Whitney Houston - His Eye Is On The Sparrow Lyrics

Why should I feel discouraged,
Why should the shadows come,
Why should my heart be lonely,
And long for heaven, heaven and home,
When, when Jesus is my portion,
My constant Friend is He;
Oh, oh-oh, his eye is on the sparrow,
And I know He watches, watches it over me.

I sing because I'm happy (happy)
I sing because I'm free (free free free)
For His eye, his eye is on the sparrow,
And I know, I know He watches over me

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Whitney Houston His Eye Is On The Sparrow Comments
  1. Rosie Allan


  2. sheila hunnefield

    O Lord,why is I am lonely,I am free,my eyes is on the sparrow,love you Whitley live in peice.

  3. Sheri Willingham

    Beautiful voice.

  4. Pretty Aunaaa

    Playing her beautiful voice to soothe my baby to sleep

  5. Mart diva1979

    Her voice sounds great here Love you Always Whitney

  6. Zoe Parks

    who's here 2020??

  7. Erica Kelley

    This lady could really blow she’s gone but not forgotten 2020😍😍

  8. Dan Raez

    https://youtu.be/xAdVJKAwJF0 Here is my Version of this beautiful song, I hope you’ll like it, God bless you.

  9. Dawn Manuel

    This sweet lady had a beautiful voice, she was beautiful inside n outside! Oh to hear her sweet voice singing! RIP we miss you n love you!

  10. Jakob Bohnenblust

    Nett, aber Mahalia Jackson klingt ehrlicher...

  11. Thorin Mew Salvatore

    - Whitney

  12. Jesse Douglas

    1/2/2020 Happy New Year Whitney Aretha Natalie Cole Three Of The Greatest Female Singers To Drive Up To The Gate Of Heaven In A Pink Cadillac And The Sign Read I Made It.

  13. Itu Matlala

    Going to 2020 with a clear heart ❤

  14. Massimo Feltrinelli

    The One...the Only...

  15. Reginald Andrews

    At MY best, I STILL don't sound this good!!😉

  16. Car Lover

    She could still sing in 2012

  17. Jesse Douglas

    A Cry From Heaven Letting All Of US No That She Made It Safely Home Now He Don't Have To Watched Over Her Now Because He Always There In Front Of Her Everyday Love You Whitney Houston.

  18. Ayana Watson

    You are missed. You will always be THE VOICE

  19. Irene Morris

    I loveee you whitney!!!!

  20. cleo Oo

    I'm back to this song for conform.. Thanks Whitney😢❤

  21. Tyhessia Lacy

    Still jamming. All my low days I rocks this.. yasss

  22. Karynne Cantão Lopes

    Angel of God! We keep loving you!

  23. NippysGuard

    Well, I can hear the "old" Whitney a little on this one. Give Whitney some gospel, and she'll take you to church...bottom line! Oh how I wish that she was still here.

  24. Myrna Davis

    Yashaya son of the most high Ahaya

  25. denise wilson

    Whitney Houston... THE VOICE 😍😍

  26. Craig Whitehead

    Exhausted or not.... her talent was supreme, her voice was iconic.... and she blessed us all. I miss her voice and nothing would have given me more joy than to see her grow up to be a Tina at retirement who turned her world around. Lessons for us all.

  27. Queenjammela Hughes

    I really love ❤️ this song a constant friend

  28. Johan Johanis

    I came here because of serial tv... the new amsterdam season 2..

  29. Markel Beverley

    Nooo body can top whitney Houston.... Why did you have to die Whitney???? ...


  30. TheBukamania

    I'll miss Her Until The End Of Time... 😪

    2 Corinthians 5:8 🙏.

    May God Eternally Bless This Amazing Soul

  31. Dan Raez

    https://youtu.be/xAdVJKAwJF0 Here is my Version of this beautiful song, I hope you’ll like it, God Bless You. https://youtu.be/xAdVJKAwJF0

  32. LaVonda S

    Beautiful voice. Angel.

  33. Michael Yates

    This was my grandmothers favorite song, I hope I do her justice when singing it for her

  34. flavia romano

    Rest in my heart my brother and WHITNEY too !

  35. Glen Johnson

    Stunning voice, sent from God.

  36. Donna Henderson

    🎵🎵🎵 miss you Whitney 💔

  37. Olivia Legree

    Her voice belong to the Almighty. How she sounded like an angel when she sings for the Lord 👍

  38. Paris Mixon

    2019 and still listening 👏🏼👑

  39. rory leadbetter

    She may have not been at her best but she knew she had to get her/the lords word out. Thank you Whitney. Both you and Donna Summer led me to the lord so you did what you had to do. Thank you...

  40. Thalia T.

    When Jesus is my portion, a constant friend is he...
    How beautiful...
    I sing because I'm happy..
    I sing because I'm FREE.
    Lord help us.

  41. Barbara Richmond

    Barbara Hosea and the Greater Zion Baptist Church, in Houston, TX, Choir brought the Power of the Lord into the Church their songs of Praise.

  42. Cynthia Warner

    She was a Beautiful Person. Love all her 🎶

  43. Aaron Creagh

    "When Jesus...is my portion...."

    Is when this truly started livening up.

    The Avengers

    Tamizh vazgha Aaaron

  44. Reginald Andrews

    In a low register, she STILL tore it up!! RIP Lady Houston!

  45. maria do carmo ciribelli

    So romantic !!! 💖💖

  46. Thatohatsi Tholo

    when things don't go our way we ought to trust him.

  47. MercedesJ ThaDon

    It don’t make no sense how beautiful and angelic her voice was God truly blessed her with a gift😍😍.

  48. Sheree Mims

    Rip Whitney

  49. chui 1

    O this one hurt when we lost her 🌸💮🏵🌼🌷🌻🌺 love you so much Whitney. Such a wonderful teacher,sister, lover, dreamer, thank you for sharing your voice ❤ so thankful I got to enjoy your music in my life..

  50. Lillie Thornton

    I miss her!😭😭 I thank God for her life and the music she lefted us!🙏

  51. bem okome

    Best voice ever. Period.

  52. sweetrose19

    I love when Whitney's voice became raspier. It wasn't drugs , it was those damn cigarettes

  53. Rachel Ayodele

    Even though Whitney had a history of smoking , she still has a soul to her voice.

  54. Body and Soul

    Looking at her picture and listening to her sing , put me in both a sad and happy place ............ can't explain that emotion but those are my feelings at this very moment .... RIP BABY ,  YOU BEAUTIFUL COSMETICALLY AND IN SPIRIT .  From  A Brother Louisiana  !

  55. Katharine Weygandt

    In Jesus name 🙏🙏🙏... Amen...

  56. O Modupe

    Who’s watching 2019? God bless her soul.

  57. Rose Coleman

    Rest In Paradise Whitney! I miss you so much😢

  58. Queen Zyonna X

    My Beautiful Divine Creation you are home now you no longer have to deal with the wicked beasts, I know they must high watches over you

  59. APG X

    If only this beautiful lady had held her gaze on Jesus and not enticed by the fame of this world we would still be enjoying her gift of music. A talent so unique non can match.. We have been robbed of her beauty and song. A lesson for us all. X

  60. Joaovitor Mendes


  61. Nunya Bizniyee

    We miss you! You’re with your king 🙏🏼❤️

  62. Isaac Pedroza12

    you Left this world in a tragic way may you’re body Rest In Peace 💓❤️💫 Rest easy Whitney

  63. Maxine Leigh

    Amen xxxR.I.P Whitney, your music will be played and listened to forever.

  64. Debra Johnson

    People my name is James
    I fell short of glory a lot of
    People want me dead.
    To me death is peaceful
    Because I don't got to worry about feeling pain
    Or being accused by evil.
    The killers that are looking
    For me please do me a favor please kill me and
    Get this shit over with.

    Debra Johnson

    Long as God loves me
    It doesn't matter what people think or how the
    In. Montgomery Alabama
    WANT me dead because
    Of how this white man government hacking hacker wants me dead.
    I'm coming home soon
    My heavenly father so make room for me in
    When you know your gonna die it's not so bad
    Feel me.😇

  65. StarbrightHigh

    2:54 that run !! The Whitney I know so well and loved so dearly!! Near the end she was still top class for me! No one will ever make me feel like Whitney when I hear her singing! So beautifully stunning inside and out, R.I.P Whitney, gone but never ever forgotten 💓

  66. Maxwell World Wide Historical Films

    A Great Soul with a Gift does Great Things for All who want!

  67. Saniyah Rolle

    The last picture brought back great and powerful memories from Whitney and how beautiful she was. That smile will never wash away from us. It will always keep shining in our hearts and in Heaven with God and Krissy.
    R.I.P The Two Greatest Bond Of A Mother And Daughter Krissy & Whitney

  68. John Tieke

    Props to Whitney. Truly one of the best who ever lived, but this song belongs to the beautiful voice of Lauryn Hill. Her performance in sister act 2 and a complete rendition outside the movie soundtrack will leave you feeling like you just witnessed the sound of an angel praising her creator.

  69. Shelton Logan

    You can still hear the power. That's what's so amazing this rendition.

  70. C D truth

    Simply beautiful!

  71. G C

    Rip Whitney.

    Sorry but Lauren hill sang it better.

    Maybe if you did this song before you lost the best singing voice ever.
    I'd have liked it over this version.

    R.E.S Entertainment

    There is a short clip of Whitney sining this in 1993?on YouTube and it sounded amazing!

    Queen Zyonna X

    Queens don't compete they complement each other yass this is what we do

  72. arielioness2

    RIPh Whitney & Grandma Louise 💜🙏🏽💜

  73. Cassaundra Martinez

    RIP Mom, Grandma and Mia ❤

  74. sheila hunnefield

    Sing it my angel,RIP ,your voice live on in my heart.😇

  75. Joyce McNeill

    She slaughtered it

  76. acajudi100


  77. Angela Hutchinson

    I pray your RIP, my dear sister, I loved you.

  78. Jim Heiden

    Somebody said , " Sometimes The Healing Comes On The Other Side . "

  79. DracoJaiden LeeChalice

  80. Nomfundo Masuku

    She was a born worshiper man!!! Amen

  81. sheila hunnefield

    Wow what a voice,your music live on in me.

  82. Eurides Alcantara

    Whitney deixou saudades, saudades de uma voz maravilhosa e de um talento extraordinário. Que pena não te-la mais nesse plano,que Deus ajude seu espirito em sua evolução.

  83. Mike Chen

    LOOOVE you Whitney noboby does it better! Now you singing for JESUS!!!!

  84. Carol Allen

    Truly can't believe that Whitney isn't Praised yes Praised for " I Love The Lord "oh yes... Truly truly my very favorite, can't get through the night without playing it at least 6,7,9 times.

  85. S Green

    Who's here in 2019

  86. Chris Hannon

    Always make me cry.. When I hear Whitney... She died too young and unecessarily..

  87. putrandimmuqtadir

    listen to THE CLARITY of Her Sound, pronunciation, and all ..

    Lord, why'd you took her waaay too soon?

  88. Eve Lyn

    so my 1yr old was wild jumping on the bed... I played this video he sat down beside me and calmly watched it. a peaceful voice. that's a true gift from God. rih Whitney.

  89. Raquel Brisker

    I Hate She Lost Her GOD Given Voice😢

  90. Arrious& sammy always&forever

    The best version heard ever.

  91. Tanya Henderson

    Mom& daughter is singing to the Lord RIH

  92. Suzi Anthony

    My Mom just passed 😢
    She requested this song for her memorial. Prayers please 🐦

  93. Vegan Vocalist

    She always moves me to tears , its a strange world without a Whitney in it . Always missed , always loved but not as much as your dear mama does <3

  94. Adam Silber

    does this make my cry...I miss you all my loved ones now gone

  95. Mike M

    I love you Whitney with all my heart and know every song from saving all my love to I look too you and....this song 😐