WHY? - This Ole King Lyrics

Untethered layers
So thin as paper
Let them all, like vapor
Dissipate, integrate
When they hit air

(One thing)

We laid in the parking lot
Watched the stars
And the shooting stars
We know who we are
From beyond to the veiled
Intention between our cells

One thing, there is no other
Only this, there is no other
This one thing
There is no other

All my desire
To what I aspire
When I expire
Down dirtward all my hunger
In fire burn my anger
And collapse my stature

Always now
No before after
Only this, there is no other
Up skyward goes my water
Hang my want cloud
In the atmosphere

One thing, there is no other
Only this, there is no other
This one thing
There is no other

Just layers of this one thing

Living in slo-mo
Daily follow natural law

Cordon off sorrow
Tourniquet until it falls off

Beyond fences
Facing westward
Into diminishing light-
But at the start of spring
Like the robins sing
"This ole king will be rising
A new love blooms on the
Long notes of old horns."

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WHY? This Ole King Comments
  1. bethanuts turdwell

    FINALLY i found you!

  2. el myr

    wtf is there more here? an album?

  3. Hillmidget

    Come to galway in ireland uf you havent been alreay. Pleaaase :)

  4. Thaddeus Baddeus

    Holy crap a new album!

  5. Joan Quinapallo

    This sound reminds me of animal collective

  6. Emilio Hernandez

    Thank you Jonah Raydio for showing me this band! Love this song

  7. Anthony Stewart

    Too long ole man. Good stuff as always.

  8. exussupremebeing


  9. ivy hargadine

    seeing them at Revolution hall in Portland tonight! So excited

  10. Avec Vz

    Waiting for you to come in FRANCE now..!

  11. Jake Swan

    Fantastic track! Please check out my review of the whole album.  I loved this album very much. Cheers! :)

  12. nytterai

    nyc show anyone?

  13. sweins3

    can't stop listening

  14. Savannah Birch

    im so so so hype!!!! i googled to see when this was coming out and saw theyre playing baton rouge april 6!!!! so fucking hype

  15. Q Human

    up skyward goes my water / hang my want cloud in the atmosphere

  16. Schatzi

    theres nothing i love more than why

    i cant wait to see u in dallas!!

  17. HudsonA

    Bagel Radio brought me here

  18. Brandon Steele

    See you in Tucson.

  19. bob won ton

    March 18th..Minneapolis..I will be there :0)

  20. misremembered72

    gah, this is fantastic

  21. jnh2opolo5

    I'm seriously tearing up right now...for some reason I cannot describe it, but they always seem to help me with depression. Rubber Traits was a big factor in that but other songs too. Just the general melancholy and the subtext of regret...it's fucked up but it gets me focused on the right choices in life and allows me to unabashedly share all my pitfalls.

  22. richie galvan

    So, i just listened to the leak..

  23. Muscle Crowe

    I wanna give double, triple, quadruple likes!... actually let me give a like for every second of this song. I'M HOME

  24. Sonya H

    :-) can't wait

  25. richie galvan

    If yoni raps over some of the album with this sound it's gonna be 🔥

  26. torn- B-I-a-S

    I'm excited to see what Yoni could accomplish with the new album.

    _Why?_ is one of the best bands I've ever heard, personally.

    Caleb Wylx


  27. Julien the Child

    I covered This Ole King using keyboards, ukuleles, synths, Chinese violins and a pop beat. You can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PCTICj_qMY

  28. WALKEN

    Loveeeeeeee this track! The production ideas and some of the lyrics remind me of Elephant Eyelash, the mood dips between a Alopecia verse w/ Mumps style chorus, but with an amazing structure + wonderful mixing ideas throughout it. I love the time change and eventual big building rise w/ the guitars, piano, keys, etc. at the end. WHY IS BACK!!!! Yeeeeewwwweeeeee.

  29. Ari Tutko

    WHY?, never die!

  30. coloncommando

    My heart.

  31. Daniel Willsey

    Greatest thing since sliced bread

    Gregg Gaalen

    Daniel Willsey people should say “greatest thing since WHY?”

  32. Виктор Стародуб

    reposted www.facebook.com/wetchina

  33. megalo maniac

    I'm really feeling this! Can't wait to see you guys live in Boston, I've been waiting years for this shit!!!

  34. Kevin H

    sounds good but ive got my fingers crossed for some classic why? rap tracks.

  35. dasJayh

    Have anyone the lyrics? My hillbilly english skills aren't good enough to understand everything. Thx collective intelligence

    Sunny Landon

    Did my best - http://genius.com/Why-this-ole-king-lyrics


    Thank you for your effort =)

  36. CharizardPants

    I'm so stoked. This sounds amazing, I'm so excited for this! I really feel like it's a throwback and, to quote by best friend, "feels like I'm injecting peace into my ears".

  37. synthesis

    I love LOVE why? and I listened to old wu tonight like I'm sure you did before you made your best records. That's where I'm coming from. The geti and yoni album was mediocre bc the production was great, his lyrics are ok, and you were singing and not rapping. That album was better than eskimo snow. Alopecia and the one before are classic albums because you put strange ideas in our head in juxtaposition with great production. This whole idea you've got now about singing soulfully is running on fumes from mumps. It's time to stop. You are a creative genius with lyrics, Simone on the last one was great. But please, be a mediocre rapper in the eyes of the mainstream before you abandon us for these fucking indie... I don't know. I don't use slurs like that, but this shit is a horrible pop song and you know what word I want to call it and I'm not going to.

    richie galvan

    doodoobrn I think Eskimo snow was better than testarossa in my opinion, ever since mumps a lot of why stuff has sounded stale I can't pinpoint it. Although if yoni raps on stuff like this for moh lhean I think it could be great

    Sonya H

    eat my ass

  38. shmackatrotsky

    I like the mixing and effects on the vocals. Reminds me a bit of The Microphones, which is always a good thing.

    Josef Huntington

    shmackatrotsky Phil for the wiiin

  39. Francesca Penney

    Team WHY? - You've done it again. I love you.

  40. Northeast Fishing & Exploration

    good work! pumped to hear the rest of the album!

  41. Renner2k9

    You guys are awesome! Sounds like an evolution!

  42. Jason Porter

    Oh man, this has me so excited. This sounds absolutely amazing, it reminds me of all the best parts of your various sounds throughout the years, all combined into one. Reminds me of something from the Elephant Eyelash era with the production of an Eskimo Snow song. Love the glitchy electronic sounds in the middle, and when the piano comes in at the end... A+


    Jason Porter-well put!

  43. Tetrapodbomb

    Joyful Noise is the best!

  44. Erik Nylen


  45. Misvha

    Yesss, I love this.