White Stripes, The - In The Cold, Cold Night Lyrics

I saw you standing in the corner
On the edge of a burning light
I saw you standing in the corner
Come to me again in the cold, cold night
In the cold, cold night

You make me feel a little older
Like a full grown woman might
But when you're gone I grow colder
Come to me again in the cold, cold night
In the cold, cold night

I hear you walking by my front door
I hear the creaking of the kitchen floor
I don't care what other people say
I'm going to love you, anyway
Come to me again in the cold, cold night
In the cold, cold night

I can't stand it any longer
I need the fuel to make my fire bright
So don't fight it any longer
Come to me again in the cold, cold night
In the cold, cold night

And I know that you feel it too
When my skin turns into glue
You will know that it's warm inside
And you'll come run to me, in the cold, cold night
In the cold, cold night
In the cold, cold night
In the cold, cold night

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White Stripes, The In The Cold, Cold Night Comments
  1. aterval

    This was my favourite song when I was 6

  2. DrkOw

    Sexy voice ouuh..

  3. Ponto de Aumento

    Cum to me again

  4. Pinki pas

    volim te Jelena Djordjevic <3

  5. Do I Know You

    Anyone watching this in the year it currently is?

  6. Mariia Naumenko

    In cock in cock night

  7. Liliana Green Borcegos

    As a Spanish first spekear, many thanks for the lyrics on the description!!

  8. Liliana Green Borcegos

    "I don't care what other peolpe say i'm gonna love you anyway" was MY 2004 phrase. and that "Subway song" bass line turns to be hypnotic

  9. Polyphonic Zeitgeist

    Huh.I didn't really know that Meg had such a nice singing voice. Cool Song :)

  10. Grace Johnson

    She actually sings pretty well ! Love the atmosphere in this song

  11. antixo -

    saw them at big day out with <50 ppl, was fucking beautiful, what a fucking duo. meg is a sexy girl.

  12. Brian Gomez


  13. siwy4don

    This is so sexy and grooby! Does anyone know more tunes like this, kinda sexy and jazzy?

  14. Dark Seven Master

    My fav. Band

  15. AFL Predictions

    Anyone still watching in 2017!

    Vale YT

    AFL Predictions no 2018

  16. Maneki Karol

    I want them back

  17. Clancy Kost

    YO did anyone else feel like this song actually represents being a pedophile?
    Like you make me feel a little older? like and cold means like a metaphor for like it being morally wrong and like illegal? IDK it jsut kind of resonates that vibe to me. and the fucking organ at the end though its like some fucking pedohile game wtf

    Marija Majce

    you totally misunderstood this song babe

    Fox Whitemore

    Nope, and that's a weird thing for you to think

    paulo de tarso

    Maybe... the pedophile is in you, no? Maybe... it's in yourbrain, you know... because maybe is a song about a 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 girl calling abou t a grown man, no?

  18. Lycargus

    Outcast season 2 episode 3 outro <3

  19. Krissakorn Lapbud’s

    huh!! no coconut?!!

  20. Boto nga Uratan

    Makapatangken ti buto

  21. Kurt Cobain

    did not know Jack can sing that high

    Company of Fools

    Worry about Courtney, bro, bitch gonna shoot ya in the back. Or the head.

    Melisa Sosa


  22. You_Broke_My_Cool

    DAT BASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

    HanLink - YouTuber

    You_Broke_My_Cool Bass?


    @HanLink - YouTuber 1:33

  23. sweetpeachnectar

    the hookline is so incredibly great and simple. of course this was among my favs of the album.

  24. ettolrahcecila

    Combien de fois j'ai écouté cet album ? Ma soeur l'avait offert à ma mère, et je lui avais piqué, pour ne jamais le lui rendre, à 13 ans... Avec Nirvana, il fait partie de mes premières découvertes rock, début d'une énorme passion :)

    adarsh sirsat

    nirvana est le meilleur

  25. Nora Kovaniemi

    this song makes my tits go all cold cold night

    Fernando Arnaldo

    +Nora Kovaniemi No problem; I will warm them for you babe :)

    patrick holland

    +Fernando Arnaldo stupid kid dettected

    Sam Howard

    Fernando Arnaldo wtf😂😜🤪

    Blake Hatcher

    Titty fuk dat bitch

  26. freya stone

    love to the stripes!!!!

  27. mrbleudeluxe

    240p is better

  28. Oscar Heath

    what's up with the 2 minutes' silence?


    i was using the vista version of movie maker, and it's probably fucked things up.

    Ro L



    That's 2 minutes for reflection over this song

  29. iNK

    In the coco night


    lol i used to hear this too

    vilem caha

    in the coconut

    BG Z

    +iNK omg u ruined my life

  30. Ivan Gabriel Marquez

    reminds me of the professional 0_0

  31. Mr. Arkadin

    Ella debería de hacer su propia banda, canta bien...

    Falso Mundo

    las bandas no son solo voces, se requiere de todos para hacer música. Cuantos se han hechos solistas... y todos sienten que le hace falta algo a su material.

    Bubu´s Tape

    Sí, pero ella tiene algo especial y sería interesante escucharla de solista. Jack suele acaparar todo.

  32. Omega3497

    wrong text!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Ekin Elvan

    this is not original song. not.

    Ilkyaz Yagmur Ozkoroglu

    mary christ

    Ilkyaz Yagmur Ozkoroglu

    jesus christ


    yes it is

  34. Eva Engel

    sexy song!

  35. ciuffoZanetti4

    shut up meg! ...kidding


    @Gytax0 Damn, since when did your Life need a meaning? Can't you just enjoy it while it lasts?


    @millezenith Bye bye!

    Clim Dhaouia

    @Parralyzed Hi, I'm @millezenith 's dad and I wanted to thank you. Since his passing away, things have been great. I don't worry about making both ends meet, anymore. Expenses have dropped drastically and I used the money I was setting up for his college to take the Mrs on vacation. Brazil was amazing, we loved it there.


    @Clim Dhaouia Well this might come as a shocking surprise dad but I'm still alive. I now live in a very nice cottage by a lake in Albania and I run a sheepfarm. Life's great I'm living together with my wife from Turkey and my three best mates... You remember them don't you? Those you tried to offer some pot right?

    Locke TM

    @millezenith your "mates" are prob junkies who fuck ur wife while your off lol

  36. Signore Italyano

    Охуенная песня. И все тут

    Mazzy Star

    Signore Italyano 👏🏻👏🏻

    Lt Shatterhand

    а без мата не?

  37. Alex Miller

    omg, Its Meg! Omg!


    Yes and she also plays the organ!


    +millezenith if you know what i mean *wink*

  38. Vinnie Durrant

    And her voice featured on 'Red death at 6:14".

  39. Eleanor Delbaere

    This song's lyrics have so much atmosphere.

  40. Paweł Woźniak

    in the coconut

  41. DarkBanishing13

    well done xD

  42. rs5001988

    I don't care what people say I love this song anyway!

  43. Nisarg Patel

    Is he holding a cricket bat?!

  44. bureci

    In the cocoa night

  45. SadJoeMakesBeats

    she sings another one called Passive Manipulation, but i think thats bout it.

  46. Nanda Nizer

    Is it the only song she sings?

    Luca La Paglia

    This, passive manipulation, st andrews, who's a big baby
    Then she does some backing vocals

  47. Fearghal Joyce

    Kinda reminds me of Buddy Rich's kids voice on The Beat Goes On, there's a similar innocent cool to it.

  48. crazymarf

    shut up meg :3

  49. Jack G

    you are idiot

  50. Liam Koitah

    Meg should sing lead more often

  51. bijomaTV

    Reminds me of "Dumb Ways To Die"

  52. Alberto Ponce

    Tonite is frozen, and I'm still waiting alone. Singing of course.

  53. 1234

    I said it works and fits with the song, but her beats are snare-kick-snare-kick-snare-kick-snare-kick-snare-kick-snare-kick. If you've been playing drums for a week, thats what you play

  54. Squirlol

    Being a great drummer is about more than raw technicality. I love all that Danny Carey I-Can-Do-Absolutely-Anything kind of stuff, but she is a fantastic drummer, because she plays drums which fit the music *perfectly* and make it sound beautiful. I think it's really all about the final aesthetic of the song. In the same way, for example, Ringo Starr was an absolutely phenomenal drummer even though he was never that technical.

  55. 1234

    'fantastic drummer'
    I love the white stripes and the drums work very well in their songs but c'mon man......

  56. NocturnalAndres

    When I was little I thought she said "in the cocoa night"

  57. Jsun Cook

    somethings hot about this...a must have strip-tease song...

  58. jim bob

    it has a naughty illicit quality to it. its melancholy and sexy and it hints at a underage lover. which makes me wonder the relationship between meg and who ever the guy is in the song.

  59. derp kerp

    @beestondevil I would have to agree

  60. theboarman

    and a fatastic fucker ( sex tape ) haha

  61. Rayne Naegwyn

    i love the song but why Meg doesn't get the tone it really bugs me D: but I always listen to this song when I feel lonely :D

  62. Som de Terrakio

    Ela é meu novo amor da minha vida !

  63. Aidan Rose

    in the COCOA NIGHT. hahahahha. jk.

  64. katzen123

    You cannot listen

  65. -xX666Archain666Xx- I Approved by China 1927-1949

    She's a great blues singer.

  66. IbanezPlayer124

    Meg has a wonderful voice.

  67. MoosicandCritters

    Meg's voice. And the gently strumming guitar. The keys. Oh, everything about this song is fantastic!

  68. PKSTkimo

    I just transcribed this song because of justing sandercoe xD

  69. SpringheeledDak

    What genre would this be?

  70. kikoriih

    Because it's genius? And the white stripes maybe?

  71. Shantel

    because its the most awesome song in the world!

  72. pag47

    I love the Meg voice,

  73. Kylie Jude

    This version is good, but I prefer the live version from their documentary "The White Stripes: Under Great White Northern Lights" ;)

  74. rumputuski

    @luckystrike993 That's what I used to hear all the time.

  75. index wall

    @luckystrike993 Cold cold night.

  76. angelo mico

    in the COCO night!

    Mariareyi Reyi


  77. KingZig86

    why do i really like this song?