Whitesnake - Don't Turn Away Lyrics

You say your dreams are burned to ashes
And your smiles have turned to tears,
It seems to me you welcome sanest
As you surrender to your fears

So what's a man like me supposed to do
When all I want is just to make love to you

Don't turn away, before the night is over
Don't turn away, before the night is gone
Don't turn away, the night may hold the answer
So don't turn away, before the night,
Before the night is gone

You say your heart is lost forever
And you're always gonna give your love in vain
So you paint yourself a lonely portrait
And hide your love away again

You turn away from what you feel inside,
You can't forget all your foolish pride

Don't turn away, before the night is over
Don't turn away, before the night is gone
Don't turn away, the night may hold the answer
So don't turn away, before the night is gone

So now I'm asking you this question
Am I gonna give you all my love in vain
Do you wanna drown in your own sorrow
Or are you gonna try to love again

Don't turn away from what you feel inside,
You should try to forget about all your foolish pride

Don't turn away, before the night is over
Don't turn away, before the night is gone
Don't turn away, the night may hold the answer
So don't turn away, before the night,
Before the night,
Before the night is gone

Don't turn away from me baby,
No, no, no, no.
Don't put me away,
Don't walk away from me darling
I need your love,
Oh baby,
I need your love to rescue me,
An' I'm coming for you, baby...

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Whitesnake Don't Turn Away Comments
  1. Jack Vai

    sykes saved that band...and they betrayed him

  2. John Rodriguez

    Awesome song! Brings back alot of wonderful memories! If I could only go back in time!!!

  3. J C


  4. painkiller619 undertaker

    No one bangs the drums so hard anymore

  5. dave piercy

    great album

  6. SuperTrollNightmare

    The "Fuma No Kojiro (by the Same Author of "Saint Seiya/Knights of The Zodiac")" Opening Sounds a Bit Like This
    It came in 1989, 2 Years after this Song

  7. David MacGown

    I was listening to this fantastic album today track by track. I just wish they had 10 songs on their North American release. 'Looking for love' on their European album would fall nicely after 'straight for the heart' with 'Don't turn away' the ending song to this masterpiece.

  8. Manuel Adrian Montiel Acosta

    Whitesnake 1987 simplly best album forever and ever..... I'm going to drive in my car and listen to Whitesnake 1987 high volume is awesome, powefullllll....

  9. Andrew Paisley

    love this album played it sooo many times as a 17 year old..and after...

  10. Jogobonito1234

    Just can’t believe more than 30 years have passed since I bought this album. Coverdale and Sykes rule

  11. Kelly Nikole

    See why isn't music like this anymore? <3

  12. Medicine Man

    Woke up with this song in my head in 2018! Rock on Whitesnake!

  13. Eric Hauser Sr.

    saw whitesnake in the mid 90's in tampa.
    great concert
    great performance
    and some of the hottest babes i ever saw anywhere!
    some in leather
    some in lace
    some being led on leshes...
    great time
    whitesnake rocked
    and pulled in the babes
    thanks guys

  14. Boz Ajanovic

    This song should have been a single, it's beautiful! Very uplifting. John Sykes is one of my fav hard rock musicians.

    CSArock1 CSArock1

    I love it. It is way better than give me all your love tonight.

  15. epicvsfvror

    that outro.......

  16. DJJOHAN33

    Very Nice song from Whitesnake 87' Album Now this is what you call songs. Miss those lovely 80's and 90's never will an era like that come again.

  17. Robert Gosnell

    I was shocked to find out Whitesnake"never"played this live ever.That came straight from Coverdale.I figured they played the whole 87 album from beginning to end.The interview is on youtube and by the way Coverdale talked he had no intentions of ever playing it live.My humble opinion its that long standing grudge between him and sykes.He reworked a old song with him that became Don't Turn Away.Royalties and pride.Pride and pussy has gotten more people killed/caused grudges,and life sentences throughout history.Shame.

  18. egondust

    in this song is piece from Thin Lizzy ´´Bordeline´´  .  beautifull song

  19. Ademir Turina

    Melhor vós da história sincronismo total guitarra e bateria todas músicas as amo

  20. beansandcornbread

    Sykes harmony vocals on this are great as well. They sounded good together.

  21. Dark Lord

    Great song , them guitars !

  22. jernt dood

    vai is vai, sykes is whitesnake (& thin lizzy...& blue murder...etc)

  23. Douglas Stonechek

    one of the best Whitesnake songs DON'T TURN AWAY!!! what an ending!!


    Agreed in deed.

  24. Umgezogen

    I have this album on cassette made in east germany

  25. Nemanja Medic

    When Gods walked this Earth ....

  26. Periklesis

    Whitesnake 1987 = pure gold

  27. doug stonechek

    All you that love the night (Vampires!! LOL) this album is for you

  28. doug stonechek

    Whitesnakes' NIGHT Album!! Freaking awesome!! I LOVE THIS RECORD!! Well done!

  29. Xenia Dukic

    Sykes <3

  30. pagekun9

    Amazing guitar solo...

    Fernando Santiago Rodriguez Escudero

    +pagekun9 Obra de John Sykes

    Laque Tepario



    They rock!👍🎸🎶

  31. Louise Bonivento

    Forgot about this one! Was sooooo good to hear it again <3
    Still waiting for Whitesnake to tour OZ (never seen 'em before) :(
    C'mon Mr Coverdale, pull yer finger out mate. I'd like to see you guys before you cark it thanks ;) 👍

  32. Miloš Rais

    i´m a jazz listener and drummer but i always love any kind of ol´good rock music with solid/down to earth groove

    Miloš Rais

    @miles 178 .... and this song with is this love are killing 80´s supersongs

  33. warran de martini

    john sykes was whitesnake

  34. warran de martini

    whitesnakes best album when david went all American he sold out.but he was shagin robbin crosbys ex girl the fit one from all the videos t k

  35. TheBimmerfan

    1987 is the best Whitesnake album. No replacement for John Sykes, not even the with the great Steve Vai.


    Totally agree.

    Boz Ajanovic

    John is one of the most underrated guitarists! As well as songwriters/composers.

  36. SJW_1982

    @Scott Nelson...too true! Viv Campbell and Adrian Vandenberg were superb guitarists in their previous bands but they could not play Sykes' stuff in Whitesnake. It just didn't work and they had zero chemistry...Steve Vai, who technically is probably the best of them all, was an even worse fit and I hate Slip of the Tongue (sorry Vai fans!). There is barely a classic 'Snake tune on that album...does not compare in the slightest to the 1987 masterpiece 


    @heavenhelp1982 Yeah, and it's quite sad because generations of people in the whole world still think that it were Campbell-Vandenberg guitars that they listened and got crazy with in 1987 album...


    What did you think of the first Blue Murder album? I thought a lot of the material would have been perfect for the follow-up to 1987...but of course, Coverdale had to cut off his nose to spite his face


    @heavenhelp1982 I like it very much, I'm a big John Sykes fan, and I absolutely agree with you that Coverdale (although being IMHO the greates rock singer ever) treated Sykes in an extremely unfair way, cutting his career right after benefiting of his great composer/guitarplayer talent to create the masterpieces he did for Whitesnake. The truth is David did a terrible "favour" to himself and the band, as we already know Whitesnake never repeated the huge success they had with Sykes.

    jason stabler

    you said it perfectly!

    Crimson Idol

    Lets put it in one sentence! Sykes made Coverdale a Rock n Roll superstar! btw..... Johns backing vocals on 1987 are absolutely fantastic! Johns Riffs/Guitar playing and songwriting made 1987 to this colossal and huge album! To put it simple.... Sykes rules!

  37. luiz antonio Bevilacqua

    great album  , good music

  38. james williams

    ..under rated song.. classic 80's white snake album

  39. Juan Fco. Ortega

    John Sykes, el mejor guitarrista de Whitesnake, cosa que es un mérito teniendo en cuenta que lo sucedió en la banda Steve Vai. Siempre me he preguntado si Coverdale no hubiera sido tan egoísta y egocéntrico y no hubiese sacado a Sykes de la banda, tal vez ahora estaríamos hablando de una las mejores de todos los tiempos.

  40. enzo vanzini

    Me neither

  41. dangeroustoy10

    your commit shows your youth or stupidity of rock history coverdale was fronting a world touring band as far back as 1973 known as deep purple along with led zepplin and black sabbath considered by many to be the originators of hard rock and heavy metal music. do some research next time you want to talk out your ass

  42. BurnRoddy

    RAIDSodhead, Alice in Canabis, Pearetar dam and Nirbnana happened...

  43. 777zippy777

    Awesome solo. One of Sykes' best ever. One of the most underrated guitarists ever.

  44. hialeahe

    Even though I will probably catch some crap for this Grunge killed real rock

    CSArock1 CSArock1

    I think people who controlled the record industry killed real rock. They killed it for political and cultural reasons. Real rock didnt help itself, as bands broke up and releasesd too many slow songs.

  45. Scott Nelson

    While David Corverdale was crying about the money JOHN SYKES was spending in the studio JOHN SYKES was making him a legend with maybee the geatest guitar sound ever, and David paid him back by firing cus of his(david) own GREED. Shame on you David. The 1987 tour sounded terrible, Thoses 2 guitarist sucked compared to SYKES and slip of the tounge FAILED in comparison. Greatwhite Kicked your ass that night in the Sporthole. Sound and Performance, and thier not as good as you are. KARMA KARMA KARMA

  46. Scott Nelson

    If it wasn't for JOHN SYKES would we even know who David Coverdale was ?

  47. Lynn Allred


  48. 1606adarsh

    shit happened

  49. Chris Smith

    you figure it out, let me know. I totally agree.

  50. Maki T


  51. Saved By Grace

    Greetings from 1987. RIP Cassete tape and walkman era and good old MTV

  52. 徐英風


  53. rockqueenpromotions

    @bjggjb Nirvana and Pearl Jam "Killed" this kind of rock at the end of the 80's. I have, and always will, LOVED the 80's. Musically speaking it was one of the best decades ever in my opinion. I'm glad hard rock is FINALLY starting to make a comeback! =) Always Rock On!! \m /

  54. az07

    @leatwix Many forget Whitesnake were awesome before THIS album... David Coverdale never topped this album simply because he sacked the band after all their parts were recorded and in doing so he lost John Sykes who wrote the majority of the songs if not them all. The subsequent album Slip of the Tongue I like but it certainly wasn't anywhere near '1987'. The demise of DC and Sykes relationship was also the demise of Whitesnakes creativity, even with Beach/Aldrich the last album sucked balls.

  55. Manolis Pissarakes

    @bjggjb haha!!! music industry.......

  56. Manolis Pissarakes

    @bjggjb haha!!! music industry.......

  57. Agent1W

    Don't turn away before the night is over, Bennett. :' )

  58. bjggjb

    @ramoradal7 Music like this was rock&roll's death rattle. Most everything that came after 1988 or so has been crap...

  59. bjggjb

    Something I'll never understand:
    Back around 1987, awesome, stab-into-your-soul rock like this was HUGE. Then...
    "Hip-Hop" and dance crap took over the music scene, starting around 1989-1990.
    WHAT THE FUCK happened..?

  60. Adalberto Ramírez Mora

    this is what i call timeless!

  61. ridewithES

    It's impossible to find tabs for this one...fucking sucks dick

  62. JollyRogerVF84

    Oh I love this wonderful song!

    Don't turn away from me baby,
    No, no, no, no.
    Don't put me away,
    Don't walk away from me darling
    I need your love,
    Oh baby,
    I need your love to rescue me,
    An' I'm coming for you, baby...

  63. leppardsnake

    @davyaelmans behind a few others that is ;)
    mel galley was to me the best, may he RIP

  64. toral2216

    @davyaelmans Amen to that !

  65. imadownboy

    The semi solo drum is very similar to Blue Murder's Jelly Roll. The Sykes touch .

  66. ridewithES

    Where the fuck can I find tabs?

  67. Lex Pullman

    I know !! I just listened to the whole thing all the way through, not a bad track there, and amazing musicianship. IMO this is the best album of the 80s and my personal favorite of all time! This is gorgeous and has a great groove I'm going to perform it at an open mic night.

  68. JollyRogerVF84

    Babes, I miss you loads: ....Don't turn away from me baby
    No, no, no, no
    Don't put me away, no
    Don't walk away from me darling
    I need your love, mmm
    Ooh baby
    I need your lovin' next to me
    And I'm coming for you, baby...

  69. 11yatess

    great album

  70. Boban Danilovski

    No, it's John Sykes. Steve is on the next album 'Slip of the tongue'

  71. Agent1W

    The intro is EPIC! Oh, I have this album btw and just wanted to say it!

  72. Mosleh Uddin Ahmed

    What a song!

  73. Carlo v Boxtel

    song from the heart,great

  74. Zooman Cardoso

    Como eles conseguiam um som pesado desses com uma letra tão sentimental? Maravilhoso.


    i forgot about this song, dont ask me how, one of my old favs thanks ;)

  76. Karim Norum

    is it possible i must ask..

  77. Lal Zuala

    Great song.

  78. zzvelcrofly

    eh beh. Bellissima ovviamente