Who, The - They Are All In Love Lyrics

Where do you walk on sunny times
When the rivers gleam and the buildings shine
How do you feel goin' up hallowed halls
And the summer clothes brighten gloomy halls

And they're all in love
And they're all in love

Where do you fit in zzzzip magazine
Where the past is the hero and the present a queen
Just tell me right now where do you fit in
With mud in your eye and a passion for gin

And they're all in love
And they're all in love

Hey, goodbye all you punks
Stay young and stay high
Hand me my checkbook
And I'll crawl out to die

But like a woman in childbirth
Grown ugly in a flash
I'm seen magic and fame
Now I'm recycling trash

And they're all in love
And they're all in love
And they're all in love
And they're all in love

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Who, The They Are All In Love Comments
  1. Martin Ramsdale

    22/02/2020 13 people with no taste in music gave this song a thumbs down I'd hate to see what music if any they listen too

  2. Martin Ramsdale

    I agree an underrated song and an easy one to listen too, dare I say it's beautiful too.

  3. Mick Corbett

    Possibly one of the most beautiful songs, I have had the pleasure to listen to. The piano was played by Nicky Hopkins. Pete is a living genius.

  4. Hygino Vieira

    "The Who by numbers" is so good album that I wonder if Pete Thousand needed to boose to get at his best.

  5. Alejandro Buenahora


  6. Mick Corbett

    A breathtakingly beautiful song. Always loved it with a vengeance👊👊🙌

  7. Steve

    Along with Quadrophenia this is my favourite Who and this song is simply majestic.

  8. freedomisnocrime

    I used to sing this song aloud on my bike when I trodded along country roads in my home alps, and I stunned the hell out of birds and squirrels and me granny

  9. freedomisnocrime

    What a gift of a song. Truly modern romanticism. It's not about getting old, it's about perceiving life as a walker by. It's neither bitter nor nostalgic. But such a sweet song. In 2019 they would never be able to write something as deep as this, and so well made.

  10. Joey Monroe

    Picasso on the drums.

  11. bostonwhofan

    I've got my seats in the front row to see The Who at Fenway Park on September 13, 2019! I've heard a few songs off of the new Who album, but can't wait to hear the completed album!!! Long Live The Who!!!!

  12. machia0705

    In 1975 I said this LP is getting overlooked because the album cover isn’t the greatest. A lot of people agreed. Just an observation.

    john tuttle

    I think it is a great cover, very original. What other bands would have done this?

  13. day tripper

    No need to skip one single song on this album. Each song is a winner.

  14. machia0705

    Incredibly complex composition yet melodic. F>cking genius.

  15. ktpinnacle

    Townsend realizing that he didn't die before he got old. And thank goodness he realized he had so much more in the tank.

  16. Martin Ramsdale

    I love putting this song on repeat so why all you punks stay young and stay high bcos we are all getting older these days but The Who's music are all now timeless classics just as beautiful as the day you first heard them this album was the second Who album I purchased and still enjoy listening to it too

  17. Josepa Ferrari


  18. Clyde Kimsey

    A very overlooked and great song!


    Clyde Kimsey
    When this LP came out I always thought it was underrated simply because of its album cover. Packaging sells. Incredible LP.

  19. Ed rock

    Any Who song that Nicky Hopkins played on benefitted so much. We were blessed to have him on Who songs. What he does with this song is beautiful.

  20. Axess2084

    This song, to me, is about getting old and no longer fitting in with the generation(s) younger than you. It's about realizing you're old and the world isn't yours anymore.

  21. TimTim99

    An extremely underrated album with no filler and some of the greatest lyrics ever!

    Eric Steadman

    My Favorite Who Album

  22. l angelo di Dio-GO ALDO

    Very beautiful song,dad thanks for introducing me to this wonderful song.

  23. Pablo R

    "roadies"amazing song

  24. Ed Odel

    "Roadies" brought me here...


    Yes I was surprised they came up with a Who tune I wasn't familiar with.

    Felipe Miguel

    só vim por causa da Série <3 <3 <3 <3

    Frank Iwaniw

    me too love the Who I think I ve got this one down for my band mates

    Angie Lim

    I love roadies!!!


    me too!

  25. Dr. Larry Mitchell

    2 people are not in love.

  26. John Rush

    Where do any of us fit in PFFFFFTT Magazine ?

    z zed

    +John Rush
    Where the past is the hero and the present a Queen...ummmm...ya

    John Rush

    +z zed Where do you fit in ?

    Rudolph Guarnacci

    @John Rush
    Wherever you want him to.

  27. Rafael Augusto LARA PALMEROS

    Magic!!!!. God bless you, Nicky Hopkins!!!

    John Wood

    Seen this? http://uptone.blogspot.com/2018/09/the-unveiling-of-nicky-hopkins-memorial.html #NickyHopkins

    Rudolph Guarnacci

    @John Wood
    Very interesting. I'm embarrassed to admit I was unfamiliar with him.

  28. Ethan C.

    This is EASILY one of The Who's best tracks! And on one of their best albums!

    John Beckham

    Yes it is, Ethan!

  29. 777jonah888

    but like a woman in childbirth, grown ugly in a flash
    I've seen magic and pain, now I'm recycling trash..... Townsend is a genius!!

    I think the 'pain' above is actually 'fame', that would be more consistent to the theme.


    I adore those lyrics.

  30. Luileadolfo

    Some of the songs from The Who By Numbers album do sound to me, related to Quadrophenia. This one is a really beautiful song, delicate playing by the late Nicky Hopkins. Why this song wasn't a hit or played live, its a waste.

  31. schmittelt

    "Goodbye all you punks. Stay young and stay high. Hand me my checkbook and I'll crawl off to die." 
    Ten years before he wrote this, he wrote "I hope I die before I get old."

    He'll be 70 next May.



  32. john guthrie

    so true.

  33. Daniel Costa

    I don't know what people think about this album, but I bought it couple months ago for just 2 dollars and I was amazed with this record.

    John Beckham

    One of my favorite Who songs from 1976!

  34. Eddie C.

    This album better than Michael Jackson's Thriller

    Big Woody

    That should never be used in the same sentence!!!

    Rudolph Guarnacci

    Not saying much if anything

  35. gasaholic47

    Moon's most sensitive drumming performance, imho...

  36. Bogdan Milin

    How did they ruin their lagacy?


    I agree. Who are You , wasn’t all that strong. The next LP was weak. Their last was extremely weak.
    Townshend is in the studio again with Palladino, Zak, and Roger is due in. No telling what Pete might have up his sleeve. The last two Who efforts, Pete was totally burnt out. It showed.
    Today this compositional genius shows no sign of retiring. Townshend is capable of anything.

  37. The4preston

    The most under-rated song on the most under-rated Who album.

  38. z zed

    Cause they ruined their legacy.

  39. z zed

    Great tune.

    I just wish they quit years ago.

  40. Gregory Church

    The only song that was a hit on US radio was "Squeeze Box"....this lp was a trimmed down and less produced album than the preceding releases, "Who's Next" and "Quadrophenia".....but then, how could one possibly follow "Quadrophenia"????

  41. Allan

    sorry entwistle

  42. Allan

    yes, great cover. entwhistle saw the band as they really were.

    Barry Miller

    Allan Cerf huh? Cover of what? Entwhistle wha? 🤔 🧐

  43. albert russo

    i agreee that this is a great album. I don't like squeeze box..it's too commercial..one other thing...blue red and grey should have been on a townshend solo album not a Who album

  44. Matthew Johnston

    Sub to my original music channel!

  45. LIZZARD6000

    @buubacous Bravo.... Well said!!!!!!

  46. nkmcfrln

    @bornwithoutwarning That's what John had to say about it. I think it was and old Sounds magazine that I found with an interview with him. He said By Numbers was " a bit of a downer. " Me? I listen to it before I listen to Who's Next. I'm also a HUGE fan of the Woodstock performance.

  47. larry borrowman

    I have loved the who for years. Stumbled on to beautitful song last night. The melody alone brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for posting.

  48. Michelle Seeley

    @PETEtownsend19 TOTALLY AGREE

  49. PhukIT1865

    @veplaini I was the piano player in rock bands. to be told I sounded like Nicky Hopkins was the ultimate compliment. He was amazing

  50. PhukIT1865

    my favorite Who album. not sure why, it just is.

  51. Ben W.

    This a great album to unwind with after a long day.

  52. Victor Lazzarini

    Nick Hopkins really shines in this track.

  53. Gibson SG

    @joeypolanski Love this album too - it's their most beautiful songs - Nicky Hopkins is fantastic.

  54. kurskss


    That's not true considering the time frame this album came out in..as well, Pete was an enthusiastic admirer of the punk movement as he stated ( in many interviews at the time) that the Punk movement was evocative of the ethos of the early days of the Who.

  55. msteven515

    I haven't heard this in years!

  56. Ted Gibbs



  57. Carmine Capasso

    ...la mia canzone preferita dei The Who!

  58. Gibson SG

    Beautiful piano from Nicky Hopkins

  59. Cúem

    não tem pra ninguém!!!!

  60. Scott Derechinsky

    @ScottLansky No one could!!!! You can't beat Pete!! Pete can't be beat!!!!

  61. tonythetigerII

    Wasn´t it "Good bye all you PUNKS, stay young and stay high"?

  62. gasaholic47

    @MrCorbett26 - Totally agree. I personally think this is Moon's most sensitive drumming performance, ever. Also, most people don't realize that it's also Townshend's flipping the bird at the growing punk movement in England at the time.

  63. MrCorbett26

    Always loved this song. One of the best kept secrets. Beautiful piano, great lyrics, sung with Daltreys usual passion, nice melodies. What more do you need from a song? I bought this album in 1975 & listened to it endlessly whilst sitting in a little bedsit in Northampton after leaving the army. It brings back poignant memories. Long live Pete & Roger. A good song is eternal, like the tides & the mountains. Sorry that's another Who classic.

  64. SgtBastard101

    "Where do you fit in THHBBBBPPPPPT magazine?" I'm a ad looking for a new magazine! hahaHA!

  65. bigvdogg1

    for eal Who fans

  66. gravhammer71

    love the piano- the digital remaster sounds incredible

  67. Blues Chewy

    Sad but true. The era of lyricists such as Dylan and Townsend are no more.

  68. Tom Quinton

    Great album. Love the gentleness of it. And knowing they turn it up as well. Sets them apart from most other bands.

  69. buchananstreet

    how DARE you forget how great this album was??!haha ! cause they never play it in the radio, I guess ...snif. this is almost the best song from it .... wonderful. no one can write songs like that today ... it´s not nostalghia, it´s a FACT.

  70. Dunwyche

    The best!