Who, The - A Quick One While He's Away Lyrics

[I. Her Man's Been Gone]

Her man's been gone
For nigh on year
He was due home yesterday
But he ain't here

Her man's been gone
For nigh on a year
He was due home yesterday
But he ain't here

[II. Crying Town]

Down your street your crying is a well-known sound
Your street is very well known, through out your town
Your town is very famous for the little girl
Whose crying can be heard all around the world

[III. We Have A Remedy]

We have a remedy
You'll appreciate
No need to feel so bad
He's only late

We'll bring you flowers and things
Help pass your time
We'll give him eagle's wings
Then he can fly to you

Fa la la la la la
Fa la la la la
Fa la la la la la
Fa la la la la
Fa la la la la la
Fa la la la la la

We have a remedy
Fa la la la la la la
We have a remedy
Fa la la la la la la
We have a remedy
Fa la la la la la la
We have a remedy
Fa la la la la la la

We have a remedy.
We have!

Little girl guide, why don't you stop your crying?
here comes Ivor the engine driver to make you feel much better

[IV. Ivor The Engine Driver]

My name is Ivor
I'm an engine driver

I know him well
I know why you feel blue
Just 'cause he's late
Don't mean he'll never get through

He told me he loves you
He ain't no liar, I ain't either
So let's have a smile for an old engine driver
let's have a smile for an old engine driver

[V. Soon Be Home]

soon be home
soon be home
We'll soon
We'll soon, soon, soon be home

We'll soon be home
soon be home
We'll soon
We'll soon, soon, soon be home

Come on, old horse

Soon be home
Soon be home
We'll soon, soon, soon be home

[VI. You Are Forgiven]

Dang, dang, dang, dang, dang, dang, dang, dang, dang

Cello cello cello cello cello cello cello cello
Cello cello cello cello cello cello cello cello
Cello cello cello cello cello cello cello cello
Cello cello cello cello cello cello cello cello

I can't believe it
Do my eyes deceive me?
Am I back in your arms?
Away from all harm?

It's like a dream to be with you again
Can't believe that I'm with you again

I missed you and I must admit
I kissed a few and once did sit
On Ivor the Engine Driver's lap
And later with him, had a nap

You are forgiven, you are forgiven, you are forgiven ... [ad lib]

You are forgiven

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Who, The A Quick One While He's Away Comments
  1. peace frog

    genuinely the best performance in rock history

  2. Ruiitan

    Is no one gonna talk about how amazing the bass sounds

    Mudstone !

    Always under appreciated but always a force to be reckoned with!

  3. detroit retro gamer drg313

    Absolute classic movie any rock fan must watch. Amazing this has half a million views and dropped nov 2019 ❤️❤️👍👍

  4. J S


  5. Psychedelic Moon

    I'm totally astounded by how good The Who's live performances are!
    They sound so much better and clearer live than in studio! They're one of my favorite bands, either way, but their live music is just something else! They can take a song and turn it into a whole different, better song!

  6. Aldo Giannone

    Perfection recorded in JUST ONE TAKE! I bet a band nowadays will take more takes than the number of views that this video has to get their shit right!

  7. mikegerrish

    No-one could match this, even amongst the talent in the studio that day.

  8. Tomás Cordeiro

    Kathy moon melhor batera

  9. Tomás Cordeiro

    The who for ever. Kathy moon de mais

  10. Antonio Aguilar

    4:41, y 6:19 climax...

  11. Molly Bither

    Great song!

  12. Shane Bowden

    Hard to find the words to describe how brilliant this performance was.

  13. uku 000

    the rolling stones realizing their guests stole the show and that they had to play after 😳😳

  14. Mark Bratcher

    Happy Valentine's Day? Ha. More like Happy 50th Anniversary to the Leeds gig!

  15. fed1up

    Fucking brilliant. Approaching their full glorious power.

  16. Ben Mochan

    I'm sure a lot of people here know this, but it's a great side note. The Who's performance was so good that the Stones went back and re-shot all their numbers. They were freaking out that The Who had just completely blown them off their own stage.

  17. Mike Chou

    roger was so hot damn

  18. kurt richardson

    x is an asterisk

  19. Jim Alexander

    Don't ask me how John has the time to go from pick to fingers to pick at various points throughout the song. I never use a pick on the bass, but if I did, I'd be too klutzy to keep switching back and forth.

    Lucie Melahn

    I think they filmed it three times and edited, hence some continuity issues

  20. Mark Skinner

    So psychedelic!!! All that is missing is a light show!!!!!!

  21. Scott Wilson

    Entwistle's bass is so badass wearing headphones

  22. T Andrew

    4:30 on is when this song gets good.

    Scott Wilson

    It's good from the start what are you talking about.

  23. Misael Yajure Pirone

    The Who are the only rock band that have played live in:
    Isle of Wight
    Monterey Pop Festival
    Rock and Roll Circus
    The Concert for New York City
    Live Aid
    And the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert. (Only Roger).

    Are the only band that have been in the most important rock concerts in 35 five years.

    Mudstone !

    Throw in Live 8, Super Bowl 1/2 time Show and closing the London Olympics!

  24. richiebear1969

    You cut off Keith Richards saying "And now dig The Who."

  25. last up

    I saw Led Zeppelin three times live, The Who six times. The Sex Pistols once . Take one guess who was best live .

  26. Becky M

    Keith owned this performance. His endless energy throughout...amazing.

  27. Kyle Byrne

    Stones might have more album sales then The Who. But i always thought The Who were a tighter more complete outfit then The Stones

  28. J P

    My favorite of all time so glad i got to see them with the OX before he passed.....

  29. delphin bringsby

    I remember watching this on The Kids Are Alright when I was 7 or 8 and knowing it was an epic performance for the ages.

  30. Robert Brauer

    This is such a great performance, and such a great song. It could perhaps be seen as the seed which Tommy eventually grew.

  31. Galactic Gal

    I love "Rock and Roll Circus!" I can't believe it was on the shelf for decades. One of the things I dig the most is how it was filmed. The colors are so vivid--it's a feast for the eyes. And lots of great performances.

  32. Austin Johnson

    It's always weird cause John Entiwistle just stands there and plays while Roger, Pete & Keith play with so much energy

  33. Zach Smith

    7:18 I love Roger's delivery and Pete is too cool

  34. Fuser Aten

    Insuperables The Who

  35. Patrick Jenkins

    Cameraman should’ve been on moony the whole time just wow what a band

  36. Dallas Wood

    Fucking amazing.

  37. mustafawee

    You know the Who are legendary when Keith Moon alone blew the motherfucking Stones off the stage. The drummer!

  38. mustafawee

    When Roger stopped being 'just the singer,' as Pete once called him, and started becoming a proper frontman and equal member of the Who.

  39. Happy Jack

    They are the only worth buying for this crap show.Stones and Lennon etc.total addled by drugs.You can smell the drugs and filthy occult coming off your screen.Young millionaires with too much.Dig Tony Iommi playing with Tull though!

  40. Lp Mit Edgar Titansteini

    I can Imagine IT would be hard to Play in this Band with this Drummer

  41. Dan

    Keith Moon at 1:50 good lord

  42. Grace Petito

    My ultimate favorite band of all time!!

  43. daddy long-nose

    I have this Rock'n'Roll Circus on VHS. Simply the best.


    Кит Мун...Светлая память.Мегабарабанщик 60-70х

  45. Joseph G

    Los jovenes de ahora deberían ver este video para que aprendan a tocar la batería de verdad.

  46. dash riprock

    Far superior to the studio version.

  47. robert fripp

    pete has the cutest accent

  48. Psychedelic Moon

    This live performance is leagues ahead of the studio version!
    It amazes me how much better The Who could play live than in studio! Not only did they turn their early mod songs into total rock songs, but they also brought the rock opera Tommy to life!
    You just can't find bands like The Who nowadays.

  49. toxic badasss

    Great comment and I fully agree with all the points , can I add the bit that has me transfixed the most, it's between 2:20 - 2:30, just watch Keith's pure speed and precision his hand speed is just incredible and what a amazing live performance all round, the guys smashed it and in my opinion the Stones could never touch The Who as a live act and I also love The Stones by the way.

    Lucie Melahn

    I love the audible scream that goes with it :)

  50. Fuzz Cous

    Keith playing was amazing

  51. Sean Naamani

    The Who blew the Stones out of the water and because of this (and the Stones having an off), Jagger didn't want this to air.

  52. Ben Ran

    Love The Who, but never liked this track, still their stage presence was fantastic as ever - from a Led Zepp fan :-)

  53. Dandelion Beausoleil Picazo

    Puta madre aún recuerdo cómo quedé de pendeja a mis 14 años cuando ví este video y me obsesioné con The Who y más con Keith Moon. Jooooooderr. Siempre será mi banda favorita junto a Rolling Stones.

  54. Dave Ravies

    Amazing how quickly The Who's star rose. From virtual nobodies who broke big by sheer musical brute force music that demanded to be heard! This complex song shows off all their talents! Moonie looks like he's going to miss the beat with his gyrating but never does. Roger is the Rock God prototype. Pete's at his full powers and his best voice. Speaking of voice, The Ox's high register shows that he's never limited himself - Best bassist, High falsettos and once in a while tosses in a friggin' french horn - and IT ALL WORKS!!!!

  55. キャスバル・レム・ダイクン


  56. Jacob Tobias

    Other bands in the 60s: DOO DOO DOO WEE OOO OOO

    The Who in the 60s: FUCKY FUCKY FUCKY FUCKY

  57. Soaring Hawk

    Moon gives everything he's got in this performance..........what an unbelievable drummer he was

  58. xxx xxx

    Believe it or not there are a lot of people that are who fans or just rock and roll classic music people who never heard of this song

    xxx xxx

    It's utterly silly to compare the two bands. I mean really Rush. Is more of a progressive rock band? The who is a classic rock and roll band. With a much better singer Rodger Daltrey a much better drummer, Keith Moon. A much better bass player John Entwistle and of course Mr. Pete Townsend it's like an all-star band.

  59. leone7227

    THE Greatest Performance in the History of Rock 'n Roll (sordid genre that it may be)!!!!!!

  60. wasn't me

    they say the rolling stones didnt perform that night after seeing the who on fire as they feared looking bad . cant blame em

  61. Paige Nicole

    it’s impossible to take your eyes off of keith while he’s playing. he never looks bored and he’s always just so.... into it. he pulls you into his playing

  62. D Lee W

    I assume he no longer needed that drum...

  63. Carl Weaver

    Charlie who?
    Mitch who?
    Ginger who?
    John who?

  64. Jon Boyd

    Keith moon was the best drummer ever

  65. delphin bringsby

    You ever just have a Who night?

  66. Fidelity 129

    Just found this. Brilliant. Had so many unofficial versions deleted.
    Thank you powers that be for uploading.

  67. Sublime Music Channel

    Truly one of the greatest videos ever.

  68. Carlos

    When it comes to rock music I say with no hesitation that The Who is the best rock band of all time. All the elements were there; explosive live playing, great lyrics, and a great frontman. In addition 3 freaking album masterpieces (Tommy, Who’s Next and Quadrophenia), in addition to gems like this, and early hits like “Pictures of Lilly”, “Substitute”, “My Generation”, etc.

  69. Deecky Rizzo

    Pete, genio HDTPM!!!!

  70. eric marth

    They don't even seem winded at the end!

  71. quiptookie

    Finally!!! This is the version from Rushmore that was is the movie but NOT on the official soundtrack. I was looking for this version (which is unequivocally the greatest) for years, must have gotten 10 different versions of the song, but it was never this one. I had given up on ever finding it; and YouTube recommendations, of all things, finally brought it to me!

  72. xxx xxx

    Wow oh, what a great song Simply Amazing the drummer never gets tired he's fast as fuk, everybody talks about Neil Peart God Rest his soul, but the drummer here seems to me he could be the fastest drummer I ever saw great song three part harmony. A talented bunch of guys

  73. Guns ofAugust

    There is no denying the awesome stage power of The Who.

  74. jim

    keith's shirt is so pretty.

  75. Mark W

    The use of this song in the revenge scene from the movie Rushmore was brilliant..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIxvwa1t-yA

  76. Neily Choppers

    Certainly knocks the balls of the studio version.

  77. Sleeping childhood

    Great drummer there

  78. juan gabriel ojeda


  79. Paul Flug

    Это высший класс! Такой музыки к сожалению больше не будет!

  80. Santiago Carmona

    Que loco estaba Keith Moon <3<3<3

  81. 3. 1415926535

    The Stones did great, The Dirty Mac was awesome, Jethro Tull was also amazing, and so on... but The Who, they've completely owned it.

  82. josh grant

    Sexy 4 part Harmony. Didn't know they could fill that.
    My mother didn't like it and beat my brother.
    I'm on the amazing journey

  83. TighelanderII

    This performance made the Stones hide their film for decades because it was so good (they had just come off a tour), and their set was flat (the Stones hadn't performed in a while and were cold).

  84. Checco 76

    it's like getting an electric shock which gives you addiction

  85. Giovanni D.N

    Me gustan los Beatles, pero los the Who era otro nivel

  86. L. Imes

    Love, love, love, love. When did I get so old?

  87. young5ever

    «Allright lads, we’re next in twenty minutes; what would be a good song to fuck-up the Stones’ day?»

  88. Joey Monroe

    Moon the beast! Best drummer ever!!

  89. maldicientin

    Stones were probably grateful that for this gig The Who opted to not smash their instruments...

  90. Daniel Harrington

    The perfect, acapella intro belies the absolute hurricane that follows...

  91. Jeremy Simpson

    Wow what a blistering performance. The Who had been touring for months so they were tight as hell and just blew everyone off the stage that night.

  92. Jay Birdy

    Microphone/Arms/Sticks.....everything spins in this!!

  93. Jay Birdy

    THE WHO'S rock and roll circus.....Stones...hahaha

  94. Fidias Pérez

    Además de excelentes músicos, estos Who eran un portento de energía en escena. En una biografía de Los Stones, ellos mismos afirmaron que quienes se robaron el show durante el circo fueron The Who y no ellos.

  95. Derzemar Derze

    Keith Moon eleito 3x o melhor baterista .....

  96. andy T

    I am so happy to have live in that great musical era, it doesn’t get any better than this