White Stripes, The - Ball And Biscuit Lyrics

It's quite possible that I'm your third man, girl
But it's a fact that I'm the seventh son

It's quite possible that I'm your third man, girl
But it's a fact that I'm the seventh son
And right now you could care less about me
But soon enough you will care, by the time I'm done

Let's have a ball and a biscuit, sugar
And take our sweet little time about it
Let's have a ball, girl
And take our sweet little time about it
Tell everybody in the place to just get out
And we'll get clean together
And I'll find me a soapbox where I can shout it

You read it in the newspaper
Ask your girlfriends and see if they know
You read it in the newspaper
Ask your girlfriends and see if they know
That my strength is ten-fold, girl
I'll let you see it if you want to before you go

Let's have a ball and a biscuit, sugar
And take our sweet little time about it
Let's have a ball
And take our sweet little time about it
Tell everybody in the place to just get out
We'll get clean together
And I'll find me a soapbox where I can shout it

Yeah, I can think of one or two things to say about it, now listen

It's quite possible that I'm your third man
But it's a fact that I'm the seventh son
It was the other two which made me your third
But it was my mother who made me the seventh son
And right now you could care less about me
But soon enough you will care, by the time I'm done

Yeah, you just wait
So stick around, we'll figure it out

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White Stripes, The Ball And Biscuit Comments
  1. Mo Raffique

    Beginning of The Social Network got me here 👀

  2. SAS

    Definitely some kinda country... rock...punk type vibe going on, I reckon their best song without a doubt. Jack certainly knows how to strum a guitar.

  3. Miriam La Biunda

    The third guitar solo made me have an orgasm, literally, it happened! This song is great, I think he's one of the best rock guitar player alive and I am glad and fucking happy that some real Musicians exist among this stit commercialfuckingmusic.

  4. my name is aneurysm

    It hasn't been said enough so..: I want to have sex while this song is playing in the background.

  5. NineEleven1

    Finallyt took the time to listen to the whole Elephant album that has been in my collection for like 5 years. This song is the highlight for me

  6. Marmota de Chuquinha

    Blues escrachado e caótico. Melhor música deles, na minha opinião.

  7. Puntigammer1


  8. Katrina Paton

    Cant believe it took me til 2019 to find the White Stripes! And probably just as well I found some of their more mellow pieces before finding this as, in theory at least, I should hate this! Instead its now on my favorites play list and I can legit say I haven't found one of their songs I dont love.

  9. Miguel Angel Terán

    Right here Jimmy Hendrix´s influence.

  10. Vladut Marica

    Tutorial how to make a Led Zeppelin song

  11. Ines Laraki Hossini

    And right now you could care less about me
    But soon enough you will care, by the time I'm done. UGH YAS

  12. FilmNerd TalksFilms

    This would be a great song to get high too.

  13. matt death

    You can't make me read the words..

  14. Hmmm interesting

    Possibly one of the greatest guitar tracks of all time, up there with voodoo child

  15. Kate Burgundy

    lovely sound

  16. xeno veno

    nice song for trip

  17. xeno veno

    nice song for trip

  18. lolo momo

    De la balle

  19. VirgoSwan58

    Found through Radio 2 Steve Wright this afternoon. Bit late to find this band....but better than never!

    jacks smirking revenge

    fuckin hell mate you are late 😃

    check out their first self titled album and their under blackpool lights live show. both awesome 👍

  20. Greg Kavarnos

    How much noise can one guitarist make???

    It's Big Dude

    Jack White : Yes

  21. James Sharp

    Hendrix vibez

  22. Vojta Růžek

    ?? Which song is similar to first 2 seconds ??

  23. Xeyanort DarkFire

    This guy is epic

  24. Harney Rodrigues

    Melhor banda dos anos 2000

  25. M R

    4:58 Best use of feedback since Jimi.
    Wish I had known about this years ago.

  26. Gillian Morris

    Dirty Filthy Guitar playing and Jack ain't bad either!

  27. Matias Otazu

    me encanta tu hermana

  28. josé ruimar de souza moreira Ruimar

    Muito som , prazer em ouvir.

  29. Alexandr Prokopenko

    This guitar........ It makes me think of Jimmy Hendrix

  30. Rory O'Toole


  31. Liana Soares

    I like bread

  32. Dejan Nikolov

    Peaky FOOKING Blinders

  33. Ηλιανα Νανου

    i just had a permanent boner

  34. Tenno Shykk

    My favorite song from the white stripes.

  35. hysteriastyle

    Jack White is the real badass! you know what I mean..

  36. AntNuz

    People of every culture and language listen the same music. Rock links people in one total animal that's called 'human'.
    Fuck Trump, fuck Bolsonaro, Fuck Salvini!!
    Fuck everyone wants divide us!

  37. Santos Inocentes

    Roteen blues. This shit sounds good

  38. dryten

    I wish I could play this for blues legends like Robert Johnson and muddy waters just to see their reaction

  39. annid michael

    definitely WILL be my babymaking song 💧


    Haha nice!

  40. Danny

    save the cash for hell ... you might need to buy a conversation...sell some love... what ever you inspire me to ... well nothing... love it

  41. Danny

    soap box pls god dilever and blesss now

  42. Shane Ruddock - Pedalling the Globe

    Coolest song on the record and the most expensive live rarest demo vinyl on eBay. Actually costs over 10,000k to own

    Raluca R

    You mean 10 millions?

  43. Brad Barnes

    So Hendrixy

  44. Indeo

    i think people don’t give meg white enough credit. Obviously jack was always supposed to be the center of attention, but she is what makes him himself. If they weren’t together he would have been nothing( a bit very exaggerated, but you know what i mean)

  45. Xeyanort DarkFire

    This my first time hearing this wtf this cool as hell haha

  46. Frank McCourt

    My personal favorite too

  47. Paul Fitzpatrick


  48. Wufex

    The riff has a kind of a ZZ Top feel.. Its pretty good!

  49. steffeee White

    One of my favourites ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  50. Andy Trutwein

    Is this the best white stripes ever? Well it's up there


    это как ооочень тяжёлый ленивец!

  52. Tuff Enuff

    Peaky blinders S1E5

  53. Christian Antognazza

    terrible ñoqui la mel

  54. TheMaximmas

    After listening to this song I felt the urge to smoke my cigar and ride my horse to the west

  55. Mic mic

    Jack , tu es le meilleur ! Meme sur une guitare de merde comme cette vieille airline 59 , tu arrives a jouer comme un dieu ...

  56. Jade Fisher

    Music like Meet Me In The Morning, words like Highway 61, both by Bob Dylan

  57. Dolly Tremblett

    Pole sexi xx

  58. Liliana Green Borcegos

    Bien Janis-imi parece extraído del escenario de Woodstock.

  59. Beata Wagner

    Love this song forever!

  60. Muhammad Bilal

    The Social Network. great song for movie opening.

  61. MrMr

    Still sends shivers up my spine

  62. Leslie Foord

    Great guitar riff. I wanna play this next year

  63. Speedmetal

    Song just fuckin melts my mind. Extremely underappreciated.

  64. TaZ101SAGA

    Fucking great song, top comment thoroughly agreed on haha.

  65. Josimar Bezerra

    3:45 "Yeah, I can think one of two things to say about it, now listen!" So good! That part gets me every time!

  66. Thom smith



    love the strips,,,,,no faget bullshit commercial radio spew that media subject the youth of today,,,,,,ive got two balls and a fukin biscuit,,,lol,,,,

  68. Michael boy

    Pure dirty unwashed riff that make you fill like that after listening to this song

  69. Chris Weidner

    My favorite of theirs. By far.

  70. martin threlfall

    Filthy dirty blues, yeah!

  71. Hugo Guedes

    Dangerous, sexy, perfect...true Song for lovers

  72. TheDarknessInside

    FFS how sexy is this? botan sooking material lol

  73. Bill Jones

    A sassy sweetheart tune , oh yes!

  74. Ivan


  75. Warren McNair

    It seems good that we do always possess a genius Irish person who always knows it all.

    Viking Song

    He isn't Irish, you bellend. Majority of greatest bands, guitarists and singers came from UK and America.

  76. E —

    Sounds like "Wasted" by Mazzy Star

  77. Broken Finger

    Toma no cu essa música é do caralho

  78. Alpi Tolki


  79. rocksttar 1

    Mark Knopfler's guitar sings
    Jack White's guitar screams

    Milorad Cukavac

    Gary Moore's cries then.

    Ivan Vozaf

    Mike Oldfield's tells a stories 🙂


    John Frusciante’s all of them

    Dennis McAndrew

    Kate Bush makes me leek from the beginning till the end. Leaving me whining like Layne Stayley

  80. elfuckingrevientaanos

    Viva México putos saludos desde la digital . :)

  81. Cosma Shiva

    Jack married with guitar

  82. Michael boy

    I need to wash after this riff its so dirty

  83. Gabriela Běhounková

    mega mrdka

  84. ItsNikoHimSelf

    Beschte Lied

  85. colin glynn

    you all make me laugh we all know about m=mc2 but do you get it. he's the Einstein of music

  86. Michele Morselli

    So damn sensual... it's the most sexy song I have ever heard.

  87. Thommy H.

    Hell yeah, shout it out. Goes right into my veigns and keeps on circulating in the blood.

  88. Charlie SideShow

    This truly rocks! Amazing stuff!

  89. Michael boy

    Dose any one knows what the ball and biscuit is

    Thom smith

    Michael boy drugs. coke and amphet

  90. SketchPen Studios

    Peaky Blinders anyone?

    Michael M

    Yeah man, last week I coincidentally binge watched all 3 seasons for the first time, after putting it off for fookin ages. Great show, and always refreshing to see big names like Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy still open to doing domestic based TV work after both starring in huge films like Batman saga and Inception too.

  91. Miles Parker

    i feel like i'm having an orgasm every time he solos

  92. Djoeke Reeskamp

    this reminds me of dubstep but than better bc its real instruments so its like acoustic dubstep?

    Djoeke Reeskamp

    no shit.. i was just making up my own little genre haha leave me be

    Jeffery Costanza Jr.

    dubstep is shite mate dont try to compare this to it, its also not acoustic

    Djoeke Reeskamp

    Mauw Chan ok not acoustic but I mean that no computers were used. also I agree this is much better than dubstep, I was just saying it reminds me of dubstep but apparently that's just me lol


    STOMP is the word you are seeking

    Paride Coti

    I actually get what you're trying to say :)

  93. Leitzz


  94. Kai Brink

    kann man nicht laut genug hören :-)

  95. Romane Sisterceau

    "Let's have a ball girl " sounds like "let's have a buuurger" to my foreign ear.

    Katrina Paton

    Thats cool you can have the burger will Im having a ball with the girl. Works for me!

  96. Tonko Megyery

    This song is the shit


    your name is shit fukin troll kill ya self now


    @BLADERUNNER666 He was saying it's the shit, as in it's amazing.

    Yoan Pantchev

    At first I misread that it WAS shit. I was worried for you.

  97. dominic tobias

    Shame the sound quality on this vid is terrible but great song

  98. Rena Hamilothori

    Tell everyone in the place just to get out
    We'll get clean together ;)