Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - Luv Letters Lyrics

[Wicca Phase Springs Eternal:]
Goth town girls all know how to act
I'm so handsome 'cause I work out to the max
GothBoiClique in the club in the back
Bodies in the basement while were countin' up stacks
Three computers and I'm on the internet
And I'm on the internet
I felt your heart one time
You still call me your man
I saw you lookin' so good...

[Cold Hart:]
Bloody tears fallin' down on my sweater
You never wrote back to my love letters
And the rain won't make me feel better
Now it's winter forever
Ice age in my heart
Life lived in the dark
Out here on my own
Why'd you leave me alone
If you only knew
How much I need you
Then you'd still be here
But you've disappeared

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Wicca Phase Springs Eternal Luv Letters Comments

    Turn This Shit Up !!!

  2. Dan Millard

    this is so underrated

  3. puhz1shin

    bloody tears fallin down on my sweater
    u nvr wrote back 2 my luv letters💔