Wickham, Phil - Must I Wait Lyrics

Close my eyes, I'm trying to listen
Oh cuz it's been so long since I've heard you speak
Send your love, cover over the distance
Between You and between me

Oh how long must I wait for my love
Cuz I need You oh I need You
My heart is bursting and breaking apart
For my love

Blind my eyes, I'm looking to heaven
Holding all Your promises against my chest
I offer up the life I've been given
Till my last breath

Your coming is as sure as the sun is rising
Here comes the day it's breaking in my heart
Your children are running to you

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Wickham, Phil Must I Wait Comments
  1. Nô - Leonor Aires Santos

    Sublime! 🙌

  2. Just A Blonde

    how is this song not topping the charts

  3. Adelina Morales

    🙌 Come Alive 🙏

  4. Erik Salgado Alvarez

    Amazing. Speechless.

  5. Yaleimie Pagan

    This is my jam 🐰

  6. Anna Fennell

    This song is moving beyond the ability of words to describe. The instrumentation is just incredible and it really shows the intense love of our God.

  7. Suzie Green


  8. Tianyu Piao

    I love this song