Whitney - Forever Turned Around Lyrics

Has your heart grown heavy by now?
Cause mine's already on the ground
Spent a long cold winter thinking about
The way forever turned around

Forever Turned Around
Forever Turned Around
Forever Turned Around
Forever Turned Around

Should have seen this coming somehow
The highs keep falling back down
But it gets no better thinking about
The way forever turned around

Forever Turned Around
Forever Turned Around
Forever Turned Around
Forever Turned Around

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Whitney Forever Turned Around Comments
  1. Keely McKissack

    My favorite from your set in Pensacola last night! So great! ❤️

  2. Sean O

    Whitney kicks ass. Not in the usual sense of the term tho


    Rhett & Link ❤

  4. Bluesilva Halo

    Arrived here from Rhett's Ear Biscuits podcast rec, real nice easy listening.

  5. Meikka V

    Who else got this rec from rhett and link? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

    Hannah Nara

    Me! And I have to say, I will be listening to more of this band!


    hell yeah

  6. Luis Cabrera

    Thanks, Rhett and Link!

  7. Drew Trulock

    Sometimes I'm numb. I cant feel anything. But when this song comes on..goddamn I wanna walk down the street with my arms wide open

  8. TheRealParallelogram

    Here from Rhett and Link’s podcast Ear Biscuits. But staying for the good music! Might be a new favorite for me

  9. Cyber Craig

    don’t know who finn is but shout out to finn cause this song is wonderful, so is whitney

  10. Jan de Boer

    Little bit Young Gun Silver Fox vibe

  11. Im Innocenxe

    Fuck all you Finn Wolfhard dick suckers, thanking him for a song that was made by Whitney.. stupid little faggots

  12. wapartist

    Just found Whitney today
    This song is absolutely incredible...
    and like a theme song to my life movie right now haha

    0% Instagram got me here

  13. Chantelle Gontes

    Here from insta ads!😁 Love Love the vibe! @starrlindi on insta pls send me more songs like this, if anyone knows ❤️😀

  14. David Escamilla

    every here in the comments here from finn while im from alfo media hehe

  15. Heylian

    Amazing. I got here through Instagram ❤️

  16. Im Innocenxe

    They removed my comment fuck Finn wolfhard and all his fakie fans coming BATCH! 🤑

  17. Outer Entity

    is anyone a legit fan of whitney or are you all fakers like Finn

  18. Pooh

    Shut the fuck up about Finn Wolfhard and thank Whitney for the song

  19. Nadia Fakhry

    thanks too finn my crush

  20. Nadia Fakhry

    i like this song its really good

  21. Violette lacroix

    It’s my favorite song, tanks finn🤗

  22. KROPKA

    I'm from Finn's story too 😂😂

  23. le piero

    Tanks you finn

  24. MikeyWikeyWheeler

    everyone here because of Finns sorry :-: bro i am here because of my friend

  25. Robyn Nicole

    from my boyfriend finn <3-kinda like this song tho sooo

    Maryla Cygan

    This is my boyfriend

  26. Синем Byers

    Coming From Finn Wolfhard

  27. Queen Alex

    When you realise that all the comment are about Finn's story (I'm here bc of it too, btw)

  28. Material Girl

    I love it 😍 Finn’s story haha

    m o n i c c a

    I ce here cause of finn

  29. claudia MorganClap

    Nzomma semo tutti qui per Finn

  30. Neeraj Sharma

    From Finn's Instagram story btw...

  31. Ana Carolina

    I'm from Brazil and saw that Finn Wolfhard posted his song on his Instagram story, and decided to listen, I really loved your song !!

    Daniel Fonseca

    Melhores músicas haha