Whitney - Friend Of Mine Lyrics

Turn around now and
Then you'll see that your world's gonna leave you behind

You've been sleepwalking
And it seems like you're further away every time

You say
You're still a friend of mine
While you're drifting away
Like a cloud hanging over the pines

Such a cold morning
It was clear, you were trying to open your eyes

You just keep falling
Through the years, getting further away every time

You say
You're still a friend of mine
While you're drifting away
Like a cloud hanging over the pines

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Whitney Friend Of Mine Comments
  1. blue smurff

    Damn they're in my city in two days and i'm too broke :/

  2. Daniel Sowards

    This sounds way better than the album version.

  3. Lukáš Polák

    anyone knows what microphone he used for vocal?

  4. AcousticWarMachine

    Oh shit

  5. Luis C

    Does anyone know what kind of Ride cymbal he’s using?

    Zoltan the Texan

    Nope, but I was wondering the same thing.

    Luis C

    Zoltan the Texan
    Sounds like Zildjian K custom dry ride. Maybe a 21”?

  6. Cristian Curi

    Amazing song!


    I come back to this performance so much. Brilliant you guys.

  8. Zero

    The singing is to much through the nose for me. Can't really relax and listen this music sadly

  9. Daniele Milazzo

    What telecaster is that?

  10. steve maher

    Seen these guys twice now in Minneapolis and they are excellent. This is my favorite track off the new album. Awesome!

  11. Sean Marshall

    This absolutely crushes the album cut

  12. Mason Wagner

    What the hell is the trumpet player playing into? Is it a vocoder? Is it a weird sampler set up? Is it black magic? Someone help me.

    Keely McKissack

    Mason Wagner I think his keyboard is set to trumpet sounds and he is playing the leading note on the real trumpet but making chords with the keyboard

  13. Rudy Klobas

    Anyone recognize that mic they have on the snare drum??

    Elijah Parr

    Looks like a Beta 57

  14. Melanie Sayarath

    wish his voice sounded more like this on the record

    Chase Marshall

    Melanie Sayarath I actually really dislike their record and listened to this on a whim and very much so enjoyed it; the record seems to be overproduced.

  15. cristian martin

    Amazing song, I really enjoyed to listened it

  16. Wert Minkefski

    Hearing this song live last night made it 100000 times more amazing

  17. Liam Keating

    Cant wait to see them in Dublin with my mam and dad. Amazing stuff

  18. Blair McQuarrie

    Not bad. The singing is good, and the Levon Helm type drumming is very nice, but the song really isn't so great. The verses are cool, but instead of building up to a cracking chorus, they suddenly stop, and then slump down into the "Friend Of Mine" section, which sounds like it should be part of another song. Almost, but no cigar.

    Isaac James

    Blair McQuarrie thanks Blair 👍

    Josh Manuel

    That’s why I love this song.

  19. Basil Khan

    I want to intern for the guys who did the audio for this.

  20. Davy Roger

    Sounds like an Eagles song

  21. Daryl Cline

    Beautiful, feel good, play it when you’re chillin with your buddies on your back porch, kind of music. I love it

  22. Brandon Thomas

    Beautiful song matched with a beautiful performance. Legendary. Awesome vibes that comes with it all. 🧡

  23. grant bello

    New levon helm.

  24. Frank McCourt

    Good song, bright future ahead of you, keep it cool with the guitarist they capture and compliment your sound, i'm just a YouTube person though so, ya know

  25. Carson Brown

    Julian’s voice just keeps getting better and better

  26. YouTubeSingers.com

    Great performance!

  27. noinoi noi

    My favorite song from the new album.

  28. From Indian Lakes

    so good

  29. Davide Bartolomeo Novati

    Lovely 🤩😍

  30. Evan Lawrence

    Anyone have any info on how they mic’d this drum kit? No overheads? Also what is his drum set up. Great sounding recording!

    Kyler Trautner

    The hats and ride are mic'd from underneath, which is not out of the ordinary in live sound. No real need for overheads since everything is mic'd up independently.

    Michael Watson

    it's a roger's kit of some sort. could be refinished in what looks like matte black.

    Basil Khan

    Evan Lawrence Perhaps a ribbon mic underneath the ride cymbal?

  31. Solexx X

    What happened to anti-war and pro people. This is just more masterbation. If you want to be relevant sing about the existential crisis of climate change and global oligarchy that is taking away our rights and future.

    Victoria Powlay

    Solexx X honestly music is a good way to get away from all that and many people go to music to enjoy and take their minds of things. Singing about those relevant situations is important but is that really what their fans want?

    /peeka/ /boo/

    what you dont like masturbating?

    L C

    Not everyone is a libtard

  32. Frédéric VELLA

    Simply beautiful. It reminds me some good old tunes from the 70's.

  33. TheHermitMcdermit

    Really tasteful drumming.

  34. Lorène Evotto

    Amazing song !

  35. carol el

    Woooooo baby❤️

  36. Stace Windu

    [Verse 1]
    Turn around now and then you'll see
    That your world's gonna leave you behind
    You've been sleepwalkin' and it seems
    Like you're further away every time

    You say
    You're still a friend of mine
    But you're driftin' away
    Like a cloud hangin' over the pines

    [Verse 2]
    Such a cold morning
    It was clear you were tryin' to open your eyes
    You just keep fallin' through the years
    Gettin' further away every time

    You say
    You're still a friend of mine
    But you're driftin' away
    Like a cloud hangin' over the pines

    You say
    You're still a friend of mine
    Now you're driftin' away
    Like a cloud hangin' over the pines


    It’s sad this song goes well after drifting away from your High School and College friends and people you loved and go toward the road of Adulthood. Perfect song as a guy reaching my early 20s.

  37. kendell d

    Feeling they vibe


    The whole song has a mix of 70s Country with Chicago Soul.

  38. Uncle Andy Guitar Herbst

    Very cool music. I like it.

  39. Spencer Townsend

    we can hear prince’s guitar!!!!

  40. DJ_Dell

    으억 으앗 너무좋아 !

  41. Sheila Ber

    Beautiful musical arrangement, beautiful melody.

  42. Lance Smith

    They sound so much tighter, so much fuller than ever before. One of my all time favorite bands is The Band, which I know they used as an influence for this new record. Levon and the rest would be proud!

  43. Nicolas Carnot

    That note he hits on the “miiiiiiiiine” just might make me cream my pants.

    Gold Dust

    Wish he sang it more like that on the record


    Fuck yeah

    Jamie Weaver

    pee pee poo poo whitney good

  44. Daniel Ruocco

    Album of the year ❤️

    Sam Parker

    Daniel Ruocco agreed!

  45. Darnell Jackson All About The Music

    i love this i sing as well going to sub to your page !!!!

  46. theone456

    Too good, too beautiful.

  47. Waldemar Edison Gonzalez

    Melodía Bonita saludos. Dsd Argentina

  48. Caroline Smith

    Favorite song from the new album, can't wait to see them perform this live <3

  49. Joako Alvarez

    Love you, guys <3