Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - I Lose Everything Lyrics

You know I only like it when the lights' turned out
Silhouette lover in my clique right now
Turns her back to me, like she's over it
We don't need to talk about it, baby, you can show me it
And we were coolin' in my car in the parkin' lot
I had you forever in a second, like it never stopped
Baby, you know I've got you like down
Solitary ways
I was in a past life
Everything's safe
I couldn't collect myself
I can't remember what I was sayin', I remember how it felt
One time, I'm the one
Passionate summer
It's my fault that you're gone, silhouette lover
And I want you right now, so bad
I was projectin' myself onto you in the back
I was pretendin' that I'm your man
Baby, I'm a fan
Don't push me away
Take me in again

There's a California goth with my jacket on
'02 chick in the background
Just pass it around, it's goin' down
Eyes on me with the cameras out
And I'm like tell me why you like me through your cell phone
Tell me why you like it when I lose control
Just pass it on my way
And take if you want it
I'm cool, but it takes from my heart and it breaks it

And I'm upset, because I lose everything
I lost my title and my passport, everything
I tried to see you and I flaked on everything
I left my mark on it, mistakes on everything
And I keep secrets, like you don't even know me
I went through everything for you to control me
And when I left the club I crashed into everything
Heart like 17
Eyes like passionate
I lose everything

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