White Lies - Friends Lyrics

Where do you go
Whenever it gets serious?
Your reasons are old
I'm overcome with weariness
I heard you're in Mexico
But move around, never settle long
You took two years in Tokyo
An insincere attempt to grow

So tell me
How can we still be friends
When we're just a love that didn't happen
And can never happen

So tell me
How can we still be friends
When we're just a love that didn't happen
And can never happen again

Your heart is a lie
You've strung together to buy some time
It's so easy to call
But isn't love disposable
Nowhere for this to go
You left it all, you left me low
Send some word, to raise a hope
Or let it fall to the sea below

So tell me
How can we still be friends
When we're just a love that didn't happen
And can never happen

So tell me
How can we still be friends
When we're just a love that didn't happen
And can never happen again

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White Lies Friends Comments
  1. Cameron Wolfe

    Here on July 17th 2018.

  2. Sara Ivañez

    What genre is this? It's just awesome

    Zoe Nutt

    Modern new wave. Look into Depeche Mode, they’re a lot like this.


    There’s something very 1980’s very new wave about this song takes me back ....

    Joshua Sweetvale

    mattyk19751 Amy "Panacea" Dallon. ...Sorry you said 'New Wave' and this song is about addiction to love & healing.... it's a pun.

  4. Ashley Echaiz

    me encanta. <3 Now the nights are getting long
    Ahora que las noches se hacen largas

  5. FeminineShinobi

    Such an underrated band. Anyway, I'm glad I found this gem.

  6. Eric van Houdt

    The beginning of the song is a copy of Howling at the moon by the ramones

  7. VigorousVicious

    Is this at the original speed?
    It sounds higher to me.

  8. che williams

    Played this awesome track at Preston Guild Hall....06/03/2017.....Love these guys.x

  9. Joshua Sweetvale

    Uh. Amy Dallon. Pan-chan. This song is... frighteningly descriptive. O_O

  10. Antonio Banderas

    'Goldmine' are better... ;-)

  11. k wolfe

    i've had this song on repeat for days 😵

  12. Néstor Rivera

    BUEN GRUPO....

  13. Joshua Sweetvale

    Slaanesh approves...

    But the Emperor forgives.

  14. Fardier

    KOJIMA bring me here

  15. Royal Knight

    Kojima brought me here!

  16. ileanaOasis

    awesome, love this song !!

  17. Melenios Biker

    kojima send me here:)

  18. Nilbanas

    Kojima-sama brought me here.

    Murad Demirci

    Nelson same here kojima has an ear for great tunes though I dont dig this as much as the more meaningful/emotional Low Roar tracks!

  19. Max Orion 74


  20. Heasler Chacón

    Desde Lima... Radio Doble Nueve 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  21. adamx78

    ojala vengan a PERU csm !!! ya toy arto q vengan esos grupos basura de reggaton !!!

  22. Dr Strangelove

    Here cause Kojima has good taste in music

  23. Victor Pion

    Hideo Kojima Twitter brought me here


    THE HERO same


    THE HERO same

    Gary Mcguire

    Danghost612 Gaming

  24. androeed86 stone

    i think that lyrics where questionmark is, are "that kick"... that pain i need to know....

  25. Seaair

    Hold back your love lyrics!!!

  26. H e k a t

    listened to this like 30 times now o_O

  27. Pearl Hamilton

    white lies we luv ya!! can't wait to see you in Glasgow guys😍

  28. Nicola Di Salvatore


  29. Steven Cross

    Hope the rest of the album is as good as this

  30. DEHLAN

    whens the rest of the album out ?


    uuuckt a canny wait feels like ages away


    +DEHLAN it's too muchhhhhhh haha


    its is that lets hope its as good as big tv eh


    +DEHLAN hopefully it will be 😊 although Big TV is hard to beat

    Edvan Souza

    TheBlowmind mo

  31. Mário Luna

    Just beautiful!

  32. Wit



    gimme that ring! \o/


    @mibkonoha no precioussss...... it'sss oursssss foreverrrr......

    MIKAEL Hallman

    Love from Sweden

  33. Sheriffthegreat

    So underrated and needs more popularity!


    @SheriffGamer yesssss precioussssss.....ours first! Gollum! Gollum!

    ramzi Snow

    @TUBA TUBA TUBA u r pretty , I like u


    +ramzi chinoui Thank you very much!!

    Wind Of Change

    Popularity ruins the artists

  34. Jodie Gray

    what's with the weird ad at the end?



  35. Al Bernerhelge

    that's really not bad! not the best they've ever done, but pretty good as a promoting single...

  36. PinkFloyDostin7

    ya espero el álbum

  37. petra stutzke

    verliebt <3