Whitney - FTA Lyrics

Forever, turn around
Forever, turn around

Forever, turn around
Forever, turn around

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Whitney FTA Comments
  1. Listen Listen

    I wish this will be a full song

  2. Julius Krebs

    Finally up on spotify, thx guys <3

  3. Brendan Clarke

    Much better than album version

  4. Connor Johnston

    This woulda made a great intro track on the album preceding Giving Up. Almost like an introduction to the "main theme" or idea of the album

  5. Nate Garcia

    This should’ve been also on the album

  6. Michelle T

    glad they broke up with the Omoris and were allowed to shine like this.

  7. Gene Franceschini

    Liquid gold.....appreciate this song so much more after listening to the new album

  8. Tristen Hartney

    Album is finally out THANK GOD

  9. Robin Finetto

    Anyone wish this was on the album:((

    shawn xu

    Robin Finetto ugh same! I was looking for it everywhere. Guess we’ll have to wait for the demo album if there’s one

    Lucas Vital

    @shawn xu Check spotify, they've released it

  10. Ellzaz XIV

    Why isn’t this full version on the album

    Ellzaz XIV

    Like the album is fantastic but this is so so perfect

  11. Cheers Mate

    Hope this version will be available as a B-side :(

    Noah Wachter

    Don't count on it :( I hope so to though


    They could release a demos albums, just like they did after Light Upon the Lake.

  12. Charles Griffin Gibson

    really love this

  13. Suraj Sharma

    intentionally generic song but still gives me the feels, do ya'll mind?

  14. Him

    This must not be the album version since it wasn’t released on streaming platforms.


    I have a theory that perhaps it's like a "pt. 2" or a reprise to whatever the title track will be. But I like your thought as well, I guess we'll just have to see.


    jmjmjam I’m so ready for this album

  15. Woodburners

    love these guys :)

  16. Alejandra Díaz

    Can’t wait for LP 2, this gave me the chills.
    Comeback to Mexico City soon!

  17. Kevin Orozco

    está increíble <3

    regresen a México ;)

  18. Camomile Honey

    vibes what make me wanna thruple up with these two

  19. Koira Koira

    My lucky day to have found this song

  20. Brennan Barda


  21. Ceci A.

    I'm so mad this isnt longer

  22. Tolentino Ferraz

    Ansiedade por esse disco!!! <3

  23. Donato Leal

    Y’all got a new fan.

  24. pleasetakemyadvice

    KOC intro

  25. OmniDom

    Wow that was really fucking good actually. Love how it’s making me feel. Great job boys

  26. Alejandro Flores

    Forever turning around

  27. Marc C.

    Jon Brion-ish

  28. DJ_Dell

    8월이 기다려진다..:)

  29. James L.

    It’s so cool to see musicians who just stay the exact same and never make anything new. I love bands who keep the same sound and aesthetic forever. It’s a admirable quality, to be able to just never change or grow.

    freda porter

    James L. lol wtf is this

  30. cotoco2012

    looking like a skinny post malone in the thumbnail

  31. leo calostros

    Faust Arp

  32. Your Dry Blazer

    This is cool

  33. Ifbnu Wira

    Gonna buy this sooon!

  34. stcrude

    probably some of the most boring ass music i've ever had the misopportunity of hearing

  35. Eunsu Won



    sounds like Chad VanGaalen

  37. Danny New

    I know this is crazy and I'm sorry, but this band is just the closest thing we have to the Beatles right now. They use every instrument in the book to create music that encapsulates the journey of life. I love them so much, especially because, unlike the Beatles, I even like their drummer

  38. Armando

    George Harrison vibes!

  39. Dalton Tanner

    Anybody else got George Harrison vibes from this?

    Justin Conway

    that all things must pass slide guitar

  40. christina mega citra

    Its so beautiful 😭

  41. tubeytank top

    this is honestly beautiful shitttt r u gonna be posting this on Spotify any time soon ??


    second this inquiry

    Adam Braunstein

    Album is out August 30th.

  42. pramod bhandari


  43. Harrison

    This is so far one of the best years for music honestly... Tyler, Steve, Bon iver And now Whitney

  44. 8BIT WIZRD

    George Harrison vibes

  45. Charles Franta

    Who else has listened to this about 10 times today?

  46. Kevin O'Connor

    Sounds so fucking good.

  47. Lily Fontana

    Did Finn see it? 💓

  48. Lily Fontana

    Finn if you see that I love you 💗


    Did u come from his story

    Lily Fontana

    Adixoxo yeeeees


    @Lily Fontana lol same

    Lily Fontana

    Adixoxo do you love finn ?


    @Lily Fontana I mean he's alright

  49. Oscar Jones

    theyre fuckin back!!!

  50. Josh Manuel

    Stoked. LP2 is gonna be a treat.

  51. amazon hippie

    This is beautiful <3

  52. Hayden H

    *Light Upon The Lake* was a gem of a record.

    and by the sound of this;  there are great things to come from *Whitney* .

  53. Alyss

    this is too beautiful

  54. Elena Ramírez

    it is incredible💛

  55. matthew leger

    Damn, this is a sick teaser video. Beautifully shot, sounds great. I saw Whitney live in Eugene a few years ago and they were fucking hilarious. Can't wait!!

  56. warz

    this is amazing

  57. jieun lee

    I'm crying cuz it so beautiful. I saw your concert in KOREA 2 years ago. I will be very happy if you come to KOREA again!

    Robert Kemble

    What?! I missed them in Korea ?! :'(

  58. Nloxton 14

    Ok just found this band come across someone I follow on Instagram and this music sounds so chill and beautiful ❤ much love to all the people who appreciate this kind of music ❤

    Anemone Palmer

    Nay Nay21 was it Finn?

    Nloxton 14

    Yes actually but I didn't want to sound like a fake fan ya know ( I'm not a fake fan btw lol I really do like the music)

    Anemone Palmer

    Yeah I get it I hate feeling like a fake fan

  59. AILA BEN

    I came here because of Finn Wolfhard stories in Instagram but it is actually really good

  60. Belen Molina

    Yeah, this is very cool 😎🎶

  61. Megan McCabe

    can anyone tell what the lyrics are later in the song (around 1:35)

    Ryan Douglass

    Sounds like “forever turned around”

    Ryan Douglass

    Or “FTA”

  62. Mikel Kanoza

    The perfect tease.

  63. bubblebea

    Too short to keep me alive

  64. Alex Tretow-Busellato

    Beautiful. They still got it

  65. Jas Hujan Axio

    Thank you very much for ending my misery. I have new hope for better days now, knowing there will be new Whitney coming out.


    don't you mean, hope for golden* days now? ;)

  66. 2noided

    Crazy that you wrote a song about Free Trade Agreements m8, did you get a master's in international political economy?

  67. Mr Rogan Josh

    I can't wait for November

  68. Logan SJ

    Goosebumps. Lovin' this. LOVE the strings at the end.

  69. Y Miau

    New álbum is coming? I hope so

  70. Mario Bonenfant

    New Whitney. The world is suddenly so much brighter.

  71. Lacy Bailey

    0.01 and I’m already crying :)

  72. Cáncer de Araña

    Espero que un día puedan regresar a México)':

  73. Andy Connell

    Hurry up and drop the album so I have something to break dance to

  74. Jackson Reed

    fack this is good

  75. Doc McBungas

    Love you

  76. Gaia Baldy


  77. olli taylor

    got goosebumps listening to this. so excited.

  78. Craig Coady

    Cant wait for the new album!

  79. rictualfury

    Well I geuss ill hear this live in November

  80. reehab

    thanks :(

  81. DJ Kenter

    I want to live inside this song

  82. Lupitamihita

    OMG! My favorite group. I love everything they do. Hope to see them in October.

  83. Alejandro Hernandez

    This is beautiful

  84. eric jones


  85. Ben Sayer

    Opening chord sequence very reminiscent of Faust arp by Radiohead, nice progression tho

  86. Ross Glavin

    So glad to hear Whitney back! I moved to Chicago from Ireland for a summer in 2017, ended up living in the same neighborhood as some of the band - really nice guys and even better music!

  87. Duncan D.


  88. IDK Sessions


  89. Josue Moreno

    Such a tease, I can't wait 🤙


    Josue Moreno thinking the same thing..I could see them opening this one up live not red moon esque but definitely bigger sound

  90. jupitercrash

    so beautiful, i missed u guys

  91. Bert toulet

    finally waited to long for this but it paid of !!!

  92. Nalae White

    put!! it!! on!! spotify!!!

    Ethan W

    This is supposedly a different cut than the version that will be on the album, so this likely will not release on spotify or apple music

    Cheers Mate

    @Ethan W how do you know? I love this version :(


    @Cheers Mate that's what they said on Instagram about it


    Aaaand this is better than the one on spotify..