Whitesnake - Dog Lyrics

The moon is full and shining bright
I'm begging you baby let me stay the night
I'll keep you warm and satisfied
Open up baby let me come inside

I want to be your dog

You got the love I need so much
The kind of skin I love to touch
I'll never leave you sad and blue
I just want to make love to you

I want to be your dog
I want to be your dog
I'm going to howl for you baby

I don't care what people say
I'm going to keep on howling till my dying day
Loving you ain't no sin
I'm going to keep on howling till you let me in

Hear me howl

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Whitesnake Dog Comments
  1. GreenerHill

    I like dogs, and like this song too!

  2. 100 subscribers without uploading challenge

    Another brilliant guitar dual from Reb & Doug.

  3. Fernando Santiago Rodriguez Escudero

    Muy buena, ojalá hubiesen realizado un album en estudio con esas 4 canciones nuevas

  4. GreenerHill

    It's funny, but Dog and Dogs in the Street are my fave Whitesnake songs of the Aldrich era! Man's Best Friend...

  5. Araido1968

    You know, I got to see these guys (Whitesnake) when they opened for Judas Priest during Priests' 09 British Steel tour and I gotta tell ya watching Aldrich up there on his Les Paul Gold top was a real pleasure.. the man can straight phrase.. and hes got some great chops.. Heh.. he (Doug) was actually center stage with Coverdale bouncing all over the place and Beach was stage right.. Damn good show

  6. Filippo Piovano

    very true. He is also a helluva a guitarist. But I was referring more to the compositions. That part is left solely to Coverdale/Aldrich. (I'm referring of course only to the last 5 years, which, in my opinion, is the best Whitesnake phase of all time. Back to the hard blues with awesome riffs and amazing solos with David's voice as good as ever!)

  7. Araido1968

    Dont forget.. thats also Reb Beach you are hearing on there.. I'd recognize his technique and that ibanez/kramer guitar sound with his custom suhr pickups anywhere..

  8. SteveUrkeI

    I like how you can't hear Uriah at all, he's more talented than the rest of Whitesnake put together.

  9. Diamond Dogs

    slow love songs what? If you dont have idea abut love and romantic shut up with stupidities.

  10. Ronnie Graber

    Probably Whitesnake's best album sounds great!!! they all sound tight!!

  11. Júlio Salotti

    THIS SONG is Hard Rock! Not one of those slow love songs or those techno things. Back to the roots they made!

  12. Andre Sihotang

    From 2006 live still of the night..
    YEs, Whitesnake is now rocking! I was afraid back then in 2003 if they are going to go bluesier or even became a stamping ballads band,,but thanks God I'm wrong!

  13. AarsjeIII

    its fuckin awesome.

  14. irishflake311

    Back to basic Rock and roll no techno Bullshit. Turn up the volume and play your ass off.

  15. Filippo Piovano

    Amazing! David Coverdale and Doug Aldrich is a combination almost as good as Lennon/McCartney or Jagger/Richards!

    100 subscribers without uploading challenge

    Very true but Rebs in there very much too!

  16. Araido1968

    Thanks for posting! great song!! love it!