Whitney - Used To Be Lonely Lyrics

Well it made no sense at all
Until you came along
I'm afraid you're letting go
Cause the only life I've ever known

Used to be lonely
Used to be lonely

When long days knock you down
When cold winds turn me round
Take me out into the night
Cause the only way to spend our time

Used to be lonely
Used to be lonely

Used to be lonely
Used to be lonely

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Whitney Used To Be Lonely Comments
  1. blue smurff

    God damn this is great

  2. Chapie2016 Chapie2016

    John lennon jr. & Yoko Ono jr.

  3. moviemagic

    I recognize some parts of Chicago here! I live near the Bunny Hutch hot dog and Mini golf course!! Love the cinematography,that girl and song!

  4. David Vicente


  5. Hayden H

    3:06     some of the most peaceful pieces of music ive heard in awhile.


    Someone clearly doesnt listen to Lil Pump 😤😤😤

  6. MegaSnippezz

    Haha you done it again lads, what an absolute banger this is. Fucking brilliant. And here's me thinking it wasn't going to get better than Golden Days, boy I was wrong.

  7. Olga Lebedeva


  8. Snake Deater

    how does a man sing in his octave. i want to be able to do that.

  9. Seth Sybrandy

    I had the last dance of my wedding to this song. And we opened with Follow.

  10. Warren Sheffield

    Shame on their label for this car fare buget vid.

  11. miguel zapata

    What a lovely song

  12. AlisÍnger

    Nice soothing song

  13. Michael Dillon

    whose that silly black chick?

  14. xIIxGOBLINxIIx

    Pretty hard to remember these lyrics

  15. Óscar Hernández Arteaga


  16. CaptainSpauIding

    She smoke to much crack.

  17. Cris Higgins

    i take my son to this Mini golf place all the time - next time im playing this song on the way so he can see where we are going! Love the tunes from these local guys!

  18. Lincoln Mitchell Recording Post Production


  19. worlddomin623

    Good ol' Bunny Hutch, a Chicagoland classic.

  20. MulletKid

    Lol this looks like a Virgin mobile commercial or some shit. come on now

  21. Turry Cruise

    When a song finds you, and you realize it poignantly addresses the current state of things in your life. It's beautiful, and I'm grateful for this. See you in Richmond.

  22. Tony Kart Racer

    Where's Bobby?

  23. DARREN Goo

    god im getting this overwhelming sense of simultaneous love and loss when the video switches from an empty daytime scene to a vibrant nighttime scene. im feeling nostalgia for memories that arent even mine, cherished evenings with someone who i love, who i actually dont even know. the video makes me feel like, for just a couple minutes, im living in someone else's life. and its such a beautiful feeling. damn, this is a fine video

  24. Marcus Kessler

    this video is gorgeous

  25. Mase Leone

    I should not listen to a song THIS many times in a row

  26. clayton perri


  27. justinrill

    The other guitarist reminds me of Calvin's dad from Calvin & Hobbes

  28. TomBo

    Love the part where the spinning yellow ride breaks the silence. Great shot

  29. Hi meme

    Tik tok better not find this song..

    Toqiio Qapzel

    Sad thing is. If it does end up on tik tok, this song would get a million views overnight and then blow up like old town road

  30. Charlotte Steele

    Omg I can’t believe I didn’t run into y’all filming at Promontory Point <\3

    Danny Farber

    thats what happens when you get there at like 4:30a

  31. Grace Holmes


  32. Michael Finn

    shout out bunny hutch and Lincolnwood fest!!!!!!

  33. Puka Keneki

    I take the girl moved to another town?

  34. Jose Naranjo

    You guys really went off on this album, it’s already a classic from you guys !!!

  35. José Rcoha

    Just a joyous, melancholy melody under the strings of Whitney.

  36. Patrico Martino

    You get so used to rejection, you forget what acceptance feels like


    so deep man

    Matei Blanca

    I feel u.

  37. Harley Small


  38. Favio Reveles

    Looks like Malibu Chili cook off

  39. Nash's #1 fan

    Sounds happy but the lyrics say otherwise

  40. Thomas Phillipe

    This song is beautiful, this band is very emotional in a good way. Love u guys.

  41. Bythesea

    Well it made no sense at all
    Until you came along
    I'm afraid you're letting go
    'Cause the only life I've ever known
    Used to be lonely
    Used to be lonely
    When long days knock you down
    When cold winds turn me 'round
    Take me out into the night
    'Cause the only way to spend our time
    Used to be lonely
    Used to be lonely
    Used to be lonely
    Used to be lonely

  42. Shreevar Chhotaria

    David, have you used an anamorphic lens for this one? Some shots were giving me that vibe.

  43. TheOneRedPanda

    Stranger Things 3 looks so awesome! lol


    match cuts were so well worked in. loved everything about this and have been waiting for this album. Just seen them play mopop in Detroit and had multiple artists play and they by far were my favorites the whole festival. Hughs put it down dping on this.

  45. Hayden Coutts

    I watch this video about 3 times per day

  46. Steven Casteel

    Really nice guys.

  47. Monty Phyton

    Hey guys. Here’s a great German review of ‘Used To Be Lonely’. What a great track!


  48. abraitys *

    that cut at 2:19 really hit different :’)

  49. Steven Cruz

    the guitar solo is so good

  50. Richard Guerra

    Thank you, Whitney, for releasing this song just at the right time. It's helping go through a rough time in a relationship. The visuals hit home.

  51. Blair Frodelius

    Motion sickness... great tune!

  52. The Titan Seeker

    Discovered this song and also the band today... fell in love immediately 👌 thanks Whitney! 😊

  53. Michael Ip

    is this the national anthem for mayonnaise men with yellow fever

  54. Lupitamihita

    I’m in love! Whitney gets better and better.

  55. Bella Hutu

    This makes me feel such nostalgia, the mellow vocals with the vibrant visuals takes me to another world

  56. Laryssa nobre

    Julien Looks Like John Lennon


    The girl must be his Yoko?

  57. New Alternative 40 Chart

    "Used To Be Lonely" debuted at #3 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week!

  58. ColRizz99

    this song better fucking blow up

  59. Averi jones

    I love this song <3

  60. vivid dreamm


  61. Tristen Hartney

    The video helps me understand the song more I love it

  62. Michelle cw

    Fantastic video. I only found this band about a year ago, wondered if they were on extended hiatus or something. So happy to hear new music this year

  63. Gabriela García

    I used to be lonely , now I'm lonely but listening to you ...

  64. J F

    Another soft spoken sad white boy with a guitar? “I’m so sensitive, I’m so special” Put it in your diary.


    Who hurt you?

    Carl Hewitt

    another tough guy on the internet. 'I talk shit on youtube, I'm a badass online'

  65. Shady Groves

    beautiful song

  66. Kristensen

    just love your music

  67. Adam Waller

    Sublime, that.

  68. Earl Lemongrab

    The worst thing about Whitney is that whenever I look them up on Spotify, I get Whitney Houston and then I have to go "no no, show me the GOOD Whitney". Such a hassle.

  69. Mr Rogan Josh

    I can't wait to see them in Bristol :D

  70. stevebob240

    Gorgeous! Excited for the album!

  71. Daniel Rodrigues

    mas que coisa gostosa, finalmente trampo novo desses deuses <3


    *Is there a lot of people who like music? show me probably.*

  73. A Amino

    This is such a beautiful video that includes representation of Asian beauty and I love it for that, on top of the song’s beautiful sounds. Lovely

  74. Agustin González

    why so good why

  75. Woodburners

    .75 speed is lifeeeeeee

  76. Seoul Korea

    역시 한국가수가 더감정이 살아있는 노래를 하네요^^

  77. Alejandro Hernandez

    This one of the most beautiful videos I have ever seen and heard

  78. Woodburners

    I wanna meet these guys one day!

  79. Josh Manuel

    This could also work as the music video for Day & Night

  80. Josh Manuel

    Beautiful. This is my fifth time coming back to this video today. Very timely. Thank you for this gift.

  81. Heston Charres

    David Hughes, Jr. is nice wit da lenz

  82. Bridget Hollen

    I love love love you all 😫💖

  83. Noiseless Music

    What a sweet video!

  84. Daniele Cavalcante


  85. Vinicius Alan

    "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" in the cinema at 0:12 ❤

  86. Josue Moreno

    Yup this is my new favorite song off the album now !

  87. Mia Rio

    Yes yes yes, keep this momentum going guys, you're making magic ✨

  88. Caster Blond

    Vivement la fin Août !!,c'est tout simplement magnifique ! Un des morceaux qui va ensoleiller notre fin d'été ....

  89. Robert Collins

    This one hits just right

  90. barton micks

    I thought she died a few years ago but shes doing posthumous releases?

    Bobby Skinner

    barton micks lol what?

    Kenneth Bernhardt

    embalming fluid and pcp, brother. raises the dead

  91. Allen Gunn

    This cooks!!

  92. reehab

    Aesthetic at its realest, sound and imagery.

    Damian Mapplebeck

    Would love to know what that was shot on. Beautiful

  93. Apple Sewer

    Very nice! Classy, solid, soulful. Beautiful vocals. Really one of the most beautiful voices around. Video was nice too. Looking forward to the new album.

  94. Brad Goodall

    The shot of the blank sky where the ride appears and then cuts to the same shot at night. Fantastic. Loved this.

    Josh Manuel

    favorite shot in the whole video!

    Michelle cw

    00:43 - 00:45 is my favorite


    That shot really took me by surprise.

    Elias Valencia

    My favorite was the fly crawling on the dinosaur's temple 1:46

  95. Avi Goldshmidt

    I love the way they incorporate sunrise at Lake Michigan in so many of their songs. Makes me miss my hometown of Chicago <3

    Hayden H

    beautiful.   where you at now Avi?  not too far from home I hope.

    sure love me some Wilco

  96. Yassine OUBAALI

    I love everything about this song, it puts me into it. new subscriber

  97. Jackson Betz

    Best breakup song ever, love this tune so much!