Whitney - Magnet Lyrics

I'm like a magnet
You're like a piece of wood
Can't get together
Don't make me feel so good

I'm like a convict
You're like the FBI
I ask for breakfast
You bring a piece of pie

I know it's useless to say
How it used to be
Why do you treat me this way?
If you could only see

You're like a magnet
I'm like a piece of steel
The way you break my will

I'm like a rowboat
You're like the Queen Mary
I play a tango
You play a symphony

When we have a problem or two
Can't you see I'm tryin'
When I see you smilin' like that
Makes me change my mind

You're like a magnet
I'm like a piece of steel
The way you break my will

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Whitney Magnet Comments
  1. 明無


  2. joanie003

    Love the old and real NRBQ and Joey Spampinato sang this. Great Cover!

  3. Lil Rawri

    This just looks like the most fun

  4. David Muscio

    I wonder how many people in that considerable audience know this is an NRBQ song or even know NRBQ period.

  5. Peter Stone

    Why is the guy with the long hair on the left such a downer? Have some fun dope!!!

  6. corn guy

    ok but he really kinda looks like john lennon

  7. Mary Baker

    where is this shirt from??????????????????

  8. lulu LOu

    ❤️one of my favorite covers by Whitney

  9. Lupitamihita

    My favorite band. They're all so talented and I like the unassuming way they dress.

  10. Patrik Orlicek

    That Levon Helm t shirt !!! Hell yeah man !! I love this band

  11. Curtiš

    I listen to this seriously 5 times a day

  12. Mark Hopkins

    this is a fantastic production job you guys did! wow i'm really impressed. great song

  13. Neil Pickering

    They really need to record this cover. Amazing.