Whitechapel - Necrotizing Lyrics

The only motive that there ever was,
was to completely control a person,
a person that i found physically attractive,
and keep them with me as long as possible.
Even if it meant just keeping a part of them.

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Whitechapel Necrotizing Comments
  1. Karson Dude

    Just watched a dahmer confession show and right as I saw that I was like yooooo

  2. febri ryan13

    better than remastered version

  3. King Craig

    Nice Jeffrey Dahmer quote.

  4. LinuxMFKR

    The start of this sounds exactly like the opening track on cattle decapitations harvest floor album

    x _ x

    because t is it

    Julien Paradis

    @LinuxMFKR what's the name of that sound effect btw


    i think it actually sampled from Freddy Vs Jason Score album, track 6, Gibb Meets Freddy

  5. The Chimeran Vampire

    One of the best quotes I've heard in a while.

  6. Benjamin Castellon

    jeff dahmer <33

  7. Tascha Kinne

    You're my friend. You have no choice.

  8. Tascha Kinne


    Asher Tel'vallo


  9. Torin Mizenko

    Thanks for uploading man!

  10. ambalambs


  11. Elizabeth Bottoms

    Because they aren't homophobic: a psychopath is a psychopath, regardless of sexual orientation

  12. Steven Ditello

    Dahmer lived 5 miles from me

    Ben Smith

    Steven Ditello Then you live rather close to me ;)

  13. JonahS777

    Oh shit lol im a dumbass. Thats what I meant Dx

  14. Connor Hoey

    Without Jack The Ripper* we wouldn't have these songs xD

  15. Invisible Pink Unicorn Right Behind You!

    Jeffrey Dahmer is my favorite serial killer. For some reason I sympathize with him a little bit.

  16. JonahS777

    without jeffery dahmer we wouldnt have these great songs so i love jeffery dahmer xD

  17. Patrick Griffin

    you're a fucking idiot if you love jeffery dahmer................

  18. butters226

    yeah this album is on a completely different level from other deathcore/grindcore albums. love whitechapel

  19. xentaza

    wat song is this where is the rest >__>

    Ben Smith

    XxTHATGUYxX122 It's an intro track to the somatic defilement album

  20. steven steven

    After i seen an interview of Jeffrey Dahmer and what he said. ever time i hear this intro. I'm scared shitless.

  21. Dan Copsen

    this is a sick quote

  22. Blacksheep Lopez

    Damn.... I had to replay this song a 2nd time to fully understand what he was sayin.. that is some dark stuff right there...

  23. Kenny Plante

    Whitechapel's work musically has improved dramatically with their new release, but I do miss their old lyrics/concepts.

  24. John Weihl

    this quote is oh so..... TRUE! XD

  25. China man

    @b4zii12 He was a serial killer; he murdered 17 people and brutally mutilated their bodies. He also molested some kids.

  26. Geen Naam

    what did jefrey dahmer do then ?

  27. Nintendodo64

    More metal albums need intros like this.

  28. FuckedandAbused

    is this like the into?

  29. andres gamez

    @FuckYou0liSyk3s lol nice username XDD

  30. Alex Hwang

    @GAMEZxGRINDCOREFTW I like children, they are tasty.

  31. Alex Hwang

    @Dallasboy678 Kill bitches with Thy Art Is MUrder

  32. Digital Mattness

    @dustoff211 dude, the whole CD is about a serial killer. And this quote is from a famous serial killer, explaining to the police why he did, what he did.

  33. somechips

    nice quality :3

  34. andres gamez

    dahmer was 1 sick son of a bitch but not as sick as albert fish now that mofo was really fucked in the head

  35. Aj Baker


  36. Chris Collins

    was is this intro about? can you explain? like what the whole thing hes saying is about?

  37. HexOfTheRitual

    This is a famous quote from Jeffrey Dahmer

  38. jesuscookies123

    was this like a charles manson quoute? jw