool Idk what I would do

  36. nobody

    She sounds like adelle but much sweeter

  37. Nicholas Mendoza

    Indie stays Indie for the most part. It has bewildering talent, but for whatever reason, whether for better or worse, it shines, flares, and amazes silently. Never attracting very much attention, but those who do hear it, have a wonderful time. I love Wild Child, just found em a month ago, but they're so beautiful.

    Nalyd Retsbew

    Nicholas Mendoza huh wtf?

  38. Memi

    "You think we can still be friends after you break my heart" damn that really hit home.

  39. Carlos José Rivera

    You guys reach my soul everytime. Thank you.

  40. Lekshmy R

    I don't know to dance and i don't like it much but this song makes me wanna dance like crazy!!

  41. Atherion Studios

    I legit heard this song in a target a around christmas. Did the Google song read thing and came up with this. I've been addicted to you and your music for the longest time after that. Thank you for making me happy, your music has been such. A huge impact.

  42. BP TD

    Story of my life.

  43. John Murdoch

    It’s February 2nd 2019 and Im still waiting for Wild Child to come back to Michigan

  44. Ryan C.

    Salt Lake City Looooooooves you gals and guys!! Thanks for the long road trips up here!!! Great b.c shows!

  45. DrFlaggstaff

    I wonder if the video's theme is supposed to be about these 'cheesy old romance games' that the song is about

  46. Adam Schlereth

    Love this song so much❤️ and A+ video, really encapsulates the feeling of the song

  47. Coty Coker

    Full disclosure...im so into you guys lol

  48. Michael Morrison

    Somebody in the comments section once mentioned he looks like Mr noodle from sesime street and let me say 2 beers down they were so right. This man is truly the life of the party

  49. Анатолій Stella Foods

    Я уверен вы станете популярными!!! Жду вас во Львове, в Украине... А если нет... Вы одни из тех ради кого я готов ехать в другой город

  50. jo smith

    How do I be in a video

  51. Ruli To

    you make me happy guys ... sorry my english, stinks... kiss from argentina

  52. Chris Wagner

    This bands going to be huge !!!!!!!!!!!###!!!!##!!#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#####!#!!#!!!!!!!!!!! Or i will play them as much and as loud as i have to until they are

  53. Xiaotao Li

    Love your songs so much~~

  54. Gus Johnnson

    They have a lot of really good music videos, but I think this one is the best.

  55. Shut Your Trap

    My uncle Tom Myers is the drummer

    Nellie K. Adaba

    lol, great.

  56. Rebecca Dow

    His face in the thumbnail is priceless. This must have been so much fun to shoot xD

  57. 豆花

    oh I love your music so much!! I can always feel happy and peaceful while listening to your songs

  58. rrr mj

    Wild Child is so weird, but in the best possible ways

  59. Mae Ellis

    Love your music @WildChild I know you are on a tour and unfortunately I wont be able to make it :( When will you be in WA or AK? Do you have a page that I can fallow?? #WildChild

  60. Michael Nilsen

    This or crazy bird??? Desicisions decisions.... Love em both crazy the same but 4 diff reasons..

  61. kandish

    I love this song... I was missing you guys

  62. Mommy Tarsh

    Absolutely amazing. I lived in Austin from 2007 until 2013 and never knew about you guys! I wish i did. Come to Maine! Stone Mountain Arts Center. ill cook for you!

  63. Eyebolitz

    Somehow they're better in concert??! I went with my family and we got a picture and signed ticket!!!! Hell yeah

  64. sd karangjaya


  65. Gérard Le Cordonnier

    I LOVE YOU !!

  66. Complete Trash

    I heard this on the radio and I like it so I looked up random lyrics I heard and I’ve found it! Yay

  67. Angel Pinchi

    Alright, I've seen enough, I'm in love with this band :(

  68. Sarah Williams

    Man this song is like a breath of fresh air!! I love it so much!! Thanks for such a lovely song!!

  69. Anon Ymous

    A square video player!? Now this is an experience. PogChamp

  70. Andre Sayabalian

    Woah in the video he looks like Seth Galfinakis

  71. Leon Montano


  72. Complete Trash

    I rlly like it it should have more views

  73. Clownstronaut

    the mustache's making me crazy

  74. 5 minute videos

    The man looks like a mix between Elijah Woods and Ron Swanson, beautiful

    Michael Vick's Dog

    Oh my God

    gashok elliot

    swear to god thats gus johson CRAYONSSSS?!?!?!?!?! crans!

  75. Yatharth Rai


  76. Ray Miller

    Just discovered this band last night. Absolutely love them. Also, Kelsey is the most gorgeous woman I have ever set eyes on. Mega crush, lol

  77. Anderson Andrade

    Ótima banda

  78. GuysBeinDudes

    My brother who knows them in real life recommended this to me and im happy he did 😂

  79. Robert Suter

    That voice,omg soooo sexy.love your music.jam through and through.

  80. Jan Sobieski

    2:06 is it Christopher Mintz-Plasse?

  81. ThePlandaly

    Love the song! just discovered you lot

  82. Mrk Ehrett

    This should have more likes :)

  83. Jabran Ali Babry

    Man, do I love these guys

  84. SanguineVulpes

    Love your music :)

  85. Eliška Koželuhová

    *i want all of those clothes thanks*

  86. chubs mcgee

    You two remind me of a modern day sunny and cher idk if that's what you were going for or not but great job 😌

  87. Stetsen James

    I think the dude needs to start singing more

  88. Turg Ferduson Jr.

    Christ these guys are good

  89. javin gatrell


  90. Gabriel Isaac

    The song needs more bass to keep the vibe flowing

  91. Street

    i like to think that this video was shot without any music playing so it was just very awkward dancing and limbo

  92. 宋立闻

    I hope you will be able to come to China!

  93. Aaron Michael

    You guys make me so happy!!

  94. unfortunately it's me

    This song is chill asf

  95. Jake fockler

    These guys are so fucking cringy.

  96. Brent Genterone

    I'm so happy i clicked.

  97. person Parson

    The voices get me and then I watch the video and I'm just so in love with how it comes together so silly and cute.