White Lies - What I Need Lyrics

Rain keeps coming down
On our unhappy town
Grey its bleak parade
Little drops of heaven's shade
Rain keeps coming down
On children in their paper crowns
Daylight torn away
Litter for the night to raid

Feeling low
My eyes long to glow
My limbs turn numb
And I know the day is won

Give me some of what I need and
Give me more to take away
Sunshine for my sweet relief and
Honey trough these bitter days

Rain keeps coming down
Beating colour to the ground
Teeth spat from wicked mouths
Shrieking up above the clouds
Rain rain all around
Oh you know it gets me down
I cannot leave my home
Leave the TV leave the phone

Breathing slow
My heart only knows
The rain falls deep
Drumming down
Down on me

Give me some of what I need and
Give me more to take away
Sunshine for my sweet relief and
Honey through these bitter days

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White Lies What I Need Comments
  1. Vedran Kovačić

    Like listening to the Simple Minds from The New Gold Dream, i could not beleive it to be possible

  2. Sam Sneed

    Happiest White Lies song ever

  3. Julieta Piva

    White Lies can do no wrong

  4. gionata colamartino

    complimenti anche per questo brano oltre all' album stupendo !

  5. Carla Araujo

    melhor música

  6. PSBelectronica

    So much different to the style of the songs on the main album, everything's brilliant though!

  7. rae strachan

    songs should have been on the album awesome stuff as always

    Douglas Soares

    They are, but in the deluxe version hahaha I want them to release these songs at spotify , but I think the chances of this happens are zero... They didn't even released To Lose my Life on spotify yet :/

    Douglas Soares

    @ᅚᅚJack I'm brazilian :/ Yes, they released To Lose My Life on Europe, but not in Brazil (yet)


    Douglas Soares to lose my life ja ta no spotify br a eras

  8. Al Bernerhelge

    featuring Ross Geller on the keyboard!

    Andrea Guzmán

    Al Bernerhelge lol

  9. Susan Huff

    I Love this, thanks Guys! <3