White Lies - Take It Out On Me Lyrics

So tall, erase those worried eyes
Lay your trouble out beside me and sit
And so I'll sympathize
Leave it feeding there inside me

Oh take it out on me

I'm in love with the feeling
Oh take it out on me
Maybe hooked on the healing
Oh take it out on me
I'm in love with the feeling of
Being used

Dig deep where you're afraid to go
Pick the stitches and unbind me
That kiss, that pain I need to know
Every cut you feel defines me

Oh take it out on me

I'm in love with the feeling
Oh take it out on me
Maybe hooked on the healing
Oh take it out on me
I'm in love with the feeling of
Being used

Tell me, tell me
Tell me what is going wrong
Help me, help me
Now the nights are getting long
Tell me, tell me
Tell me what is going wrong
Help me, help me
Now the nights are getting long

Oh take it out on me
Tell me what is going wrong
Oh take it out on me
Now the nights are getting long
Oh take it out on me
Tell me what is going wrong
Oh take it out on me
Now the nights are getting long

Take it out on me
I'm in love with the feeling
Oh take it out on me
Maybe hooked on the healing
Oh take it out on me
So in love with this feeling
Oh take it out on me
Maybe hooked on the healing

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White Lies Take It Out On Me Comments
  1. Ricardo V Diaz

    Awesome song. I love it everytime. the video is ok

  2. loyal royal

    I take it back,white lies are on the radio!,because I've just heard them singing in the background in the cafe on eastenders,❤ FROM 💂👸 US.

  3. Luis Ferr

    Some people call it Religion✝

    Kevin HM8404

    Luis Ferr and some call it cult brainwashing.

    Luis Ferr

    Kevin HM8404 and maybe it's true, but everyone is free to believe in whatever they want🙏🏻 I love the video and the song tho💙

  4. Yhovan Vargas

    Difícil elegir que esta mejor si el vídeo o la canción. Sencillamente Brutal!

  5. Geovanny Alvarez


  6. Sikder Diamond

    hei david, you made it awesome

  7. Ferdinand Hagen

    Seria alguna critica a la conquista europea? o es solo una rebelion mestiza?

  8. lechevalierdelanuit

    I saw tha i have seeing?

  9. Sol Proxy

    Such a weird-ass video

  10. xanthene x237

    White lies and red head fascination

  11. Sari Amsterdam

    Estoy tan enamorada de esta banda que ya no sé qué puedo hacer para verlos. Supongo que ahorraré muchísimo para irme a México a verlos, porque a Perú no creo que lleguen. Me duelen, WL.

  12. daniel canales

    Ya saben que en México Love's you guys

  13. Alex Royall

    Interesting fact: Before they came up with the lyrics for this song it was called "Eighty nine one three"

  14. Jes Tanabe

    Tijuana!! + White Lies= Chingón

  15. Getty Touchstone

    When you think the song is good and then realize its christian :(

  16. Ampleforth James


  17. Anonymut -

    I liked this song before I watched this

  18. myproductionsWB

    She is beautiful=]

  19. Vren

    2:38 thank me later

  20. Just Mme


  21. Gilberto Martínez

    i think this video is not about God or about sex, but about the decisions we make. Many time we blame others about our taste, about the things we like to do, we see the evil in the others, when we really are the only responible for our aun actions an decisions, tastes and preferences. Sometimes people pray to God for ask the temptations be removed, like if they were objects or persons, when all is inside us.The song says "take it aou on me" like an ironic way to saying blame me for what you are and for what you do, its ok. in the video the characters finally make a desicion for themselves and about themselves. What do you think about it?

  22. Erlan Tostes

    Song starts at 2:33

  23. Miguel Palomares

    Tijuana ! 😍

  24. Marco Campaci

    Damn the return of joy division

  25. Daniele nella fossa dei leoni

    Sound like a Julian Cope's song....

  26. Mr Taff

    The longest intro to a song I have ever seen!!

  27. David Torres Palillero

    Qué buen rolon!

  28. Mario Adabache

    Like si lo ves en 2018🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 Viva México.Whitelies. Grupazo.

  29. ScuffyTheDog

    It's all about that bass though...

  30. Hey

    OMG OMG!! this is great WOOOO  !!!!!!!!

  31. che williams

    Read a lot of bitching on here about there video's.....Go see em live..bitches...

  32. Jon Allen

    Sounds like the Governor from The Walking Dead 😂

  33. Rafael Katarino

    Hoje completando 1 ano! Que música!!!

  34. Sergey Karlov

    I don't understand this video...

  35. Joshua Sweetvale

    This song reminds me VERY much of Amy 'Panacea' Dallon's character arc in Worm.

  36. David Castromonte

    Con éstas traducciones siento a las bandas mucho más cerca 💚

  37. Brakkeleer Thuis

    Awesome song stupid video!

  38. superhard

    Reminds me something from Billy Idol

  39. Gino Moreno

    Savage. It's amazing.

  40. Lujzichka

    love, love, love this! The song, the video, the meaning behind it... Way to go White Lies! <3

  41. sandra zovko

    no comment :S

  42. Jay Guardado

    oh dios es TIJUANA!

  43. Rusty Cunningham

    Rate White Lies highly, love this track, hate the video.

  44. Mikayla McGuirk-Scolaro

    amazing song, amazing video!

  45. Lorenzo Kafka

    White lies meets jodorowski, love it <3

  46. jaruffian

    fuck.. i cant share this on FB 😂

  47. Sjaak Roze

    most underestimated song of the past ....8 months?

  48. TubaBoyTom

    *chops dick off after being raped*
    Same for me after wanking, the guilt.

  49. lewisner

    This sounds like a cross between Echo And The Bunnymen and Fiction Factory.

  50. BummStirbKuchen - The Kuchen Company

    wait, are they a christian band!?

    BummStirbKuchen - The Kuchen Company

    shut up, terorist

    Gorazd Kolenc

    take your pill and buzz off

    BummStirbKuchen - The Kuchen Company

    if you promise not to nuke me away..

  51. Brandon Robert James Mosby

    Give a try to a band called ''St.Guilt'' if you got spare time :)

  52. Jasminna

    Harry:"If u cut it off with one swing i'll give u 10£ and a coupon to Nando's"

  53. HighwayStarRevisited

    It's so awesome that Harry watched "Las Elegidas" form David Pablos and asked him to direct this video. 👏 Amazing photography!

    Roosevelt Palafox

    Isn't it so awesome!

  54. warmecanic

    Qué carajos? Qué onda con los religiosos al principio?

  55. Tintín

    My favorite band

  56. Danger Meowmeow

    2:35 to skip the BS

  57. Néstor Rivera

    por radio doble nueve ....

  58. Yellow Mesh

    ok so the lead singer is meant to be God/Jesus
    he resurects the guy so that he can have a new life
    the old man doesn't want to sucumb to temptations so he gives him strenght to chop his dick off..?
    and then girl falls in love with Jesus (nuns are married to jesus), after all the love failed attempts.

    Gorazd Kolenc

    just let it flow

  59. Juan Carlos Rivera Galvez

    Gira por latinoamerica y pasen por Perú , esta muy bueno su disco.

  60. Heyman Djiburi

    4:56 best part <3<3<3<3<3 If it would happen more than once könnts it could be my favorite song -

  61. aLOOF gOALS

    was this directed by Rick Perry?

  62. Terry Marquez

    Saludos desde venezuela.

    Terry Marquez

    buena music

    juan cordova


  63. Caleb G

    Así va el video... (Son 3 historias mezcladas)

    1.- Harry es un Ángel, y la chica pelirroja pura y casta, entonces cada vez que va a pecar es "salvada" por acto divino y se aleja mientras deja ciegos a sus novios. Al final se convierte en monja al besar a Harry el Ángel y de este modo entrega su vida a Dios.
    2.- En la otra historia sale el hombre viejo y calvo, que es bueno y esta entregado a su fe, pero termina pecando con otro hombre al caer en la tentación, entonces, el Ángel se le aparece y lo convence de cortar su miembro y así dejar de pecar y continuar una vida sin pecados.
    3.- En la otra hay unos delincuentes (hitmen), forzando a un grupo de personas a buscar algo en la tierra, uno de los delincuentes se arrepiente de sus acciones y tira su arma, mientras es matado por el otro delincuente (su compañero) o quiza por accidente se dispara su arma y le da a el mismo, y al final Harry (el ángel) lo revive porque mostró arrepentimiento.

    BUEN VÍDEO!, EXCELENTE CANCIÓN! Saludos desde México

    Roosevelt Palafox

    Headbanger6491 your are awesome!

    daniel canales

    Excelente... Saludos!


    I thougth it was only one history

    Agustín Molina Ibáñez

    Jajaja apenas iba a buscarle sentido al vídeo y me topé con tu comentario... Excelente!

  64. payinthedues

    Sounds just like late 80's, 90's material from the Damned.

  65. cyclo 2

    brothers this song is just amazing
    viva Mexico

  66. Gláucia Dâmaris

    Amo demais ❤


    Escuché la canción en Spotify, no entiendo como se relaciona el tema de esta con el vídeo.

  68. oɯoʇoʇıʞıʞıʞ


  69. Dee snjy

    Why i feel like hearing naruto OST !

  70. Masa T.

    Reminds me of a phrase from a book by Brian Weiss.
    "There are many gods, for god is in each of us."

  71. IBTypeR

    spare me 2 minutes or artistic bollox and make with the music

  72. Taylor Edwards

    ...Kojima... Why?

  73. サテライトnsf

    Another nice discovery thanks to Hideo.

  74. Sergreti

    Kojima me trajo aquí.

  75. chio kwon

    Hideo Kojima

  76. Psycho Thinker

    Hideo Kojima

  77. Vito Lanci


  78. Josh Berg

    This album seems rushed and is easily their worst to date. Record labels continue to ruin music by forcing quick turnarounds with new albums.

  79. Lucas Lopes


  80. shadwo xii

    wtf did i just watch

    Roosevelt Palafox

    you watched art

  81. Shayne Mooney

    in the final shot the characters hair appears to be devil horns, very creepy video overall, love the song that's why I watched the video originally....

  82. Yaneth Mendoza

    While the video is somewhat odd, I still enjoyed it. I didn't see the religious aspect of it, but I just interpreted it as everyone having the ability to control their lives to obtain the outcome they desire. The girl wanted to be a nun, so she ends up walking out of every "date" , and the guy didn't want to be a killer so he drops the gun and accepts the outcome even if it's death. The light flashing moments can just be the moment they realized they are not content with what they are doing. When it came to the priest, my interpretation of it was that everyone has the control and freedom to prevent themselves from causing harm, and can end an undesired behavior. For in his case, he appears to be a priest and according to Catholic practices he can not have sex. Personally, it's time they allow them to marry and have families, and let them choose who they want to marry.

  83. Dave Mustaine

    Going to see these guys in Barcelona on 16.11.2016. Excited!

  84. manuel leyva


  85. bakterija48i

    This is why I hate music videos. They turned into movies. But its a good song.

  86. paulwellerful

    mi piace davvero molto

  87. Piero Graziani

    Ottimo brano...molto '80

  88. lirazell

    J'adore !

  89. Liliana Caninenberg

    BEST video EVER !!! So cool and real. What an amazing song. It takes me back to my almost home town Tijuana,Baja California MEXICO (yay !!!) where I've spent the best years of my life 🌵🌵🌵 couldn't be more epic, brings tears of joy ! Great respect to WL. They got it right !

  90. jun ker

    Good morning Kojima.

  91. Devil Dog

    Hideo Kojima ;)

  92. Vamper 47

    Who else came here by Hideo Koshima Tweet?

  93. Sligo 1978

    Faith, guilt and forgiveness ourselves is an individual mystery. "Take it Out On Me" is reflexion. And great clue too.

  94. Kjm 205

    this is a majorly fucked up shit fest of a video, but I still love you (don't do it again)

  95. Volodymyr Gandzhuk

    They are surely bigger than us

  96. Serhii Harmatii

    love White Lies but what a fuck is this?