Who, The - So Sad About Us Lyrics

La la la la la la la
La la la la la la la
La la la la la la la
La la la la la la la

So sad about us
So sad about us
Sad that the news is out now
Sad, suppose we can't turn back now
Sad about us

So bad about us
So bad about us
Bad - never meant to break up
Bad - suppose we'll never make up
Bad about us

Apologies mean nothing
When the damage is done
But I can't switch off my loving
Like you can't switch off the sun

La la la la la la la
La la la la la la la
La la la la la la la
La la la la la la la

La la la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la la

So sad about us
So sad about us
Sad - never meant to break up
Sad - suppose we'll never make up
Sad about us

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Who, The So Sad About Us Comments
  1. clarenze superable

    Sounds like The Beatles' If I Needed Someone.

  2. 1234tetsutetsu

    The drum sounds like singing.

  3. oo tc


  4. fooman65

    Amazing harmony on second verse

  5. itkojecockot

    both drums and bass on this track are brutal...... a showcase of Keith's and John's talent..... and when you wrap it around such brilliant melody and harmony as Daltrey and Townshend were able to write, it's just pure magic...... this song is the proof, that headbanging was invented even before metal :D

  6. Steve Sturges

    Keith's cymbal work is amazing, really works the bells of them as well as beating the hell of them, he really was a excellent drummer back then...

  7. Konundrum

    The beginning chord progression sounds the same as the Byrds song "I'll feel a whole lot better".

    Renna Shesso

    Yes, Byrds, in 1965, but THAT has sound-echoes of Jackie DeShannon's "When You Walk in the Room" from 1964. If it's good, KEEP IT GOING!

  8. Diego


    La la la la la la la
    La la la la la la la
    La la la la la la la
    La la la la la la la

    So sad about us
    So sad about us
    Sad that the news is out now
    Sad, suppose we can't turn back now
    Sad about us

    So bad about us
    So bad about us
    Bad - never meant to break up
    Bad - suppose we'll never make up
    Bad about us

    Apologies mean nothing
    When the damage is done
    But I can't switch off my loving
    Like you can't switch off the sun

    La la la la la la la
    La la la la la la la
    La la la la la la la
    La la la la la la la

    La la la la la la la la la la
    La la la la la la la la la la

    So sad about us
    So sad about us
    Sad - never meant to break up
    Sad - suppose we'll never make up
    Sad about us

  9. Valentín López

    2019 lol

  10. Brandon Kuptz

    A perfect record!

  11. Joe Nicholls

    The Who are a way of life

  12. faeembrugh

    Of all their records, this is in some ways their greatest moment.

  13. Jesse

    The perfect eclipse tune!

  14. James Walker

    I start to cry as soon as I hear it, the lyrics were so precise at the time when everything fell apart... :´´V

  15. Sam Willetts

    the perfect pop song

  16. aivopark

    Drinking and crying material.


    If you're into that kind of thing.

  17. Yeah Whatever

    Keith was the Jimi Hendrix of the drumkit. greatest rock drummer ever.

  18. chris ruona

    Great song didnt realize this tune was first written in 1965 in my early yrs of life...renoruona

    Geoff Tudor

    Pete Townsend originally wrote 'So Sad . . .' for The Merseybeats, but they were splitting, so Tony Crane and Billy Kinsley recorded it as The Merseys sometime after 'Sorrow'.

  19. Frederik Laureys

    With beauty memories of my lovely woman Gudrun von Bucken ..R.I.P.  2013 / 06 / 21....

  20. Michael Ohare

    god bless the who!

  21. theonlyantony

    I want to hear the drums isolated. Keith is trying stuff that hadn't happened in rock/pop before. Groundbreaking work.

    Yeah Whatever

    absolutely thats why he's the best 😊


    Unlike most great rock drummers, Moon pretty much refused to do solos. His drumming works so incredibly well with the music, and I've never heard anyone else who even comes close to his style.


    what about John's basslines..... fucking INSANE

  22. Mr Nougat

    Weller did a lot in this style It's Too Bad Saturday's Kids etc etc....


    True! I guess it's one of his favorite songs by The Who. Oh and "It's Too Bad" is definitely a homage to "She Loves You" by The Beatles (he plays the exact same chords after the chorus) :)

    Francisco suarez beltran

    The Jam covered this song indeed

  23. Guy Guyguy

    Another version only 48 years later has Pete commenting "its got too many fucking notes" then lists every note in order starting on C.

  24. Boozness14

    Who heaven

  25. Viktoria Flowers

    The breeders did a good version too

  26. diogenesagogo

    Would have stormed the charts as a single. Happy pop at its best.

    terry platt

    @diogenesagogo The Who didn't do it as a 7", as The Merseys covered it and put it out as a single, and it went nowhere - unbelievably. It was easily as good a version as the original. Music history is so full of might-have-beens, and more so in the 60s than at any other time - because there was just so much brilliant creativity and, especially following the cruel closure of the pirate stations, so few channels for all the deluge of innovative stuff to be played and heard. We should have taken to the streets in our millions over the fact that in the midst of the core period of all that stunning musical revolution, fuggin' Engeldinck's Release Me actually blocked The Beatles' Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields Forever from the top spot. That still hurts BIG TIME!!! No contest over which was infinitely the better record in every possible way.

    I suppose we can take some small measure of comfort in his abysmal placing in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest - the moment it was announced that he would be representing the UK, you could hear the deafening sound of the clatter of millions of chinbones hitting the floor at the very thought that the establishment still perceived the old duffer as having any credibility whatsoever - as if he ever did! So Sad About Him... NOT! (But what an embarrassment for the UK - hell, we've still just about got The Who - they could have smashed it).

    Greg Moonen

    None of the Who's early songs hit the U.S. charts, even though a number of them were big in the U.K. I wish I'd heard of the Who earlier, but my first recollection of them was hearing "Call Me Lightning". I didn't really get bitten good until "Pinball Wizard".

  27. wallofvideo

    swedish band the mascots did a rather upbeat cover of this in the late 60s.


    @wallofvideo Found that version, pretty savage. Thanks for the info. :p

  28. Frank Grail

    I love the key change near for the reprise verse.

  29. madshadows830

    One can say that this is the best best Who song, I know it's a stretch with all the songs to pick from…..This is pure POP.

    James o'sullivan

    it's certainly pop more than rock. it's a bit like the kids are alright. i'm no who expert but i've just got in to them really after watching the dvd of the 2000 royal albert hall gig, and just really enjoyed the sheer energy of it. this was my favourite song on it x

    20 below

    the breeders figured out how to make it work

  30. David spencer

    classic   mod

  31. Dean Jarvis

    Great example illustrating Pete's theory that rock and roll doesn't solve all your problems, but it does let you dance all over them! Power pop at its best...

  32. trfesok

    If it wasn't for the band's instrumental attack (especially those drums!), this would be pretty much a throwaway. As proved by Pete's cute little demo and the Merseys' version. I put all three of these and the Jam's cover in my Townshend playlist. Thanks for uploading!

  33. General H

    Simply one of the coolest songs ever written. When will real music come back???

    Greg Moonen

    In the early and mid 60s, anything went, it was all good. Then in the late 60s and early 70s, your music had to be "heavy" or you weren't cool. Plus, they started putting labels on this and that. I realize now that I liked them all until the labels came along, then I wasn't so hot on them anymore. Damn to hell all the people that decided I had to put away and hide so many of my favorite records from the 60s because they weren't "heavy".


    I think it was the best time for music, too. Innovative.

  34. Michael Peck

    This is just one of many who recordings from the period that cries out for a graphic equalizer or isolation track that would allow listening to only the lead guitar. so genius

  35. Erich Slunsky

    so fucking good

  36. wallofvideo

    mascots do a nice a cover of this.

  37. llewesa100

    I remember back in the 80's when vinyl was common currency as well as tape. I just wanted to own this album so much for its cover alone! Eventually I bought it along with Sell Out as a double album package.Anyone out there own that one as well?

  38. alex holt

    true true

  39. SwingRiots

    Image doesn't just mean the clothes they were wearing; I'm much more referring to their attitudes in relation to their images. Their attitude and their act are all part of their image, and The Who's act was very much more rough & ready. Roger Daltrey was a tough bloke on stage, Pete Townshend was smashing his guitar up, Keith Moon was a nutter...The Beatles' act and attitude on stage was the opposite of that (after Epstein cleaned them up, at least)

  40. alex holt

    the who were mods in the early days, meaning clean cut hair and suits. it was the same thing for the stones and the kinks too. it was only nearer the end of the 60's the who's image became more rough (long hair, denim ect..)

  41. SwingRiots

    Oh, I know (I'm from Liverpool, The Beatles story has been forced upon me since birth because its all people here go on about). I'm talking about their image, not their real life personalities. The Who's IMAGE was much more rough & ready than The Beatles which was, in the early days at leats, a clean cut image.

  42. alex holt

    actually the Beatles personalities weren't very clean. please please me is about oral sex, John Lennon made Jane Asher cry because he kept asking her how do girls masturbate. yeah, they were cleaner than the who, but they were still pretty mischievous/ dirty

    Steven Fallon

    Yup, The Beatles got it in there. Like their "tit tit tit..." vox in "Girl"

  43. counttofiveandtwenty

    one of favorite songs of all time!

  44. SwingRiots

    Well...they were completely different kinds of bands. No way could The Beatles have done something with the depth and scope of Quadrophenia. Lennon was far too prentious to do something about the common kid in the street like that. And The Who could have easily blown The Beatles off stage (they could have probably blown just about anyone off stage...and still do today). The Beatles were a clean cut band of supposedly nice guys, The Who were rough & ready and probably paved the way for punk.

  45. Gazolba

    The Who were nothing like the Beatles whatsoever, not at any time. You need to get your ears examined ! The early Who were strictly a mod band like The Small Faces and The Move. The early Beatles were rockers - the polar opposite of mods.

  46. Gazolba

    Great song and quite un-Who like. Would make a great movie theme !

    Derick Bhupsingh

    Pity it was not a single.


    close to my favourite who song :))


    One of the BEST Who songs ever - wistful, poignant, tuneful, rocky, melodic, all in one. Just fantastic.

  49. Eddie C.

    I think The Who without Moon was still great. I first saw then perform in 1980 and they were terrific. I love the Face Dances album. However, without John, there really is no Who. Endless Wire is a Pete Townshend album sung by Roger Daltrey. Still, i have my tix to see them perform Quadrophenia next year. And you're correct about those two being the best rhythm section ever

  50. shoegeezr

    The Super Bowl and London Olympics mini-shows are NOT Who reunions, they ARE Townshend-Daltrey reunions-and that ain't bad, even if Daltrey has too much Botox and not enough vocal cord left and Townshend has too much fat and not enough muse left. A Who reunion became impossible the night Moon died in 1978 and doubly impossible the night Entwistle died in 2002. A better rhythm section was never seen in the age of classic rock (sorry, Baker and Bruce or Watts and Wyman or Bonham and Jones fans).

  51. WhitstableWilliams

    There are some isolated Moon drum tracks somewhere around here...worth a listen!

  52. Matt Lennon

    The Who were good but nowhere near the beatles in terms of quality

  53. Johan Medina

    The Who did used to be called the Super Beatles by the media and fans. So yes to your comment.

  54. Samalamalamdam

    @rusemuse1 Yes, The Beatles certainly didn't have one of those.

  55. rjplamf61

    @tony671 Weller/Townsend acoustic live is fn amazing. good call.

  56. lyonslaforet

    Let's forget the most recent Who reunion and remember the great songs they gave us like this one!


    Without The Oxe, and The Loon, it aint The 'orrible Who

  57. Micky Cripplejohn


  58. madshadows830

    The Who at their best!

  59. TONY Hemphill

    the best who album of the 60s i think its better than tommy!! a quick one is one of the landmarks in rock history and so sad should have given the who they're first no1.I also like the cover by the jam and weller and townsend doing it live

  60. therehastobeme

    That Was A Great Time For Music ,

  61. chptrk75

    @brentenireland No fucking way. Now go hit your face into a brick wall 10 times and then say you are sorry.

  62. BobDylansPet

    this song rules ridiculously hard.

  63. t44e6

    One of the greatest Who songs. You're right, camelgirlll.

  64. 42 Belvedere

    such a good song. I can see why The Breeders (or any band, for that matter) would want to cover it.

  65. modsheff1

    i wish ela would comeback..;(

  66. brentenireland

    @biggibson49 The Breeders di a good cover. I like theirs and the Jams has that extra sweetness...but this is awesome

    Dave Kirst

    brentenireland horrible the breeders sucked

  67. doorswhofan

    @joeypolanski: Now THAT is an excellent and IMO original observation. Very true!

  68. Diógenes de Sinope


  69. sayyes2bull

    ain't it the damn truth...

  70. Carl Evz13

    i love this song !
    and yeah cherry its so sad about us :0(

  71. Iamonly1

    Yeah baby, I am..........

  72. mndandy

    @satorres82 The Jam covered "So Sad About Us" in 1978 and The Merseys version was released in 1966 pre-dating the release of The Who's (they had the same management and Townshend gave them the demo). Find it here on YT.....

  73. sbarr10

    Wow, listen to the lyrics, this song is a tearjerker!

    Love the WHO.

  74. Carl Nota

    Great song from one of the best albums of all time. i Bought it on May 3rd, 1967 at Mays in Jamaica NY (the day after my high school prom) and been enjoying it ever since.

  75. stOOpid68

    ***** all day long!!
    freakin' love this!!
    Mr. Seeker, ur a 4kn star!!

    Liverpool Mods.