Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - I Reach Out To You In Song Lyrics

I feel my hands numb
What's the point of beds if you destroy all of that?
Seven gang, seven marks you left on my skin
I've got a friend, but a friend is all that she is

She has her secrets
And I've mine, we're matched up when it comes to lies
Let me in, let me off when I've reddened eyes
Don't be surprised
Don't be surprised, it's not on you, it's on I and I
And I would laugh at all of it, if I was sure it wasn't mine
Something will break
Somethin' will break, just not my heart and just not tonight
She has her secrets
And I've mine, we're matched up when it comes to lies

And I can't
Even feel
Any love
You know this song
You know this song
You know this song

She has control now
Passin' on, I reach out to you in song, passin' on
Passin' on, I reach out to you in song, passin' on
Passin' on, passin' on
Passin' on, passin' on
Passin' on, I reach out to you in song, passin' on
You know this song, you know this song
You know this song, you know this song
You know this song, you know this song

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Wicca Phase Springs Eternal I Reach Out To You In Song Comments
  1. Jocelyn Alexandra

    I love Wicca Phase Springs Eternal 🖤

  2. Milagros Venturo


  3. Darkii

    This is amazing

  4. NCKYG2X3

    HAHAHAHA mans cold af


    Ghost mane Venom filmed in same studio .... tho Wicca better :P

  6. Paul Matweyou

    Here is some more music from Paul Matweyou STRAIGHT from the UNDERGROUND >>>>>>>> https://youtu.be/-JchPUnCZBU

  7. deathclouds666

    I dont care what no one says this dude is the shit. All his songs are pretty good.

  8. IamBigMoist

    We must protect Wicca Phase at all costs.

  9. Eli Angevine

    Probably my favourite song by Adam tbh

    Jonatan Svendsen

    The whole album is a masterpiece

  10. Xan

    Someone give this man a hug

  11. rhian araújo

    sempre vou voltar pra ler esses comentários idiotas

  12. Guerrero3546

    498 people suck

  13. Cry Baby

    This beat is so 🔥

  14. nguyen hung

    please give me a beat :))

  15. android tablet

    Quick narcan him asap!

  16. Lila Ghost


  17. iNEVIN

    what are the shoes he’s wearing in this one? those are so slick

  18. Joey

    Who the fuck thinks this sounds good?

  19. Tydus X

    Love ya wic but we all need to leave the candy alone gothboiclique till my lungs collapse #sufferon

  20. Matt 420

    Wicca is underrated

  21. Eggrt Butzke

    GBC Till my soul take

  22. Ulises Flores

    Gbc baby


    Wicca is amazing

  24. snoop dogg dank kush

    He really is Trap Morrissey

    Savage Clique

    What I was thinkin

  25. ZombieKitty Queen

    😍😍😍 This is a little limp bizcuit esque

  26. Valerie Drank

    Dude Wicca phase is epic

  27. Jim

    School shooter went sicko mode

  28. Denzel Jarome

    what shoes is he wearing?

  29. Andromeda_0010110001

    If you're one of those in the comments vibing to this and feelin it and relating to it like me I feel fucking bad for you but I just need you to know everything is gonna be all good one day my g. ❤

  30. Suffer

    Og in the gothic

  31. Christopher Champagne

    Basically a depressed Fred Durst.

  32. Arion Cameron

    like honestly no offence to the guy and i love his song with peep but (in my opinion) he strains his voice

  33. Xanax

    Wicca phase task force!

  34. f.medina valencia

    ho hell yea

  35. f.medina valencia

    its so fucking good

  36. Gustav Smedegard

    I love you

  37. ghost boy

    he sings terrible

    Shy Ghost

    That's just his style

  38. d0nk3y666

    He looks like the embodiment of depression

  39. zues

    Fuck this goes so hard

  40. Fuck You

    He’s got a weirdly amazing voice

  41. Richard McCormick

    ayeee im view 300,333. peep if you can hear me, i miss you...

  42. chiefkeefsossa

    springs eternal

  43. timtim 1

    Awful..way to much gimmick not enough talent

  44. Dził

    Where’d you get them boots???

  45. almighty wiadro

    hes best song

  46. artery

    But his face and his eyes just made the song so intriguing

  47. Swine wine Antonio

    Siento como si la vibra que da esta canción es como la que hacía sentir Gustav

  48. xEndowed Eyesx

    He looks sick, but in the mind.

  49. error 1oading

    Diggin it. Same set used in the Travis Thompson video... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTmZx48JAtI&start_radio=1&list=RDEMY4IkxWXZBvmGBwqLmwSfrA

  50. Villey Music

    Gustav killer..

    nothing, just peep is my little daddy

    tf why?

  51. tyler durden

    j o y d i v i s i o n

  52. hiercolloquialism

    Fuck is this 8mile?

  53. Taylor Hurst

    tigers jaw

  54. Slituhシ


  55. Mezqy

    this makes me want to kill myself because his voice is so fucking horrible i hope he dies

  56. reddyuda

    DT770 's 💗💗

  57. bedhead

    same dude thats was in tigers jaw

  58. bob kock

    The guitar in the beat sounds so similar to Consequence by Incubus but slowed down

  59. abednego terlaak

    I like his shoes. And his music :3

  60. pedro joelves

    "Girls like me cause i look like Bones"

  61. Ryan McDaniel


  62. phem 4evr

    <3 <3 so good

  63. Joker

    You're a legend for getting Adam on here

  64. 4 BSTRACT

    sick bro

  65. Megan Melrose


  66. Megan Melrose


  67. Andreha Polushin


  68. Tanjji .pollin

    Dude you can't sing

    Apex suplies

    Shut the fuck up

  69. Kyle

    Very provocative

  70. wistful sucker


  71. Zaylan Seals

    What’s so good about Wicca phase

  72. JoSePhBcLuTcH SaTx



    Kinda sounds like he's talking about heroin , love this song tho

  74. 888LF

    This song would be a banga if any but this guy was singing it ahh

  75. hector casimiro

    real goth

  76. Carlos Aldave

    New lil peep

  77. Spawn

    This guy is tone deaf

  78. Mello Wjyndigo

    Fuck I love this version of this song! So sick 😷

  79. Robert Rabena

    Anybody know what those kicks are?

  80. Ay Aaron

    God he makes his voice sound like a whiny 13 year old emo kid

  81. Arczi


  82. David Anchorage

    haunting AF, especially out in the middle of nowhere Alaska.

  83. EarthIsFlat


  84. Patrick Asher -H-

    sticks mate i see it i understand but try find the middle live pain make you strong when he doesnt kill you but for every second in heaven i got Years of hell my girl died 11.1. 16 days clean middle not extrem

  85. AnotherSong

    Lyrics anyone

  86. Dawbie Kwash

    Wicca has such a great voice. A gothic emo pop punk type and puts it with trap beats and raps 💕. GBC till my lungs collapse

    Notros League

    you gotta be fucking with me chief, this mf sounds nasty

  87. Natalie Galka-Barrick

    The fuck is wrong with you???

  88. Jennifer Rodriguez

    can’t wait to see you live 🖤

  89. Gregory Morr1son

    Fuck this guy. he can't sing without autotune.

    johny _._

    Гриша Николаев that's all volcouls

  90. Wilson

    I'm gettin lil peep vibes

  91. GtaTryhardBoii Yuh

    He so trash. Shuld git gud. Y he sound like goth kid on Southpark?

  92. Xsavior

    Why this sound like evanescence? haha its something different, I wouldn't say bad though.