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Who, The Batman Comments
  1. Joe Elliott

    Best superhero film

    Of the decade

  2. luciano andreola

    Batman commit tax fraud

  3. destroier 28_2.0

    who wasnt laughing their heads off in theaters when they first heard this?😂

  4. Hasan Abdullah

    Poor joker 😥😢😪

  5. SepticScorpion

    Ok so, I like Marvel More than DC but BatMan is so Bad ASS! #He my 2nd favourite hero

  6. Kira Yoshikage

    This is just a lego version of ricegum's and idubbbz's content cop drama

  7. Nocturne 03

    This is why I really want the sequel to this to not be cancelled

  8. Gianluca Sanchez


  9. Hyenaholic Productions

    "NOT BATMAN!" (That's what I have Bruce Wayne for)

  10. William Eakins

    I don't need you... I don't need anyone

  11. Genesis Funes

    wait ik stump wrote this, who sang it, the batman voice actor?

  12. Vegetarian Soylent-Green

    This is more than a song; it's basically my religion.

  13. NOOR Muhtaj

    I love this song

  14. TDJK Hazard

    “So when people ask you who your number 1 bad guy is you say.....?”


  15. Meme Heart

    Who can choke hold a bear?

  16. Mad Titan

    Best Batman movie opening 🤔😂

  17. Jagmeet Singh

    Lol why does joker look so cute in this movie😂😂

  18. mixed universes Gee

    Joker: are you nuts!!!
    Batman:u wanna get nuts batman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤘🏾

  19. doo manapsal

    Bye 2019 hi 2020 happy new year


    Yeah I'm your biggest 1 fan

  21. Michelle Larbi

    Wow... just


  22. kimberly gates

    I almost choke when he screams cause I'm a billionaire

  23. The Judged


  24. Gallagher Moore

    That is sad 😢

  25. Sevastian Gonzalez

    That's completely AWESOME SAUCE!!! 🤘🦇
    And also, seriously how does he beats all of them again?

  26. ISMAIL Salloo

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️I love this!!!!!

  27. Caleb McClung

    I am not a Batman fanatic so can anyone else make a list of all the villains in this song

  28. Phylion

    Let's. Get. NUTS.

  29. Logan malough


  30. Mewtwo [Maybe]

    Joker is kinda like Syndrome on lsd.

  31. Nhell TV

    My favorite song

  32. aaa

    3:33 is so sad I feel bad for joker

  33. Jabriel King

    This is badass

  34. Pablo312

    1:48 Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face was such a memorable reference

  35. Matthew Shaw


  36. My name is Deadpool

    2:53-4:04 best part

  37. Asher Troy

    1:43 HISHE is so influencial

  38. Joshua Morris

    Batman: No one means anything to Me!

    Alfred: okie

  39. Kal El

    Joker: Who is your number one bad guy?
    Batman: Superman

  40. Andreas Car Pro 7

    0:11 buts

  41. Duddy Boy

    well that escalated quickly

  42. Gwenpool

    Who here can name all the villains in this?

  43. Arjun the Kid

    Who has the coolest gadgets BATMAN
    Who has the tricks out ride BATMAN
    Who has the sickest backflips BATMAN
    Who pays there taxes NOT BATMAN
    Who is a psychopath JOKER
    Who blows up buildings JOKER
    Who hates Batman JOKER

    Who pays there taxes JOKER

  44. CPPower10Gamer -Norsk Gaming

    That song is just so catchy and REALLY good guitar riff.

  45. Aiden Brashear

    I like how he says who does the sickest backdrops and then he does a front flip

  46. Hunter Terrell

    If Matt Reeves Batman movie begins with this song me and my brother will love it

  47. Aiden Brashear

    Batman:Who always pays their taxes
    Me thinking:Its gonna be Batman
    Batman:Not Batman

  48. Maria Rios

    I hate Batman black pather is the best he richer but batman he poor as heck

  49. CanterlotCrusader

    We took my little siblings to see this movie because they loved the lego movie, but I was grinning and laughing the most out of all of them, and my family knows I love Batman but couldn't undertand why I found certain scenes or lines hilarious.

    This movie is a love letter to the Batman franchise regardless of age.

  50. DarthWrecker328 44

    Pause exactly at 00:31 and you can see even the explosion was a bat symbol

    Isabel Pagan

    DarthWrecker328 44 0:32 pause

  51. Emerald Apple


  52. Indika Douglas

    “Kiss me Batman” puts penguin .AH

  53. Alicia Witek

    Batman vs joker

  54. erica correia

    How is he beating you all again

  55. Nelly Dimassi

    I don't like how batman made joker cry

  56. 樂人TV | 華語音樂娛樂影音平台

    darkness! no parents!

  57. PETER Parker

    And Tom Holland

  58. PETER Parker

    I love it

  59. spooner2317

    Batman: you mean nothing to me none does....*zips off to save the city*
    Me: *pauses the show* ok so you say none means anything to you THEN WHY ARE YOU STILL PROTECTING THE CITY FROM THE BOMB IF YOU DONT CARE LET THEM DIE
    Everyone: ....
    Me: what i cant be the only one who thought this?.....Right...

  60. Nikki Lee

    WTF? I wanna know whether he defuses the bomb or not!!


    Go watch the movie

  61. MelloAngelWolf

    The reason Joker will never get Batman to laugh like he wants in the comics is because Batman has no sense of humor. Its said in Batman Beyond.

  62. Spider-Man The beast

    Batman:who does the sickest backflips?


    Batman is better in every way possible

  63. anthis rogers

    If Metallica cover is this song it will be dope

  64. Martina Wolf

    Batman doesn't do ships.
    The entire internet: *coff*

  65. Hand eye puppets Production

    Every LEGO movie when they have a gun


  66. Pearly Pancakes

    Batman and the Joker are like Rob and Gumball tbh

  67. Emmanuel Mensah

    Who has the sickest backflips

  68. Mike Wazowski

    Best Batman fight ever

  69. Ricemeister

    Who else is here after watching the JOKER film. 🤡😂🤣🤪

  70. betsy _wetsy_

    I love this song since I was eleven and now I learned that Patrick fucking Stump sings it and I love it even more .

  71. HafizhanViandry

    Joker made the sounds effect of a gun with his voice.

  72. Majestic Tv

    0:39 Spider-Man.

  73. Majestic Tv

    0:33 Iron-Man.

  74. Majestic Tv

    0:28 Lies.


    Oh no, it's a marvel fanboy who dosent know what good characters are!

  75. Jaelyn McDuffie

    RIP Jokers self asteem

    You will be missed 😔😔💐💐💐

  76. Dippy Dinosaur

    Honestly the greatest Batman movie since the Dark Knight Trilogy with a Batman and Joker I could relate too more than other movie versions

  77. shadows

    Doctor:you have 2 hour to live

    Me:ok then

    Doctoe:wait what

    Me:cuz im about to watch my best movie on my play movie list



  78. PrAz Fusion

    Da na na na na FATMAN

  79. Rexy’sLifeAndGames

    Me: Batman can beat the whole dc universe

    Random person: how he can’t

    Me: oh yes he can cause he’s *Batman*

  80. paulyn delan

    I think this is better Than sucide squad

  81. Peter Truong

    Batman had the time to get joker and the bomb but talks

  82. Julio Víctor Manuel Schaeffer Manrique

    When a LEGO film is better at Batman than the retards actually MAKING Batman, you know you have a problem.

  83. Julio Víctor Manuel Schaeffer Manrique

    He is such a billionaire, he doesn't even NEED to pay taxes.
    Ironic, but makes sense.

  84. DJ bastard

    Batman doesn't do.....Shit I mean ships

  85. T.J. Slim

    Let gut nuts

  86. Marvel-fan 69

    Is it strange this s my favorite Batman?

  87. L&R II

    Is the entrance of the Batmobile a reference to how his tank always enters in Arkham Knight?

  88. Felix Brown

    LINKARA: You are NOT Batman! I know for a fact that Batman HATES Rock & Roll.

  89. The Mandalorian 2020

    Superman payed his taxes

  90. Scubas Gaming

    Hi guys. I’ve done a “first play through” with my own twist


  91. Pokeviews

    ''Cause im a billionaire,millionaires are so last year''


  92. Cairn Rugg

    Batman doesn't pay his taxes?

    Even Joker isn't crazy enough to take on the IRS!

  93. Nigward


    I feel bad for joker

  94. Joseph Denby

    3:08 Joker: Superman’s not a bad guy
    Me: exactly

  95. Joseph Denby

    2:04 Batman!

  96. Joseph Denby

    1:41 1:42 1:43 Joker: How is he beating all of you again?

  97. MechaEmperor7000

    Who gives the sickest burns?