Whitesnake - Shut Up & Kiss Me (Video Mix) Lyrics

Lord, have mercy
I've fallen in love with you
I can't keep my hands to myself
Baby, I'm so screwed

I'm tongue-tied and twisted
Whenever you're alone with me
And then you said, as sweet as can be
"Baby, baby, baby, shut up and kiss me!"

Shut up and kiss me

Ooh-eeh, baby
You set my soul on fire
You got my temperature rising
I'm full of hot, burning desire

I'm tongue-tied and twisted
It's all a bit too much
I lose control of my heart and soul
Bbay, when I feel your touch

Shut up and kiss me
Shut up and kiss me
Shut up and kiss me

Whatever you want
Whatever you need, baby
(Shut up and kiss me)
If I gotta beg
If I gotta plead, baby

(Ooh) When you stand close to me
(Ooh) I can feel your body-heat
So sweet
Shut up and kiss me

(Ooh) When you stand close to me
(Ooh) I can feel your body-heat
So sweet
(Shut up and kiss me)

Whatever you want
Whatever you need, baby
(Shut up and kiss me)
If I gotta beg
If I gotta plead, baby
(Shut up and kiss me)

Whatever you want
Whatever you need, baby
(Shut up and kiss me)
Sweet satisfaction is guaranteed, baby
(Shut up and kiss me)
Ooh, ooh
(Shut up and kiss me)
Ooh, ooh, ow!

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Whitesnake Shut Up & Kiss Me (Video Mix) Comments
  1. Ricky Jones

    When are you going to do a video with a Reliant Robin?

  2. Nail Yamac

    David Coverdale I love you, your voice and your music.

  3. Fagner Klippel

    Name this blonde model on 1:13 ??

  4. Mike Stoddart

    It's funny seeing Coverdale's son in the video.

  5. moises menezes

    Fantastic showwww

  6. johnnie soesbee

    Glad Dave is kicking it out 🤘😎🤘

  7. Heavy Metalurgist

    Reb is such a kick ass guitar player

  8. Heavy Metalurgist

    0:35 What Sink?

  9. whatndafukdadOG

    Man that is a shit ton of unattractive women.

  10. Azhar Iqbal

    80's Metal are the best...!

  11. 54youcyan


  12. Bonnie Sloulin

    Take your home and sell it then naked girls are naked kiss

  13. Коля Пупкин

    Whitesnake are still kicking ass!

  14. Janos Loerincz

    Go look at George Lynch videos the girls are hot

  15. Janos Loerincz

    I'm 61 years old and I can get better girls than this s*** oh my God what the f*** happened

  16. Jbs Media

    Now that's more like it!

  17. maurizio soffici


  18. игорь воронин

    cool ))) hi from russia))) its 2020...

  19. aitech nasus

    Shut Up And Kiss Me Is A Great Song And Fantastic Wonderful Masterpiece By Whitesnake

  20. Lazaro Millares

    The king is claiming his crown. Long live David Coverdale.

  21. Ricky Jones

    The new model Jaguar XJ just don't cut it anymore!!!

  22. Patrice De Neve

    Mr Coverdale et de de retour !!!!!!! Comme d'hab un riff qui décoiffe , un chanteur qui s'égosille et de la Bombe ASS.

  23. Kommander Rahnn

    This absolutely sucks...even by 80's standards.



  25. Michele Perrin

    Yes David »KISS ME »❤️Girls are présent 🥰

  26. Chuck Goodman

    The women in this video just need to “shut up and kiss me” lol

  27. Shane Adams

    Like 12,000 others, I was waiting for Tawny to show up at the end.

  28. rockerfromhk

    I like the song but can you hire prettier chicks for the video?

  29. Lynda Rogers

    The only same band member is the drummer, the others are gone, really sucks! Whitesnake was better in the 90s.

  30. Po 66

    tattoos are vile on women

  31. J MARTIN


  32. Philippe Prétot

    Big up ever

  33. hiro kamiya

    OKAYAMA, JAPAN – CIVIC HALL March 10, 2020 チケットが取れたので行ってきます🤘

  34. dacawone

    "Here's another one for ya!!!" - Coverdale

  35. tom smith


  36. tom smith


  37. Glen Benton

    You are in your 70's and you still think you can handle those chicks? That's sad...Stay at home grandpa!

  38. Борзый Дед

    Вы тут все англичане! Так знайте! Я под эту группу забомбил три дочери! И мой дед Зиновей Васильевич Войну выиграл ! 1941-1945 ! Не извращайте историю!


    After 32 years still seeing that white Jaguar pissed me off ..

  40. Martin Fitzgerald

    Who's for Whitesnake Yogyakarta March 2020?🤟👍

  41. Randy Buchanan

    Great Music from the legend David Coverdale!!!! Bringing back the best in Heavy Metal! ( A sign Rock is not dead) just fell asleep for a while!

  42. Nikolay Jovanovic

    Whitesnake - "Shut Up & Kiss Me" please

  43. Vernher von Braun

    This is Rikki Martin!!!👙👙👙👙💩💩💩👎👎👎👎

  44. padywac1970

    Real foxes, real music, real people.....nice to see/hear real....again.

  45. padywac1970

    Tommy, oh Tommy...still killin’ it.

  46. eddie santiago

    Good job !

  47. Bane Darth

    Gosh thank you whitesnake!! Something so refreshing

  48. hello sunshine

    Thank you steel panther

  49. Lucifer 777 Christenson

    They still got it!

  50. ocammai

    David still rockin the Jag Tawny Kitaen slid all over in this video?? damn get those other girls out and find me '89 Tawny I want to relive puberty.

  51. broken angel

    I’ve always loved these guys! It’s good to know they are still around, and this song is awesome!

  52. Павел Толстолуцкий

    Девид обезобразился со своей пластикой, и девок таких-же страшных нашел.

  53. Bronson2k19

    Reb & Doug = best team in the business

  54. Петр Петр

    Live, Dave!

  55. Helen Anderson

    Can't wait to see them in June 2020 in Birmingham!!

  56. MetalSalvation

    Okay song, lame video...





  59. BlackPill Jesus

    fuckin animal this guy is.

  60. Семен Семенович

    Перевожу: " Заткнись и поцелуй меня". Как мило.
    Девочки в восторге.
    А , Кови... Кови я люблю.

  61. spica mylove


  62. Lance Shepler

    This is definitely not in the 80's tradition of Whitesnake. I'm not a fan at all. And they went through so many players back then but kept they're sound. Everything has changed now. 👎👎👎👎👎

  63. A Mostly Reasonable Guy

    The girl at 3:08 is amazing. Why is she not anywhere else in this video?? Seriously, look at her. Wow. Cool song too. ;)


    Cliff Kilmister on bass

  65. James Desomma

    Love that ge brought back the white jaguar

  66. filly devotie

    cant get enuff..happy sunday xoxo

  67. Ricky Jones

    The Mighty Whitesnake!!!!
    I only have one dream & that's for the Great Bernie Marsden too write another one!!

  68. zinagrillo1

    Whitesnake were something in their day - but this? (cringe) You need to give it up Pops these girls are young enough to be your grandchildren (double cringe)


    The Jag Queens are back!

  70. Марина Дитко

    I love you Devid Coverdale

  71. Milica Đ.

    The Best. UUUUUUUUU.

  72. James Williams

    Beyond awful. Once upon a time, Coverdale sang, instead of screeching. Hard to believe now. For a brief reminder of that skill, listen to We Wish You Well.

  73. Denny Henley

    Times rolling backwards 80s rock

  74. Patrice De Neve

    Ce titre est de la bombe à l'état pur !!!!!!!!

  75. геннадий яковенко

    Less old bitches would be better

  76. Härra Härra

    Does girl?😍😍 fuuuuuuuck 😜


    Unckle Dave is back!

  78. Elvis Bullets

    Excellent! I want the 80s back.

  79. Nail Yamac

    David Coverdale you are a metal and rock guru. I love you and your music. Thank you

  80. Mohammed Heibisha

    That's the real music. . That's whay it's standing still over 50 years

  81. Kamy GG

    *G L A M L I F E*

  82. Ritchie Valens

    These THOTS ruined the videos, with no talent except Tits and Arses, to get views

  83. cokolwiek77

    Great guitar solo, as always.

  84. StephenGrayce

    This PUMPS.

  85. Александр Ник.

    Ну нихуя сибе! Fuck eah!

  86. Ashley Bonacci

    Love this song

  87. Forgotten Eden

    Needs to run over tawnee in this video.

  88. Ігор Карпунець

    дэвид кавердэйл нет слов одни зачеты.

  89. Vidal jacques

    ce groupe légendaire est un des plus grand dans ce domaine ,une énergie qui va ravir les grands fans ,un grand bonheur de les entendre ,à voir en live absolument ,david COVERDALE ,Son timbre de voix est déjanté ,classe musicale

  90. Romina Lauriti

    Wife and son 💞

  91. alex9920

    Cant believe such a great rock n roll song had gained only 1.8 million views since february, since awfull rap crap like Migos, Iggy Azalea or Nicky Minaj have over 100 million. This generation is fucked up.

  92. N J

    Lol I’m sorry but that opening sounds like The Donnas’ “I Don’t Want to Know”

  93. Александр Скуби-Ду

    Дэвид! Спасибо из России!!!

  94. Wasp Stinger

    OMFG will someone please tell him his voice sounds like shit....

  95. John Andrew

    Damn Joel Hoekstra AND Reb Beach both playing for Whitesnake?! Legends!

  96. Pirate King

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm if they were 15 years younger maybe. But this film clip is bogus. That ain't there crowd. Truckers wives, 50somethings+ women and dad bods would be in the crowd. Bit old to be singing this kinda stuff, would rather see Steel Panther.

  97. Frontiers Music srl

    Shut Up & Kiss Me (Coverdale/Beach)

    Lord have mercy
    I’ve fallen in love with you
    I can’t keep my hands to myself,
    Baby, I’m so screwed…
    I’m tongue tied & twisted,
    Whenever you’re alone with me
    & then you said, as sweet as can be,
    Baby, Baby, Baby,
    Shut up & kiss me…

    Shut Up & Kiss Me…

    Oo-wee, Baby,
    You set my Soul on fire,
    You got my temperature rising
    I’m full of hot, burning desire…
    I’m tongue tied & twisted,
    It’s all a bit too much…
    I lose control of my Heart & Soul,
    Baby, when I feel your touch…

    Shut Up & Kiss Me…

    Whatever you want, whatever you need, Baby…
    If I gotta beg, if I gotta plead, Baby…

    Oooh…when you stand close to me…
    Oooh…I can feel your body heat…
    So Sweet…

    Shut Up & Kiss Me…

    Oooh…when you stand close to me…
    Oooh…I can feel your body heat…
    So Sweet…

    Shut Up & Kiss Me…

    Shut Up & Kiss Me

    Whatever you want, whatever you need, Baby…
    Shut Up & Kiss me…
    If I gotta beg, if I gotta plead, Baby…
    Shut Up & Kiss Me…
    Whatever you want, whatever you need, Baby…
    Sweet satisfaction is guaranteed, Baby…

    Reb - main solo/outro solo
    Joel - intro solo/verse fills


    @Jimmy Lewis Still does.

    Michael Gillette

    @Jimmy Lewis Yes he did as well as Night Ranger.

    Old Nik IX

    Brian J. Carnevale You must have gotten AIDS or some other permanent affliction during the time. The rest of us look back fondly, whether
    we lived it or not.

    Seth Hughes

    @Joanne Fisher DAMN RIGHT ! Some of us still living were rockin' to DEEP PURPLE !!!