Whitney - Southern Nights Lyrics

Southern nights
Have you ever felt a southern night?
Free as a breeze
Not to mention the trees
Whistling tunes that you know and love so

Southern skies
Just as good even when closed your eyes
I apologize to anyone who can truly say
That he has found a better way

Feel so good
Feel so good, It's frightenin'
Wish I could
Stop this world from fighting
La di da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da?

Southern skies
Have you ever noticed southern skies?
It's precious beauty lies just beyond the eye
Goes running through your soul?
Like the stories told of old

Old man
He and his dog they walked the old land
Every flower touched his cold hand
As he slowly walked by
Weeping willows
Would cry for joy

Like this and many others in the trees
Blow in the night
In the southern skies

La la la la la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la la

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Whitney Southern Nights Comments
  1. DetoNater

    Chipotle got me here

  2. Zahid Medina Honey

    jex..... perdon doctor Jax Parrows


    So what ALBUM is this on?? Because it's definitely NOT on Light Upon the Lake

    John Vaccaro

    METUBE demo version

  4. Jimmy Bingham

    The shit❗

  5. Antoneon

    matta nos É Ú Á

  6. diego ribeiro

    Vim da stream do matta

  7. Amina Khebbab

    Thank you Spotify you always know my exact mood and the right music to recommend

  8. Ghost Reportin'

    I wish there were some drums that came in 1:14ish

    Dave Dobbins

    They did this live as a band in DC, and I think they actually took this advice. Julien definitely hit the skins a bit.

  9. Crispy Biscuit

    Makes me nostalgic

  10. Joseph whitey

    Thumbs up if chipotle brought you here

    Iago Ribeiro

    Joseph whitey lmao I was watching a live stream where 2 dudes was eating burrito in that place and then I noticed that song playing in the background

    Thomas Schroeder

    Holy crap how did you know???

    Savalas Wells

    Oh my god I work in Chipotle doing off duty because it got robbed and heard this and wow this is amazing how Did you know I don't know beautiful song


    This is liked worldwide you need to get out there Whitney !!!!!

  12. 村田亜紀


  13. Carmel Armstrong


  14. Barbara Ann

    I love it! Heard this on WMBR Boston driving home from work. So divine. You breathe new life into the song.

  15. FINN

    such a good cover

  16. julia elisabeth

    This cover makes me sob like a BABY

  17. themopedmetallist

    I know a 12-string Electric seems to be so hard to come by these days, but this strikes me more as a remnant of the Opium Wars

  18. lawrrrenn


  19. Brent Phelps

    Even Glen Campbell hated this song, but hey it made money

    Andrew Zhao

    This one is probably more based on Allen Toussaint's original version.

  20. 남훈김




  21. Ingrid Lovberg

    Hola coming estates

  22. Jerry Mainus

    Wish there was a vid of them doing this live! So fucking good