Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - Bad Side Lyrics

Thought it'd be cool if we didn't have to all the time
Didn't know what I would be missin'
There's a lot to take in
I lost track of time
Thought I could fix it
I was mistaken
And now you always have me lookin' at your back so far behind
I know there's a thing that we've never done
I know we should talk, but I'm so tired

Have you ever seen me as a God?
Ripped jeans when I'm at the mall
I dream and it comes to me
Then wake up to nothin' at all
I dream of a cemetery back to you and
My heart beats on and off
I'm checkin' in for my sake and I-
I really wanna talk, so just help me out

Ooh, baby, I'm on your bad side
I've got ideas for changin' your mind
(Ooh, baby, I'm on your bad side)
(Ooh, baby, I'm on your bad side)

Physically I'm reachin' out to you and all the time
She says she's forsaken
Maybe she is
But then so am I
(But then so am I)

You're a young light sleeper on the edge of the bed
And I'm so sedated that I sleep through the night
Do you remember in the pool?
Body's crashin' into you
Reality's a secret and I-
I really wanna talk but I'm so alone

Ooh, baby, I'm on your bad side
Ooooooh oooooh, ooooooh oooooh
Ooh, baby, I'm on your bad side
Ooooooh oooooh, ooooooh oooooh

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Wicca Phase Springs Eternal Bad Side Comments
  1. Adolf Caillou the Great VI

    I find it weird how this song is extremely relatable.

  2. Yuga

    sounds like joji if he still made pink guy-style beats AND sung in his new style. love it.

  3. Margo Noir


  4. La' Flare

    Beautiful song

  5. streetdemon


  6. lil schuylkill

    It can't believe it's been 2 years wow..... Just wow

  7. Fabian Tolan

    This sounds awesome 🤙🏽

  8. nobody really

    realitys a secret

  9. Roberto Rojas

    Sounds like BMTH's "Avalanche"

  10. Rhywyn

    rebel squad

  11. Mike Feezy

    I can just play this on repeat

  12. X X


  13. Tommy Gilmour

    Cat stevens - wild world

  14. Garrett Hanley

    Cant stop fucking hating myself listening to this

  15. Loucamente Loco

    Mano mto boa as musicas dele

  16. Rico Tubbs

    We miss you GUS! GBC4EVER

  17. Dennis DNO

    this is the reason why I do music


    dude i just started watching owari no seraph and i was like YOO THIS IS WHERE WICCA's BAD SIDE AMV IS FROM lmao

  19. Marc Blanc

    But what's the sample?

  20. Regular Roy

    Normally the comments I read are a bunch of shit talk but the love and support I see you guys have for each other is truly something awesome, I wish I could find people like you guys in real life, I hope you guys all get what your wishing for.

    Kilo Goodwin

    I still love u

    Regular Roy

    Dam I really appreciate the love man we’re ever you are in the world I wish you the best take care man.

    Kilo Goodwin

    @Regular Roy All the way in Indiana brother, just hanging in there ya know :*)

    Regular Roy

    Dam bro I’m up here in Connecticut coolin, there’s a lot of prejudice and judge mental people up here you have no idea. Just be calm when things get dark bro, the lights always have to dim before the show starts feel me.

  21. Guilherme silva

    B R A S I L

  22. Tina Lewellyn

    So crazy about this band 😍

    Otis Rej. Cruss

    lmfao band

    Katsu DB

    Wicca is one dude.

  23. Michael Kotulski

    Haven’t felt in awhile , thanks

  24. Trippi Ventura編集

    This guy is part of the GothBoiClique right?

    ydur- r

    he’s pretty much the one who started GBC.

    Casper Skitzo

    Hes consiserd to be founder or head of GBC so yes .

    Devon Dawson

    @Casper Skitzo and coldhart

    Manny Cabrera

    and mackned

  25. Derek Mather

    Still on the bad side

  26. Cody Johnston /,:


  27. C e d r i c

    Emo isn’t dead, it just reincarnated into a new age hip-hop inspired version of itself.

    Devon Dawson

    The og emo sound was dry i like dis way better on me

  28. Jameson Jeffery

    Chorus sounds like Wild World by Cat Stevens

    Alister Crichton

    It really does

  29. Grayson Villarreal

    being a sad boy is the best thing i ever did

  30. Jalen Williams

    Thinking about peep. Rip

  31. sonny

    "realitys a secret and i rly wanna talk but im so alone"

  32. FunWithSmiley

    have you ever seen me as a god?

  33. MelodicParkour

    I saw water

  34. Sean Bucci

    This reminds me somehow to the old anime times

  35. Daniil Fetisov

    да што за хуйня Бренан севейдж пизже

  36. バンシーエルダー

    Фараон лучше

  37. nick.

    wicca phase task force

  38. Kevin Garcia

    wtf is this

  39. Taylor

    I like the instrumentals, not a fan of the vocals

  40. ProfessorBakasura


  41. Charles Nichols

    why is the beat so off

  42. KrazyKingKaze

    It's kinda bad.. but than it's good... fuck...

  43. CosmicGlory

    who else is pagan here?


    CosmicGlory ayy me

    Great Mallard

    CosmicGlory y’all know wicca isn’t actually wiccan

  44. David Menjivar

    I would've murdered this beat omg this good tho I need love

  45. Dick Trickle


    Jason Applebaum

    Dick Trickle g

  46. Savage Symphony

    produced by Horse Head will automatically gets a play by me.

  47. Chashmodai

    Brennan Savage did it better

  48. sed598

    who's the female singer who had the long black dreads?

    Micah Robinson-McInnis

    lil bo weep


    Micah Robinson-McInnis thanks I appreciate it

  49. Nurph

    Death has a date

  50. yung bobby kennedy


  51. Shadow 1118


  52. Lil Airbender

    Wicca Phase 😍😍😍

  53. Sam Gildea

    wicca next up

  54. p charms

    oooo baby im on your bad side

  55. Ruben De la Cruz

    Digging the new tigers jaw sound


    Goth boi clique

  57. ChateauNoir

    masterpiece 🖤

  58. Benny Miller

    U know this feelin being arround a thousand of people and still feeling like ure alone with no one to talk to? Thats what im feeling for so long now

    Yuriy Ghost

    Go away from them, be true to yourself, dive with your loneliness and be happy.

    Alex Seepersad

    you just feel empty, it happens :/
    and you might not be comfortable talking to anyone either
    it's hard to go to other people about your problems but sometimes you do need help, you need someone to open up to
    trust me it helps going to someone about your problems, especially if you've been hurt by someone :)

    Suzy Mae

    So fucking relatable.

    0zzy 001.z17

    Get a fucking griend then

  59. james

    Too depressing

  60. Lil Biscuit

    How do you even get on astari?

  61. FelixDied

    why is his voice so annoying I can't

  62. Firstname Lastname

    Anybody know a channel like astari thats less fucking gay?

    In New York I Milly Rock

    Firstname Lastname fuck off

  63. Steve o

    your a young light sleeper on the edge of the bed and I'm so sedated that I sleep through the night.


    Saw wiv a this month wanted to svream shout-out steve o. Sad I didnt now I see this comment

  64. veldt

    Ay first Wicca upload. Love him

  65. Fardeen


  66. flightjam


  67. Cloudboy

    i love this song so much , wicca phase 💗

  68. rusael

    yall late on this shit

    yung bobby kennedy

    fr like 5 months but at least astari is giving wicca the clout he deserves

  69. Cade D

    horsehead coming in with the quadruple kicks... reminds me when he produced for "I reach out to you in a song"

    yung bobby kennedy

    its off the same album lol


    its so fucking sick


    the song was released months before the album i think


    i heard wiccas song first (and i reallly like it) and now i cant get used to brennans but i like both artists

    Chris A

    Sextuple kicks.

  70. lilboBAKA


  71. Threecreation

    i miss tigers jaw so much

    Marshall Law

    was he in tigers jaw?


    yea he was, tigers jaw still makes music

    Freddy Roberts

    Threecreation no way. I was just thinking this had that emo, indie feel like bands like that yet being in the UG rap scene I had no idea he was THAT open minded and experimental that's fucking sick.

    Justin Morissette

    mind blown

  72. Dan

    Wicca is so fucking beast

  73. TeeJay Henry

    Brennan Savage used the same beat by HorseHead. GBC


    ive been dreaming about you for months now, but i dont think i should say anything about it.

  75. Liam Wolf

    wicca is my spirit animal

  76. Jonesy Jones

    this is the same beat as brennan savage's - take me home yeah?

    TeeJay Henry

    gotta disagree on that one


    Depends, Brennan does it better here

    Jonesy Jones

    i agree

    Natures scum

    Jonesy Jones it's Wicca phase so I'm gonna say Wicca did it better lol

    Christopher Leon

    Probably got a leased beat from horsehead.
    Not an exclusive beast

  77. Lil' Glucose

    I never realized how easy it was to be lost in the world of sadness

    Briar Babcock

    Jr Gaming fucking right :(

    Beastly _

    I feel u

  78. Aaex

    My favorite Wicca song

  79. Neko a


  80. SeanSpit02

    GBC forever


    I've been listening to this like crazy the past week, great song :)

  82. SO SAD

    S O S A D

  83. 777/247

    God tier

  84. Grim

    Wicca on another level


    Cruxal ily cruxal

  85. The Machine That Took My Family

    I was mistaken