White Stripes, The - The Hardest Button To Button Lyrics

We started living in an old house
My ma gave birth and we were checking it out
It was a baby boy
So we bought him a toy
It was a ray gun
And it was 1981

We named him 'Baby'
He had a toothache
He started crying
It sounded like an earthquake
It didn't last long
Because I stopped it
I grabbed a rag doll
And stuck some little pins in it

Now we're a family
And we're alright now
We got money and a little place
To fight now
We don't know you
And we don't owe you
But if you see us around
I got something else to show you

Now it's easy when you don't know better
You think it's sleazy?
Then put it in a short letter
We keep warm
But there's just something wrong with you
Just feel that you're the hardest little button to button

I had opinions
That didn't matter
I had a brain
That felt like pancake batter
I got a backyard
With nothing in it
Except a stick
A dog
And a box with something in it

The hardest button to button [x12]

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White Stripes, The The Hardest Button To Button Comments
  1. ngashjr

    I keep on expecting them to bump into Bart Simpson.

  2. Drex Alex

    2020 and I am here!

  3. Dominique Hamel

    They wanted to go in the sewers with drums and shit and the answer they got was: well you can go with shit but no drums.

  4. Saiyan_power_level over_9000

    Please tell me i'm not the only one here because i like the song and not because of simpsons.
    Plus, this is on my gaming playlist.

  5. Deanobeany

    I love how if this were made today, the image would just been edited together and the weather and surroundings would have been crisp in cgi goodness, but they made the video using dozens of amps and drums, they must have had to listen to this song hundreds of times over the days they shot it and you can see that when watching, got a magic little charm to it.

  6. Will Cook

    How I go to work in the morning

  7. DDoLGi Kim

    can i get a peppermint
    can i get a peppermint
    can i get a peppermint

  8. Boom3rBoy

    "he had a tooth ache, but it didnt last long, because i stopped it" thats literally me on a science quiz not even bothering to do work

  9. Kimmy Envy

    Jack explained the band name's origin this way:

    Meg loves peppermints, and we were going to call ourselves The Peppermints. But since our last name was White, we decided to call it "The White Stripes". It revolved around this childish idea, the ideas kids have—because they are so much better than adult ideas, right?"

  10. Eric Beretta

    God Meg White is such a doll

  11. Investigator Sozhran

    The hardest video to video.

  12. Merryoldsole


  13. Null Never

    Remember that Simpsons episode?

  14. mustafa alkhdhairy

    Bart Simpson brought me here

  15. Best Name

    Who remembers this from Simpsons

    Tonnia Linnen

    I did! XD

  16. Angel Al Bn

    Sjsjsjsjsj los simpsons

  17. 69adrummer

    Y'all need to put the ritalin and prozac down and ease off the mt dew and cheet-oz and start coming up with original comments.


  18. Rooster

    Everyone: *talks about 20-30 drum kits*

    Me: "They used stop motion..."

  19. Juan Carlos Mendoza Carcamo

    Bart Simpson

  20. Aaron Talbot

    I love this video, it's like a visual representation of sound

  21. MrShowbiz9

    I was waiting Kirk Hamett to drop a solo on his featuring with Meg White. Bummed

  22. Yankee

    That's where they tried to put the hit on Nino Brown during the wedding!

  23. mokeish

    Something about this sounds a lot like David Bowie "Suffragette City" to me, hmm.

  24. Midnight Xmare

    Hey something the the Simpsons didn't do 1st.

  25. Artem Arturovich

    There is more drums than in drum shop!

  26. Neil Parker Jr

    Imagine seeing this in real life when you’re traveling in any city.

    Saiyan_power_level over_9000

    I'd live there

  27. Country Music Hall of Famer

    This was the first song I taught myself on the guitar solely by ear. That was proud moment.

  28. Emily Woodhouse

    I want Jack White's babies and I dont even want babies


    Esto lo ví en un capítulo de los Simpson jajaja

  30. Gabriella Theresa

    Any one remember that Jack had a cast in for this video because a punched a guy for talking Shit about Meg White... ? I love this song btw.


    he actually got in a car crash and hurt his finger

  31. Crystal Roderick

    my favorite band of all time!!! no cap!

  32. Crystal Roderick

    the good ol days...when MTV was still cool but on its way out

  33. Crystal Roderick

    when they split i was never the same again

  34. Bedgypooks

    Funny thing is now they would only need one drum kit to film this.

  35. Brian Mç G

    That's what my wife says! 😂

  36. jaetguz

    Kick ass music.

  37. Benjamin Chew


  38. Roberto Miranda

    Essa música é do caraaaaalhooooo!!!!

  39. 식은고기

    This is Golden Experience Requiem

  40. lajos nagy

    The girl with drums is cool.

    Crystal Roderick

    thats Meg White..

    lajos nagy

    Thank you the information.


    they both are

    lajos nagy

    What do you mean?

  41. Go away away

    What do you go to school by?


  42. Spartan

    missing the part where he collides with Bart jajajaja

  43. David mp

    Alguien sabe que carajos les paso? Apenas empese a escuchar su música!

  44. Janniieron

    Alguien en el 2020.

  45. Janniieron

    Like si vienes por los Simpson.

  46. Pontius888

    This video captures the exact level of my anxiety.....

  47. Pepper Mason

    Who else is learning how to play the drums from this

    Robert Craig

    Its a good start. Been drummin for 20 years. I started with
    Smash Mouth

  48. Mathias Klammer

    Think about how long it took them to make this video. Every meter they had to make a take. Granted, they are not difficult, but still

  49. Dylan Watson

    Sorry The White Stripes. But, Simpson’s did it!

  50. Guy Gardner

    pretty funny if people think that they actually used multiple amps, drum kits and etc for this video, as if The White Stripes had no idea about video editing software.

    Muskoka Bro Dylan

    Guy Gardner watch the behind the scenes video

  51. Jack Thomson

    Fuck planes
    Fuck trains
    Fuck cars
    Fuck boats
    Fuck rocket chips
    Yes to the white stripes mobile

  52. bernardo baptista

    someone noticed that the drummer is barefoot? :)

    Drumerdude 26

    bernardo baptista she is wearing red shoes

  53. Valerian Pantsulia


  54. Tracy Walden

    Bye I already put this shit down on YouTube years ago - tray

  55. Tracy Walden

    Loretta Lynn put this band on the map ttt24

  56. Peter Dennis

    I can only imagine the effort it would shoot this yet cannot think of any mv more consuming or amazing than this one.

  57. RivRocks 7

    How many drum kits does Meg have

  58. Cool Dog

    Hardest button to button would be a good jojo stand, for its ability. it can duplicate itself but each time it does so, it becomes weaker. So if it duplicates so there is 6 of it, each one would be 1/6 the power. It wouldn’t be too strong but could easily overwhelm the opponent, as an addition, the stands range is around 2 meters (maybe 5) but duplicates are 2 or 5 meters in range from the first one so they can for a long line like in the video.

  59. Richard Fuentes

    Play this song when you want to donate instruments and equipment to the community.

  60. Mathias Bodewell

    D-13581 Berlin Spandau

  61. Victor Hernandez

    If it weren't for the simpsons,i never would've heard of white stripes


    seven nation army?

    Victor Hernandez

    @ickythump333 huh?

  62. ale Jimenez

    Bart Simpson

  63. Crepzdar

    Me: *clicks on chrome*
    Chrome: *doesn't open*
    Me: *clicks on chrome again a hundred times*


    Crepzdar true

    Dena Roth

    Best coment ever.

  64. Alessandra KovaVaz

    all the time i'm thinking of a geometric trick

  65. Byetse

    Bart Simpon...

  66. Pedro Enrique pedroza

    Like si también vinieron por el cap de los simpson

  67. RacBeat girl

    this kind of music is not hip where i live. considered "nerdy"

  68. clouded

    poor drum techs

  69. Cody Cavaco

    This must've absolutely sucked to set up

  70. yerp.

    Meg: I can do this with no sticks
    Me: no shit.

  71. Michael Salazar

    Jack and meg should get back togethet

  72. Giorgos S4

    I guess it took longer to make the video clip than to make the song....

  73. Jean-Paul Lamont Garrido-Lecca Cranston

    The hardest pill to swallow

  74. 치노

    Meg White♡♡♡

  75. Chase

    Megs drumming was trash

  76. Locke19901

    The hardest button to button is the top button of my jeans.

  77. ROd

    they activated the rtx ? the framerate is awful

  78. Powering On

    Trying to explain this to my 27 year old daughter, Fuck me, what is wrong with this generation that they don't get this song????

  79. Kostas Tade

    Απο τα πιο ευκολα likes! ο σκηνοθέτης δουλεψε υπερωρίες!!

  80. Marius M

    Can this be the best rock song in 50 years? DEFINITELY. 🦖💨

  81. Michael Pikul

    Whoa I just finished reading the comments
    And ninety percent of the people who commented made it about the number of fukking insterment s they have in the video..
    Real creative people.
    You all sukk.
    And that's why he's jack white.....who rocks... and your you...
    Piss of wormz

  82. Michael Pikul

    Whoa I just finished reading the comments
    And ninety percent of the people who commented made it about the number of fukking insterment s they have in the video..
    Real creative people.
    You all sukk.
    And that's why he's jack white.....who rocks... and your you...
    Piss of wormz

  83. Ben Brice

    Uh oh... There are more than three colors in this video. I can't believe it personally. Lol

  84. Hades

    Es una idea innovadora para tal tiempo

  85. zbaker330

    every comment is the same dumb ass joke. we get it.

  86. Raymond Garza

    You know that took some time to set up lol

  87. Steven Stifler

    No vine por Los Simpsons. Ya sabía de esta canción antes que aparezca en las ya no más graciosas temporadas de esa serie.

    Mis respetos a los que editaron este video 🙏

  88. ChiTown Chef909

    The Simpson’s brought me here

  89. Mark Murphy

    What's in the box?!

  90. Mrs Wry

    The music is really repetitive but in a good way. And the lyrics just take it to a whole new level.

  91. cristal blooding

    greatest song to listen when its high


    Windows crashes due an error

    Error message box:

  93. Eaglewilliamjohn

    the like button on this video is the easiest button to button

  94. sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst

    How many drums you want?

    Jack White: *Yes.*

  95. Kalvin Singh

    The Simpsons???

  96. Woven Hand

    2900 retarded people who dont like this vid. Misery.

  97. jc6594

    Happy 45th Birthday Meg White <3