Whitney - No Woman Lyrics

I left drinking on the city train
To spend some time on the road
Then one morning I woke up in LA
Caught my breath on the coast
I've been going through a change
I might never be sure
I'm just walking in a haze
I'm not ready to turn

No woman
No woman

Midnight driving through the bay
Going back on the road
Coming up and I wish I could stay
I've been sleeping alone
I've been going through a change
I might never be sure
I'm just walking in a haze
I'm not ready to turn

No woman
No woman

I left drinking on the city train
To spend some time on the road

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Whitney No Woman Comments
  1. Jean Gabriel

    Cara, que música foda

  2. TwinsCH

    life is strange, thanks

  3. Joseph Dragstra

    I'm really digging the 70's folk vibe.

  4. Brandon Mosley

    Tahats the old drummer from UMO singing

  5. Gabriel Barcelos

    Nossa, muito legal

  6. granola gucci

    thanks to finn wolfhard for showing this cool song on his snapgram

  7. I Don't Know Elisa

    this making me feel calm

  8. VA Adventurist

    I find all the best music including this song here: https://m.facebook.com/GiveMeIndie/?ref=bookmarks

  9. Vaitiare Suárez

    Hace un año escuché esta canción, no puedo describir lo que me hace sentir, a la vez una tranquilidad, me dan ganas de llorar e inmediatamente pasan mil cosas por mi mente.
    Hoy fui a un bosque, puse esta canción, me senté a fumar un cigarrillo y me eché a llorar y aunque es indescriptible el sentimiento me encanta.

  10. Listen Listen

    This is whats that call the legend

  11. ความ รัก


  12. houzcat

    This song takes on a whole new meaning when you pick up on the lead vocalist being trans! Good stuff

  13. 8 years Old

    My dog fall’s asleep to this every time

  14. Emory Alba

    HOH SHIT its my boy Ziyad @0:27 I used to work with him. Such a cool cat. Love Whitney! Be good my guy

  15. Audios by Ria

    finn wolfhard likes this 😎

  16. Miguel Eiras

    el cigarrillo del minuto 1:40 te lo podías meter por el culo

  17. yunghart_og

    i don’t know how i discovered this beautiful song. i was high in bed one night and the next morning i noticed this song in my playlist. i’m so glad i found it.

  18. Eunice C. China

    I tried to play my violin with this and realized that the tone is off-centered so I have to play slightly higher notes :D

  19. Enderdragon Dragon

    Going back to listen my favorite song again S2

  20. tumblingdown

    Watching this has helped me get the meaning of the song (maybe).

  21. Andy Petrovich

    2:55 A clear case of substance abuse. The shame.

  22. nitemareman1

    Must be easy to be a musician these days. People will listen to any crap as long as you’re skinny boys and have your indie look.


    Is being a musician about making music you want to make or about how many people listen to it? Is it really more meaningful to write music and have many listen to it just because they like how you look? And even then, is it really that easy to get fame by just being skinny and looking like a hipster when there are thousands of ppl doing the same thing and looking just like you? Idk, your statement seems very.... naive.


    heyitsmira If you think my statement is naïve then you don’t understand how the human brain associates positivity to what it hears by enjoying what it sees. The social engineers that created MTV figured this all out in the 80’s. Catch up brah.

  23. Sintra Kano

    I'm 17 and recently broke up with my first girlfriend whom I'd been together with for 10 months. No song helps me more than this one... what I feel is rather melancholy than actual sadness, I know it's for good but it's a strange feeling to be alone again.
    I listen to this when I go to the woods during the day, and I listen to Dissidenten's 'Live and Experience' while dancing in my room at night. I'm anticipating the days to come...

  24. p peet


  25. jordan is tired

    This is like the essence of crackin open a cold one with the boys

  26. Clai Lise

    Merci, ce superbe choix m'accompagne au quotidien.

  27. audrey earley

    hey I wrote a little reindition of this song (extended) and I think you guys would really dig it!!! contact me at [email protected] for more details and shtuff much luv much luv <333

  28. amanda nelson

    The singing makes me uncomfortable in a good way

  29. Jacob Day

    All of their pants are cuffed

  30. Hannah Corrigan

    Thank you for this. Beautiful feelings felt with this song

  31. neva marie

    this is one of my favorite songs of all time. i can never get sick of it

  32. Itay Peceniski

    a música é boa, mas o clip é péssimo. Só estovaram com a natureza

  33. Rafael Brito

    Great music, but that clip sucks

  34. Robert Berkowitz

    The guitar was great but why don't you fuckin kids stop littering all over the place, eh?

  35. Carter Brown

    What forest/state...?

  36. Valentina Sjeničić

    So similar to band “Svemirko” (you should try listening to them even if it’s not in English), I simply love it



  38. Gabriel Abraham

    I'm Brazilian but now I feel secretly Canadian

  39. MOEKer

    Resident evil 4 background xd

    Kevin Delgado

    MOEKer lol

  40. girl nextdoor

    That man just littered that was fuckin lame

  41. roof top cat

    Hearing a bit of everything but the girl, in the music, a reference maybe, but I still like it well.



  43. James Parker

    Absolute banger.

  44. Argelia Luna

    No me gusta XD!!

  45. Kai

    It's a good song. Hm..👌

  46. Tom Martin

    woah that's enough carhart for one day

  47. ParaCHUTE


  48. Rusty Bucket

    Life is Strange 2 brought me here. I love to listen to this song while driving at night.

  49. Agung Wirasatya


  50. Jemima Neal

    This summer my brother and sister left for uni, and I remember the day before they left, my brother was in his room upstairs listening to this whilst he packed. Can't listen to this without getting emotional ❤️

  51. Josh Manuel

    They all look so young

  52. Kayla Smiling

    This is so beautiful......!!!!

  53. M Soe

    So Secretly Canadian is actually an American Record label... think it's more like secretly american to me.

  54. xtreme189

    Does no one hear the greased up deaf guy in this song or is it just me..... bet you can’t unhear it

  55. Julio Cr

    Bob Metzdorf's "Sails across the sea" sort of ripped off

  56. Sean Diaz

    I approve

  57. the truth

    As soon as I saw hatchet throwing n pabst instantly I knew atleast one pbr was gonna get it asap b4 songs end. Glad they didn't disappoint! It's almost as if they just recorded a hang out n said let's slap da song on that n tada music video. 4mke1pbr4

  58. Nat Couch

    Cool song but why are y’all smoking?!

  59. Alex S

    Playback at .75x

  60. melt man

    beautiful compostion, truly amazing music.

  61. gGustavoo

    life is strange 2


    Good song but fuck you when you throw your cigarette in the wild at 1:40. this gesture must be stopped.

  63. Voxlab - Vibeke Krogsgaard

    I get really really angry when the singer just throw his cigaret into the wood - that is so bad for the nature, and even if he took it up afterward , that is such a no go signal to send to the world

  64. zigzagwandra

    too bad about the singer :(

  65. Tumblr Xxx

    Love this song

  66. ด.ช. จักรพรรดิ์ วงศ์ตระกูล



    Amazing cover of the milky chance of this song !!!

  68. Coco May

    favorite band ever 💗💖

  69. Him

    1:33. He’s walking forward then back the other way. Notice the direction the smoke is blowing.

    Insignificant, but it always catches my eye.

  70. Anthony Grillo

    Heard this song on a Tweedy playlist on Spotify...not bad.

  71. Kevin D

    .... when the song is a million times better than the video

  72. Sean Brown

    Typical white boy antics.

  73. Double Duplé


  74. chalkstick20

    Does anyone know what camera was used in this video??

  75. A2XF

    Anyone have any idea where this was filmed?????

  76. Hasse Wedman

    OMG this is a rather new song! My son was playing this and I thought it was something from the 70's!! This is a very good song!

  77. Devina Cazador

    Thanks Spotify for this recommendation

  78. S Stanford

    My friend would've loved this song and he could've played it too, but too busy playing chess. He used to call his friends "cheesedogs," when they were extra moldy and stinky, or dawgs I guess with cheese. RIP D. Parker's best friend.

  79. S Stanford

    NO women allowed, it's just us dudes, and a gay grey male rabbit that also likes birds and dogs. My friend said that's just like "tryin' " He also asked if I wanted a train pulled on me, he was crazy. Hangin' out with a bunch of dudes is fun though, you get to hear their potty mouths.

  80. Jorge Mauricio Su Alvarez

    The next song should be "me and the boys"

  81. Leavv Is Lofi

    this music video is exacly like life is strange 2

  82. Icouldnotgetausername

    So good

  83. Pablo Sánchez Soriano

    Lovely song but please dont hurt trees :´(

  84. Mago Arcera Odell

    Really bad video for such a good song in my opinion


    I am obsessed with the first 10th second. If you know songs like this song's first 10th second, please tell me. And sorry for my English, if I wrote wrong. I do not speak English very well, so...

  86. Joel Benoit

    The singer kinda sounds like Daniel the Tiger from Mr Roger's Neighbourhood.

  87. Mohamed Hawary

    Life Is Strange 2

  88. Isidro Hernández Cruz

    Amo esta canción

  89. Mads Hansen

    swine 1:39 3:21 :D

  90. Alive 2 Long

    Into a man

  91. NkT!

    musica mt boa parabens foda foda

  92. Cristina Cruz

    Veo un video con un pantone muy bonito (el vestuario de los chicos) pero por que hacen tantas pendejadas, como maltratar la naturaleza ??? :/
    deconstruyance compas!!! 💜

  93. Pharma Estica

    Ахуенно - SUPER

  94. Haley Jordan

    Best band ever😍😍😍😍

  95. thelhe braz

    Who is Whitney here?

  96. Michael Fassbender

    how is there no instrumental of this