WHY? - Proactive Evolution Lyrics

Proactive Evolution...

I'd be white, weak and blind
The opposite of oxen
Feeling for an exit with
Fingers stiff as branches
Of a tiny bonsai birch
Bark falling off in strips
Leaving nude wood, white
So bright in raw scar-glow
Like a fresco angel, except
Starved and deranged though
And for an exit, trying
Through blindness and time
If I wasn't when I am

But I'm on
I'm on fire
And I'm on
Right now

Proactive evolution...

I'd be drying up, nearly bone
Alone in the lack
Veins slack as empty hose
Hand like a crumpled newborn foal
Stumbling towards a need
Too undefined to feed-
The negative of the silhouette
Of a dock crane backlit at sunset
Gasping for exit through unknown air
If I wasn't when I am

But I'm on
I'm on fire
And I'm on
Right now

Pull back the vines
To reveal a detour sign

Now I'm on
I'm on fire
And I'm on
Right now

Proactive evolution...

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WHY? Proactive Evolution Comments
  1. Sean O'D

    Doe anyone under 50 know how to play guitar?


    Does anyone over 50 not place so much emphasis on ONE instrument

  2. Whale Boy

    A nice treat for the eyes and ears.

  3. Gorgutz1993

    The most hipster shit I've ever heard, but it's really good anyway.

  4. tashawn2222

    Best song on the album IMO. One of my favorite Why songs ever. The groove is so great.

  5. Kameron Hansen

    um, ya this video is gold mine

  6. D h

    Oh my heart and head as one

  7. JasonTheWorldisYours

    I like the production on this song


  8. torn- B-I-a-S

    this song was a beauty in my opinion: I think that _This Ole King_ alongside this song are two masterfully crafted pieces of emotive instrumentation and Yoni's lovely brand of wordplay accentuated by his low and expertly utilised 'drawl' of a tone.

    I just received the album, and I'm going to take a walk, tap in at high volume, and let Yoni play me off my feet and permeate my mind, as _Alopecia_ did, and I trust this will too, and relive that wonderful sensation of feeling lifted and grounded at once.

  9. nytterai

    nyc show anyone?

  10. bob won ton

    Nice. Gothic Theater in D town. That will be an awesome experience.

  11. thousandlegger

    I've lost respect for people who don't like WHY?


    Rich What do you consider "older stuff?" Like Alopecia or basement tape shit?

  12. llorTA toN

    this is good sampling material

  13. The Freedom Fryes

    I love this song so much! The lyrics are so good!

  14. Jahnavi Haley

    if someone could make the "and I'm on fire and I'm on right now" clip a gif... I'd be eternally happy

  15. NativeAlchemist

    I met them in 2013 in Sioux Falls. Just before our big blizzard. It was an epic journey with good friends. I hope to make another journey to see them again.

  16. Kroke Floofy

    ._. I'm entangled in this

  17. Joe Wheelock

    This is so good... and gets a little better with each listen! Love the new WHY? sound.

  18. nytterai

    just bought my tickets for the nyc tour date :DDDDD

  19. Michael Herrera

    This crew really knows what they are doing. It's totally them and has a pop sensability(sp?) Doug is such an awesome person. these people deserve some mainstream recognition.

  20. 21innocentbystander


  21. mamawouldbeproud

    Can't wait!

  22. John Fogarty

    THIS is SHITE .

    Jerry Blackburn

    Well, FogFarty, I dig it. You should go thumbs up some CCR.

  23. Chris Clay

    This song is so good! I might have to say its my new favorite Why? song, ok maybe not my favorite when i look back on their discography, but Im really digging this track!

  24. PawlOwl

    now this is what i call hipster 93

  25. 21innocentbystander

    So yeah Mumps etc was just a misstep. I'm so relieved.


    People need to chill about that, Mumps was good


    i agree


    Jesus Christ dude, Mumps is arguably their strongest.

    Robert Meyman

    Mumps is their best album.


    Fuck you

  26. Andrew Geary

    A new vibe from WHY? One of the catchiest songs they've ever put out. Excited for the record

    Bhikhabhai Prajapati

    Andrew Geary ..

  27. Adam Buchanan

    Great video great song, they've still got it

  28. WALKEN

    TOOOOO GOOD!!!!!

  29. Jesse Meachini

    can't wait to hear the rest

  30. Majin Mike

    This is fire... WHY? is <3

  31. James Hake

    omg catchy

  32. Info Mamoody

    Always psyched for new Why? songs.

  33. KAI SFX

    They have still gone ittttttttt

  34. KAI SFX


  35. Sam Trujillo


  36. richie galvan

    Damn its so good! I hope they put an EP out maybe before the album release??

    Matthew Sai

    The album is done.