White, Karyn - Unbreakable Lyrics

Baby, I'm so convinced by the way you treat me
It makes me you don't wanna be with me.
Your actions and words don't mean a thing
I feel the pain.

But I don't cry all these tears and now I'm all alone
If this is for the best, then that's what love's about.
Nothing in the edge, telling me lies.
I thought that I can take no more, though my heart's unbreakable.

Pick up the pieces to my heart.
Put it together, a brand new start.
Been through it all, learning through the pain,
And do it all, my heart remains

Unbreakable, unbreakable,
Unbreakable, my heart's unbreakable.
Unbreakable, put your hands to my chest
Rip my heart right out my soul,
I'm unbreakable.

Let's keep it cool,
Around my friends you made me look like a fool.
I'm running from the truth, it's catching up to you
And wrap my love to pieces with all the games you played,
You need to act your age.

You sit and smile in my face and say you love me
When you're out with your boys you disrespect me.
Look me in the eyes, you're telling me lies,
I thought that I can take no more, thought my heart's unbreakable.

Pick up the pieces to my heart.
Put it together, a brand new start.
Been through it all, learning through the pain,
And do it all, my heart remains

Unbreakable, unbreakable,
Unbreakable, my heart's unbreakable.
Unbreakable, put your hands to my chest
Rip my heart right out my soul,
I'm unbreakable.

Now I'm done, I'm moving one,
Me minus one it equals some.
Baby, I won't shed a tear,
I stood around all these years.
See, I, I made it through the pain
No other woman will treat you the same.
What goes up comes down,
What goes around comes back around
You played me like a fool,
But it's coming back to you.

Pick up the pieces to my heart.
Put it together, a brand new start.
Been through it all, learning through the pain,
And do it all, my heart remains

Unbreakable, unbreakable,
Unbreakable, my heart's unbreakable.
Unbreakable, put your hands to my chest
Rip my heart right out my soul,
I'm unbreakable.

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White, Karyn Unbreakable Comments
  1. jeffery james

    Baby never lost it.

  2. Antonio Herbin

    It"s amazing how much this woman looks the same as she did in the 80's and 90's most artists from this erra don't look the same due to plastic sergury this beautiful lady still has it proof is in distant memory and the storm two of her latest singles to date.

  3. Antonio Herbin

    My birth day was the other week I love and respect this woman not only is she a legend she's a living legend I know Whitney Houston is smiling down on this woman they both broke out around the time I was born that's why I love and admire them so mush especially the late Whitney love you sissy xooxxo.

  4. Jarhonda Gamble

    Karen is aging like a fine wine...still looks and sounds amazing!! I am such a fan!

  5. Hein Dattel

    Goood groooove. ♫♪

  6. Jarhonda Gamble

    She still looks and sounds amazing

  7. Zane Good

    More music please!


    Although I questioned some of the tracks from this cd, until I saw this video, I don't know how in the hell did I ignore this particular song

  9. Hebert Wilton Angulo Angulo

    karyn I love you,😚😚😚😚💞💞💞🌷💚💝🌹🌹 canta como una Diosa

  10. Bigmaker223

    Still got it.

  11. Robert Lee Blake Art

    Yeah, you still look good woman.

  12. Antonio Herbin

    You have to love this lady cause she speaks love and pain getting over one love and finding another she truly is a national treassuer to me her music gets me feeling bueatyful& loved she truly is still beautiful as she was than I love her so much she brings me so much xoxo❤💘👄👄.

  13. Juan Tomlinson

    11 25 year old mad cause a 50 year old look better than them

  14. rockerisking

    Flawless beauty, always has been. I had such a crush on her when she came out . Still just as beautiful as she was back then.

    Dane Boggs

    Secert rendezvous video she was and still is hot.

  15. Hattim Hassan

    sexy <3

  16. Hattim Hassan

    karyn never aged i cant believe she is 50 still looking 25yr i like here boobs

  17. William Tollerton

    put your hand to my chest? i can think of a few other places id like to put them, as well as a few other of my body parts , as youve still got it maybe a wee bit more actually.

  18. Felando Waller

    I wanna fuck her

  19. Raymond Officer

    lol now I see this I'm just still Star Struck over you.

  20. musiclover3928

    Karyn, you have brought great music back into our world.  A world in desperate need for real music with substance and melody.  It took a long time for you to comeback to us.  It is a blessing to have you here!.

  21. rufdymond

    Certainly one of the better artists around - remember buying the first album and wearing it out I played so much. It was on vinyl by the way folks, if younger readers are wondering what the hell I'm talking about. 


    @rufdymond Damn right!. I have her first three albums and now i've added her new one :). She should have never left the music industry for so long. I am so glad Karen is back with us.

  22. starkid77

    This song is beautiful, thought it was from years ago, and it's from the past couple years? Karyn still sounds strong, love her forevah!!!

  23. Sammie Sparrow

    Very deep Voice

  24. dinfluence30

    I enjoyed your performance on the 17th May at Panama in Amsterdam...Thanks

  25. marcus Flair

    karyn is beautiful, been rocking her music since the 80's and still to this day. 

  26. Björn Pfannkuch

    Karyn I love you and youre Music since 23 years!!!!!!!!! U´re one of the best 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!! Love this song so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kiss you :-)

  27. T. McCrae

    I love this song! and she looks amazing!, as usual!

  28. Sarai Juelz

    that second verse though!!! #serious

  29. Sarai Juelz

    omg!!! my testimony right now!!!!

  30. arwen wallace

    Beautiful song...Beautiful video.

  31. blacksoul pearl

    yeah "blackgirl86" reminds me

  32. Neo LNJ

    Omg...accidentally came across ... I am so embarrassed haven't heard from or about you in yearssss. Thought something bad happened to to know you're okay and still singing. Love you

  33. WEST North

    Thanks Karyn, you reminds me of my teenage when I saw your performance in Budokan arena in Tokyo...your voice is still fresh and sweet!!

  34. 2PISKOTKA2

    has beautiful hair, my sweetheart

  35. Piotr Szczucki

    That"s Right..Special Place & Love !..

  36. macmen007

    The "True You" is still intact...no skin lighting applied; no blonde hair, thanks for being YOU!

  37. macmen007

    YEP!...You still GOT "IT" Karen...thank you for having the courage to share your gift with all of us AGAIN!....Thanks for living responsible and being a role model for women of this day and age. Most High's blessing for you....SHALOM!

  38. l davis

    This song is hot and Karyn sings so well..

  39. suchasin

    Still one of the most beautiful women on the planet

  40. MahoganiSmoke

    Absolutely beautiful song, vocals, and video! Karyn, you have not aged a day since the 90's!!!!

  41. candy798591

    Nice!!! Thanks for posting this video.

  42. Brian Norby

    Karyn....I LOVE this song! Your experience and your heart shows! Peace and One Love to you! :)

  43. Björn Pfannkuch

    omg Karyn is back..I can´t stop listen to this song!!!!!!!!!!!!! u are the best r´n´b artist 4 ever!

  44. Björn Pfannkuch

    the best song 4 ever from karyn!

  45. Wisdom4Life LoveIsTheWay

    Great song! It's so mellow and soothing. And she still looks beautiful.

  46. davisnneal

    Seeing you were back and then hearing a song from you put a smile on my face. . Now it one of those "TYJ'. Thank you Jesus moments

  47. tmjw69

    Wecolme back Ms. White, you waited WAY to long. Great to hear you again. Been with you since Jeff Lober, Good Luck with the new album :)

  48. Gracie Velasco

    What a great song...We missed you! Please come to the UK!!!!!!

  49. Maria Howell

    OMG! you are back! You are still our Superwoman! Karyn, you are wonderful - so glad I found you here.....

  50. TLCArmy

    Wow, love this song. Please come to South Africa??

  51. cwstudiosatl

    Welcome Back KW! We missed you!! Show these ladies what real talent looks like and what R&B is all about!

  52. Jiri Zimovcak

    OMG, SHE IS BACK! I'M SO HAPPY! I must order her album on amazon!

  53. tc80s

    She's growing like a fine red wine...great vocal

  54. prityricky1

    This is absurd to still be this fly after all these years! You look good. # Timeless beauty. I didn't know you had an album out, but I'm definitely going to check it out.

  55. Sameera Paigs

    I still don't get what everyone sees in this video. It could've been way better. I heard Karyn say this is her best video but she must be joking. She had an incredible director in Matthew Rolston for Romantic. So I'd take a renown photographer/and video director over the loser who put this piece of crap video together.

  56. Keddy Grams

    I love this song ....U sit in smile in my face and say you love....Yes!

  57. Aytekin Kurt

    Beautiful song. Karyn as beautiful as ever. Wonderful perfromance as always from one of my all time favorite female singers. Thankfully, you're back Karyn. It wasn't fair :)

  58. The N’Tuned Show with The Official Ms.P

    I love you Karyn!! Love this TRACK/Video...Awesomeness! The N'Tuned Show Keeps you in ROTATION...Ms.P <3

  59. Sameera Paigs

    While she looks ok in this video it would be a whole lot better without the awkward arm movements. She looks like she's trying to land a plane. The song sucks but so does every song off her new album. This is not real r&b this is mediocrity at its best.

  60. Marty Spencer

    Man i have missed you, your music played such a important part of my life, Love you.

  61. Uneekenterprise Ali

    Beautiful song love it!

  62. Jose mazmorras 1964

    toda la suerte del mundo para tu vuelta, los mejores deseos

  63. blackgirl86

    Welcome back Karyn! I still remember watching the superwoman video at a very young age. Always been one of my favorite songs.

  64. kimmykimk1

    looked at again love it, cause sometimes you just want to go to that peaceful place, nature and realize how great we (women)really are!

  65. kimmykimk1

    Love the song first,beautiful and love the nature the background was very nice. all together Great!

  66. Mickey Sullivan

    Love It!

  67. Skorpion DUS

    She is BACK. Can´t wait for the new Album... Greetings from Germany !

  68. Cliff Colter

    Love it! Love it! Love!

  69. nicole wilson

    Really good to see her again, I love her music!!

  70. stretchgilbert

    Beautiful Song,Beautiful Lady :-)

  71. Matthew Standen

    24 years later and you are still my favourite.

  72. MoDiva38

    Beautiful voice, strong as ever Ms. Karen! And you look AMAZING!!!! Go girllllll!!!!