Who, The - Imagine A Man Lyrics

Imagine a man
Not a child of any revolt
But a plain man tied up in life

Imagine the sand
Running out as he struts
Parading and fading, ignoring his wife

Imagine a road
So long looking backwards
You can't see where it really began

Imagine a load
So large and so smooth
That against it a man is an ant

Then you will see the end
You will see the end

Imagine events
That occur everyday
Like a shooting or raping or a simple act of deceit

Imagine a fence
Around you as high as prevention
Casting shadows, you can't see your feet

Imagine a girl
You long for and have
And the body of chalky perfection and truth

Imagine a past
Where you wish you had lived
Full of heroes and villians and fools

And you will see the end
You will see the end
And you will see the end
You will see the end
Oh yeah

Imagine a man
Not a child of any revolt
But a man of today feeling new

Imagine a soul
So old it it is broken
And you will know your invention is you

And you will see the end
You will see the end
You will see the end
You will see the end
Oh yeah

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Who, The Imagine A Man Comments
  1. Martin Ramsdale

    I loved this album the moment I heard Slip Kid, an album I still like to listen too

  2. Martin Ramsdale

    Definitely an under rated Who song that was never given the light of day as a modern day live version.

  3. Dennis Puleo

    Alexa.. could you shut up

  4. modern studies

    Theres no doubt about it townsend is a genius backed up by an amazing band , simply the best british band I can think of

  5. soccerdudex100

    Most beautiful song by a terrific band off a wonderful album.

  6. JoJo Norris

    Oh ......yeaaaaa

  7. D parsons

    The most underrated album ever made..In my opinion..

  8. Sylvia Franklin

    The Who played this beautiful song last night at The Hollywood Bowl. Tears filled my eyes. I will never forget. 😔

  9. maiden chick

    Imagine a man
    Not a child in any remote
    But a plain man tied up in lies
    Imagine the son
    Running out as he struts
    Parading and fading ignoring his wife
    Imagine a road
    So long looking back
    But you can't really see where it began to run out
    Imagine a love
    So large and so smooth
    With against it all manners of that
    And you will see the end
    You will see the end
    Oh lord
    Imagine events
    That occur everyday
    Like a shooting or raping
    Or a simple act of deceit
    Imagine a fence
    Around you as high as prudential
    Cast two shadow's who can't see or feel
    Imagine a girl
    With long flowing hair
    And her body all trouble, perfection and truth
    Imagine a past
    That you wish you had lived
    Full of heroes and villain's and fools
    And you will see the end
    You will see the end
    You will see the end
    Imagine a man
    Not a child of any remote
    But a man of today
    Feeling new
    Imagine a soul
    So old and its broken
    And you know
    Your invention
    Is you

  10. James Kamlowsky

    Saw The Who last night and they played this. Almost shed a tear...

  11. Scott Goist

    As much shit Pete has given Roger over the years...he better be sitting in his palace and respecting this...greatest song ever written and recorded.

  12. Nick Galik

    An incredible song from a sadly forgotten album. One of music's best moments

  13. Chris Marino

    44 years later they are playing this song live for the first time! AMAZING

  14. Cobwebs And Strange

    As a die hard Who fan, I must admit that this song is better than Behind Blue Eyes (in my own opinion). This song has touched me in so many different ways and has changed how I think. I'm seeing The Who on their "Moving On!" tour (MSG, 5/13) and I can't believe that they will do this song live!

  15. bostonwhofan

    Tuesday May 7, 2019: The Who played "Imagine A Man" in Detroit tonight in the opening night of The Who's 2019 tour!!!!


    Grand Rapids

    Tree Top

    Hoping they play it at alpine!

  16. marie-sophie gaury-crayssac

    I love them so much ! and always !

  17. Richard Grandmont

    Keith Moon reportedly broke down in tears when Pete played him the demos for this album. Dark night of the soul. Heavy stuff and undeniably beautiful.


    Daltrey decided that he couldn't sing "However Much I Booze" because it was just too depressing and raw, and felt that only Pete could give it the proper treatment.

  18. JoJo Norris

    And God said ...."I think I will create the greatest songwriter ever today" ..... and Pete Townshend was >>>>>>>> born ....

  19. MrMassivefavour

    Beautiful bit of sensitive bass playing. JE was a genius!!!

  20. VanDanna Dale

    In the wake of Who’s Next & Quadrophenia, By Numbers felt, I think, worrisome for Who fans (and I was maniacal at this point,) exposing things we may not have wanted to hear from Pete. But it just gets better every year, and that’s 40-plus of them now, eh? Eternal thanks, lads, for your major role in getting me this far! LLR!

  21. JoJo Norris

    .....but a plain man ~~~~~
    .....tied up ^ > in life

  22. Billy McMonagle

    Beautiful guitar work on this seemingly simple song, brilliant

  23. gracie9501

    The WHO has (and always HAS had) their own lane - FANTASTIC stuff on each and every album!


    Love it

  25. killer99eo

    God damnit, what a beautiful song, it's my story to music

  26. 中木麻利子


  27. RockAndRollMassacre

    Beautiful song

  28. John Oberle

    The deepest album they done reflecting on life and where and why we are at this point in life. The midlife crisis.
    Yet another master piece. This band is incredible. All their albums are different for each other.
    No one rocked harder than they did.

    JoJo Norris

    The truth

    Richard Grandmont

    Nobody had a better run than the Who at their peak

  29. JD Painter


    JD Painter


  30. JD Painter


  31. John Smith

    Imagine one of the most sublime songs ever by one of the best heavy/progressive bands ever, The Who.

  32. J Falardeau

    I just did the third thumbsdown. The Who is my favorite band ever. In a momentary mind cramp I tapped on the "thumbsdown" sign in hopes of seeing the two real thumbsdown to find out how or why they don't like The Who. This and Quadrophenia are the tops. Sorry.

    Richard Grandmont

    Just hit it again, it should undo. Always worked for me (both in browser & app)

  33. Judge Timbers

    A true masterpiece by any measure.

  34. Ele

    I really really love this song!!!!! It's my favorite!

  35. Milan Nikolic

    What is this song about?



    JoJo Norris

    A man against > the world

  36. Allan Cerf

    I HATED this album when it came out but a week later my ear "got it." like The Smiths, The Who's music would be a train crash if anyone else tried it. It really is a singular thing...

  37. Nick Montecalvo

    Thus the best!

  38. pipeandslippersman

    a real doozy. one of his very best and beautifully sung by daltrey. deserves a far higher reputation than it's got. why is that only the fairly slight 'squeeze box' gets put on the compilations to represent this album, when there's this, 'they are all in love' and 'dreaming from the waist' on it too?

    don't worry - i know the answer...

    David Parsons

    Very true. Same with the radio, Squeeze Box every time

  39. Luileadolfo

    Not played at all at their concerts. Roger did include it in his live album. Fantastic song, that could replace the overplayed Behind Blue Eyes at their set list.

    thomas pühringer

    i could not agree more.


    They just did it play live!

    Chris Marino

    @vitorbastos123 I'm hoping to hear it tonight in NYC! So excited

    David Stewart

    They are playing it on this tour!


    I heard it on 5/30/2019 in Pittsburgh with a full orchestra...it was jaw-dropping.

  40. Jerry D

    OK, who's the one dipshit that had to put a dislike? Really!

  41. Macky.

    Imagine a soul
    So old it it is broken
    And you will know your invention is you.

    Asteroid Ninja Super-Steel

    you cheeky bastard

  42. João Bosco Lima

    Linda Musica.

  43. Christopher MacIntyre

    It pains me to say it, but The Who had only 5 or 6 decent songs after Quadrophenia (1973), and this is one of them. The others are "Squeeze Box", "Success Story", "Who Are You?", "You Better You Bet", and "Eminence Front" - and really only "Imagine A Man", "Who Are You?" and "Eminence Front" were truly great. Sadly, "Eminence Front" was minus Keith Moon. They had an amazing run before that though.

    T orf

    absolutely agree, I always thought that squeezebox was one of the weakest songs on the album

    Matías Risso

    Trick of the light, listen to that and come back

    Roger Baltrey

    New Song Had Enough Sister Disco Another Tricky Day


    I feel bad for you...

  44. Kevin Mcnamara

    Just one of those songs that has hung around in my head since I first heard it when I wore a younger face. To this day it still holds true. The who is to me what the Beatles are to some. Amazing!

    Richard Grandmont

    The Who are absolutely top tier... same league as the Beatles and Zeppelin... unlike whom they had only one main songwriter. Which makes PT probably the greatest individual rock songwriter ever. Does anyone else handle both words AND music so well?

  45. Kevin Mcnamara

    Maaaaan this is my zen

  46. manny4552

    I was always a beatles and stones fan first,but damn these guys were so great!!!! What a band the who was,especially live back in the day!!!

  47. john rush

    I dedicate this album to my late Brother Colin who lived life on his own terms . I imagine him every day ! Miss you Buddy !

    Alabaster Smidge

    john rush Have Fun Man!


    john rush he misses you too. Reunited one day.

  48. Carlton Phippen

    Simply Magnificent ! ! !

  49. Tom Sprague

    Total strange album when it came out. I was in hs and we all were Who fanatics and just scratched our heads at this. Now I see it was beyond its time. Thanx Who.


    +Tom Sprague I was in HS as well and though I loved this album, I didn't really get it either... though it grabbed me by the throat, probably because at some level I did understand it but it was not beyond its time. We were just too young to grasp it on a conscious level. We needed to live more to grasp it.


    I was born in 96. I didnt really understand the album when I was younger but when I was 17 started understanding it . Then when my dad passed away when I was 20 this album really helped me through it . Now alot of the songs hit the nerves .

  50. Rafael Augusto LARA PALMEROS

    One of the most wonderful lyrics by Peter Towshend in Who´s Story. A mirror in Peter´s life. Thank you Peter -The Great Poet- for the lyrics!!!!!!!

    JoJo Norris

    The greatest songwriter ever

  51. Don James

    Great song!

  52. Guillermo Ballesteros

    beautiful song

  53. Herioter

    I was too young (15) when this came to appreciate songs like this. Now they hit so many nerves.

    Big Poppa

    I'm 15 now. I appreciated even back when I was 13

  54. KMH

    exquisitely beautiful God bless you Pete

  55. High Number

    Whoever says they don't like this album is not a true Who fan.


    I kinnda like it but coming after Quadrophenia it was bound to come short.

    Joe Ruda

    I have the double album: easy meaty big and bouncy/by numbers....one of the best!!!

    Steve Thompson

    Evan McCarthy - I agree 100%. Enough said.

  56. Paulo Henrique

    Linda demais!

  57. BluePulama

    Happy 69th birthday to Roger (March 1, 1944) one of the most incredible voices ever!!!!

  58. MsChris402

    I love the who but this song is too glum!

  59. The Right Nut

    @TheTzdope The hell? This album is amazing.

  60. Elizabeth R

    No words can explain how amazing The Who is all together. I've never experienced a band whose members can play so magnificently together like they can. Keith, John, Roger and Pete create so much magic when they combine their musical talent.

  61. Ben W.

    Deep thought-provoking tune.

  62. 5150zac

    it sounds like its from tommy epic