White Zombie - More Human Than Human Lyrics

Yeah, I am the astro creep
A demolition style
Hell american freak, yeah
I am the crawling dead
A phantom in a box
Shadow in your head say
Acid, suicide freedom of the blast
Read the fucker lies, yeah
Scratch off the broken skin
Tear into my heart make
Me do it again yeah
Yeah [x4]

More Human Than Human

Yeah, I am the jigsaw man
I turn the world around
With a skeleton hand say
I am electric head
A cannibal core
A television said, yeah
Do not victimize
Read the motherfucker
Psychoholic lies, yeah
Into a psychic war
I tear my soul apart and I
Eat it some more, yeah
Yeah [x4]

More Human Than Human

Yeah, I am the ripper man
A locomotion mind
Love american style, yeah
I am the nexus one
I want more life fucker
I ain't done, yeah

More Human Than Human

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White Zombie More Human Than Human Comments
  1. Caleb Pool

    7.5k Mexicans hated this cause he isn't mexican therfore they are made he is better than them.

  2. Gothik Extravaganza

    The replicants are coming.
    And they're Samsung.

  3. Mario Da Cunt

    More human than Hugh Grant!

  4. anthony edwards

    One of my favorite songs from white zombie

  5. Danielle Carlo

    Insanely Awesome!!!

  6. Jenny Rose

    Still a bad ass song 2020

  7. TheLoneCabbage

    I'll always have memories of blaring Zombie while playing Twisted Metal 2 with my buddy on the PSX. The two just fit together so well.

    Chad 395

    TheLoneCabbage TM2 was the shit. Spectre all day!

  8. DarkNebvla

    Started 2020 and ever!

  9. Pedro Perrito

    For a time John played in Heads Up when they toured Europe around 1991 or 2.

  10. Leif Berg

    "Be the change you want the World to be".........

  11. Manny from Atascadero

    Rob has 46 autosomes...

  12. Eric Shinault

    Met Rob irl 25 years ago. Black Sunshine is real.

  13. Hector Otero

    Best song from White Zombie ever🐅🐕🏈😎

  14. Ronnie rungerson

    Anyone else see Rob Zombie live in the '90s? If you did that means we're both old now.

  15. juji's channel

    Millenials dont know the originals

  16. Spermwhale1000

    The ultimate head banging song!

  17. Don Corleone

    2019... Rob zombie excelent song

  18. Victor G.

    Classic 90s crust hop.

  19. sightinsight


  20. iluvugoldenblue

    modest mouse should cover, especially in their old style like 'doin' the cockroach'

  21. sorearm

    47 year old head banger and still rocking. The 90s were a time to be in your 20s rocking out. You'll never see times like that again

  22. TNandProud!!!

    Play this LOUD as you can!!!

  23. Swaraj Mishra

    My favorite song of all times period

  24. Kruppt808

    Click click boom, this is my last resort

  25. CIDGame

    One of my most waiting song when tuning on mtv rocks.

  26. m0j0 green

    Mosh pit for this was a blast! I am 57 now and want to do it again !! More human , then Hu Man!

  27. Amy Geist


  28. Robert W.


  29. whatiswhatwillbe

    Actually shock rock at its best

  30. whatiswhatwillbe

    what was the blip at 1:10???

  31. Katharine Ho

    This reminds me of my brother

  32. creepingmouse podcast


  33. Wyn Fjoer Ierde Wetter

    I don't care.

  34. frankenzion0001

    Lousy censorship! Ruined yet, another great song.

  35. Zippitty22

    I feel like there will never be music like this again. Never. All of those super unique bands of the 90s. Deftones, POD, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Korn, Powerman 5000, etc. There's so many more. Nothing will be like it. Not saying music isnt good and never will be, just saying there is nothing like this.

  36. HandyDandyRandy

    Favorite song by this band

  37. DaisylovesDanny mcneese

    Oh yeah, that's why my neck hurts all the time now.

  38. Jeffrey Hancock

    The need to go hardcore brought me here.... The Bose subs are hummin' tonight......

  39. Jeremy Kilroy

    I am the Nexus One!

  40. Glynna Schmehl

    Never mind. I found it on Amazon Prime. What a great show!

  41. JC Edwards

    Sean Yseult is hot!

  42. Kyle Ortiz

    I bet this song is so much better live, cool track though! White Zombie ya'll!
    "More Human Than You Man!" That is how I used to sing it.

  43. Christopher Wisniewski

    How I use feel when the first shot of whiskey went down.

  44. Swampgeese

    Take a drink every time he says yeah

  45. Kenneth A Garland III

    The Commander said you will not return alive , I said my attitude will help me to do it again for the Commander In Chief , over and over again .

  46. Robert Osullivan

    Robbo said in the Rogan podcast that they didn't know how to play their instruments at the time of this release.
    He lies......

  47. Mark Meyer

    Loved that Rob and Sean were just like whatever in their interviews. They were White Zombie. They lived on scraps, when they started getting popular all the interviewers were so lame. Even headbangers ball was lame interviewing them. They just didn’t give a fuck and they were like fuck you! in their interviews Rob and Sean did it the hard way and their way. These bands today are a joke. When Rob wrote these songs everyone was like WTF? Now they’re classics LMFAO!

  48. Fluffle Butt

    This is where I go to get away from the terrible music of today

  49. Jed Olson

    this reminds me so much of the feel so numb video

  50. Glynna Schmehl

    Where's my ring? Good job.🤫

  51. Brian Walker

    The bass player is beyond hot

  52. Joey Foral

    0:16 is that Kurt Cobain

    αмεlια Deal

    Joey Foral YES 🤗

  53. John Mcaulay

    White Zombie kick ass. Always have, always will.

  54. ghostdtx

    Not as epic without the pornstar moan intro. Hence my thumbs down

    Glynna Schmehl

    I'm upset about this horror short I just saw. It was stupid.

  55. MC CM

    Seems like joshes mom was my mom

  56. MC CM

    I'm there family johnathon and josh

  57. Budak Gemok

    and here I am...thought that I am the only one came here after viewing the Joe Rogan's interview with Rob...

  58. Shawn Begley

    Kill'em All !!!?,,,, USA USA USA 🇺🇸 👑

  59. Shawn Begley

    Fox News Said it couldn't be done !!!??? ,,,,, #CyberTron !!!,,,, #SPOTTEDOWL 369 #KINGICURUSSPOTTEDOWLTHE 1ST,,,,, #LINCOLNLOCOMOTIVE #EQUALITY #ALLGLORYTOGOD 2020 ? TO BE CONTINUED !!!,,,, 👑

  60. Brian Keith

    I want more life fucker I ain't done.

  61. Shawn Begley

    Protect Fox News Babe's Past and Present I'm gonna need a You Know !!!,,,,👑

  62. Shawn Begley

    All GLORY TO GOD $$$,,,, ,,,, 👑 #THELINCOLNEXPRESS !!!,,,, 2020 ? TO BE CONTINUED !!!,,,, ,,,, CAN YOU DIG IT !!!,,,, 💀 🔪

  63. Mark Mcss

    Rock on this sounds good loud

  64. janax blues!

    Beginning NU band , ... I thought the first was korn

    Meme Iselfaneye

    White Zombie isn't Nu metal, Nu metal bands may have been inspired by it, but nu metal, it is not.

  65. Ned-669

    On my ps4 browser the get all notifications is not registering after a save and refresh. Remembers the basic notification though so not completely broken. Just saying

  66. Aaron C

    I once had to eat a raw onion and then drink a beer at 6 am to this song

  67. Sébastien Lavallée

    I love the parts with the "glitch", I feel my brain to slowdown at those moments

    Swetty Spaghtti

    Its to hide swears. Not part of the song really

    Sébastien Lavallée

    @Swetty Spaghtti oh ok thanks I didn't know :)

  68. Daniel j Corica

    Still better rapper than most modern rappers

  69. Payton Hertel

    My aunt is a 120 lbs. blonde woman and had an infatuation with Rob Zombie, Pink Floyd, and KISS and she'd jam it in her old ford explorer. She's a badass

  70. Paweł M.

    I love this song :)

  71. MC CM

    8 grade Colorado and 9 and 10 Westminster high school

  72. MC CM

    Mc germany

  73. MC CM

    Rember Sandra ac america

  74. MC CM

    Pam Wilkins used to go to her house across street after school

  75. MC CM

    6 grade shonna white and allissa waymen

  76. MC CM

    3 grade Kerri jhen 3 grade dance Cris cross dated Jennifer Davis 3 grade Lacy and Tracy Gifford phoned everyday Christa girlfriend 4 grade meirheid 5 tutored by vrazels .

  77. MC CM

    Kyle sundin 1994

  78. darkprincess1366

    Black betch reporting for dark duty

  79. Benji thehunted Rogers

    No more fentanyl don't fry your brain we have enough zombies with Facebook

  80. Rock fumeta

    habia que censurar las canciones en el 2009? :v

  81. Malinda Biby

    Love this man saw him In Va Beach along with Marilyn Manson both fucken rocked

  82. Jason Brand

    Genetic Mapping Anomoly !

  83. Brooke W

    My daughter was conceived after a Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson show... 🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀

  84. Beavernator

    I remember meeting him when I was a little kid and he was doing set work for Pee-Wee's Playhouse... Pretty crazy...

  85. Kimberly Megan

    I love you rob zombie

  86. Kiki d Chiwah

    60yr. Gramma fn loving it in S. Louisiana y'all....I ain't Fu*kin' Done yet either, Rob!

  87. William Finn

    2019 ... Louisville Ky

  88. Steven H

    These are the hallways of Framingham HS in Framingham MA

  89. matt nava

    Thank you ! Robert .

  90. self-aware420 xxx

    DUDE! @3:05 that drop boy!!!!!!! 2020<<<<

  91. Mr. Anderson

    Theres only 1 thing I can say about this song. "NYEAHHHHHH"

  92. Doug Carruthers

    I can always tell a newb Rob Zombie fan you mention White Zombie and they just look at you clueless
    They have got no idea that this Icon of Darkness once fronted a bad ass band from Planet MotherFucker and it's a fucking shame

  93. Justin Wilson

    When I was 9, my dad used to listen to my iPod sometimes whenever I wasn't using it. He bought this song on iTunes and I heard it and it scared the crap out of me at the time. I'm now 22 years old and a big fan.

  94. Level Up Your Life

    This is a really intense video, but very well done!!

  95. lay low

    On a beautiful day back in high school I dropped two purple gel tabs and hotrodded my old Honda crx around jammin this🤘🤘🤘🚀🚀🚀