White Buffalo, The - The Whistler Lyrics

This time is different
It's not like the times before
I crossed my heart, that I won't kill no more
Jesus watch over me, keep my anger at home
You better bless these wicked hands
Cause they got a mind of their own
Don't go downtown

The devil whispers in my ear, "It's time for your curtain call"
So I dress myself on up with alcohol
Step aside, step aside, oh, let the whistler through
There really ain't no help at all for folks like me and you
Don't go downtown
Don't go downtown

Get your goddamn hands up
Don't you look at me
No one's a-dying here alone
Well, I came to get it on
Let's get it on

This time is different
Not like the time before
I crossed my heart
That I won't kill no more

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White Buffalo, The The Whistler Comments
  1. Jessica R SugaPlum

    I love how this mans songs.

  2. Scottie Rogers

    How can anybody dislike any of his songs, no matter live!! Shame on you all!! This is true music from the heart

  3. Moises Romo

    I am a Mexican American/ guitar player and this hits the soul !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bafrali Furkan

    Amk adamın ıslığı bile güzel.

  5. Datte Bayo


  6. The Reverend Of Rock

    2020 ? ❤❤❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 The White buffalo 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  7. Steven Garthune

    Jesus, this guy is special.

  8. Amanda Borges

    Faltou só o whisk 🎵❤

  9. Jon Roberts

    Such a powerful voice. His face says it all, not many people can get away with those lyrics and make it look so believable

  10. chocolate3261

    I will forever be thankful to Sons Of Anarchy for introducing me to this beautiful man

  11. Victorylands

    Biri şu videoyu elraenn'e atsın


    So freaking bad ass!

  13. Sitti Aeeshya

    Wtf this is amazing

  14. Marcos Abreu

    Alguem 2020?

  15. ITS MiLkBoNe

    What a lovely lovely voice....

  16. 4L -


  17. Angel Johnson

    Damn I love your music & your voice! Your Amazing💕😍

  18. Joílson

    Algum BR? Clay Morrow scene's

  19. Harri Jaamala

    He seems to be who he is.How can you come back after killing people,people talk and talk..


    That's definitely my funeral's top song!

  21. salih ilbay

    sese bak amınakoyayım

  22. Ivan McDonough

    R.I.P. and thanks for keeping us safe

  23. Romulo Luiz

    Canta demais
    Que música foda
    Música de verdade...

  24. Rocky

    Bu parçayı sevdiğim bütün kompleksli oruspulara gelsin

  25. Rob-ot

    This mans music gives me chills, I cant say that about many artists.. this hits too close to home

  26. christophe venema


    Matt dn24

    Wie is Oppie?

    christophe venema

    @Matt dn24 wie ben jij

    Matt dn24

    @christophe venema die gast die naast je zit?

  27. ghetto mama

    I 🖤 his voice

    ITS MiLkBoNe

    I know! That's a lovely lovely voice...

  28. VOiD BOY

    I just remember everything.

  29. aokspage

    Zac wylde and white buffalo need to collaborate🔥🔥

    Maniac Rider

    Absolutely. 👍👍✌

  30. matt sallows

    Saw jake a few years back in Toronto with a close friend and it was the best show ever

  31. NaughtyDog 97

    Can i buy this version from somewhere? 🤗

  32. Killer Mike

    this song should have been in read dead redemption 1

  33. Simone Moura

    I loved you russian

  34. Simone Moura

    Beautiful you

  35. Simone Moura

    i loved russian

  36. Emre Erden

    en zor matematık sorusu bıle bu ıslık kadar düşündürmezdi

  37. Matthew A

    Better than the studio version. Harrah

  38. Alejandro Da Guy

    Just discovered White Buffalo from Punisher Season 2! This song should have also been in that series!

  39. burak tuter

    Ağzına yüreğine sağlık Kuzey Tekinoğlu.

  40. Vahdettin Atalay

    Bufalo reis boynuma dolaaa

  41. Corvoys

    Elraen ?

    YasinCan Yılmaz

    Olum harbi çok benziyo lan göz yapısı falan

  42. Belze-sama chanel

    Like aki Magyarországról hallgatja!

  43. Bijn Mn


  44. Garry P

    This guys fuckin letal

  45. dinkydino dik

    A song that hits hard! I love it!!!

  46. sysfiend

    Still coming back.

  47. JIMBO

    Thank you. Lived that for a while.


    Elraenn bu adam resmen aq

  49. Doomspud Roflcopter

    One of the only songs that has ever made me cry.

  50. William McCollum



  51. Лидиа Дунајчик


  52. john kennedy

    #QuentinTarantino Can you Make this movie please.... and your welcome....

  53. Tolga Karakurt

    canım abim seni çok seviyorum

  54. P. D'Angelo

    Wow! I just discover this artist today, listening to a blues radio on Spotify. I'm SO GLAD I've found him! It is so hard nowadays to find musicians with this quality. Awesome voice, real, raw, story telling talent....

  55. Terry Zentilin

    I'm in love wth his music…...the words OMG !!!!!

  56. Murat UNLU

    perfect song mate

  57. FilipWizard

    Jonah Hill sure can sing.

  58. Lance Brill

    I am new to him but so glad I've lived experiencing his energy for lack of a better word. OMG love this song.

  59. Jim John

    This song would fit well in Peaky Blinders

  60. Jon Doe

    And yet there are dumb-phuucks like Lindsey Graham & Hillary Clinton who wants us to keep fighting senseless horse shit wars that gets our Vets mind f*cked! When they come back... IF the come back we have them DIE in the waiting room at the VA waiting for help.

  61. zachary messler

    This song gives me chills 😂

  62. Kosmas Mpouras

    Amazing song!

  63. Cameron Bevan

    The end of the song is so powerful, you can literally see the drunken vet in a bar picking fights just cause he knows he can win. Its scary

  64. Rafael Ferreira

    Quem mais conheceu essa otima banda por causa de SONS OF ANARCHY?

  65. Zarek Wellington

    The emotions and feelings and beauty captured in this song is ridiculous.

  66. Aldo javier Alvarez Garcia

    Damn Opie can sing!!

  67. Seth Horror

    clay entregando o colete e tirando o ceifeiro aceitando as consequências de seus atos como um homem

  68. john enright

    Video has been loading for a couple minutes. The ad played instantly. Hmmm 🤔

  69. Samuray jack

    Arap sukru dinliyodum ben aq bura neresi

  70. Сергей Михайлов

    you made me cry

  71. DeCarlo Calloway

    5.2M views? Respect.✊

  72. Fábio Júlio

    Se fosse mais divulgado no Brasil, iria ter um grande público.

  73. Nawaf Alw7sh

    As much as I hate what American did to Iraq considering that I'm Muslim,I really do love this song ❤️

  74. Louis Hoffman

    His whistle alone is chilling. I wish I discovered The White Buffalo sooner

  75. Ricardo Morales

    Great song! Hands down....

  76. Tolga Karakurt

    keşke babam olsan

  77. Ein Google-Nutzer

    So great

  78. zoomom


  79. Vitor Perroni

    Pika demais

  80. Day12My

    Sounds like Mac Powell

  81. Hiçbir Şey Bilmeyen Adam

    Bu nasıl bir ses? Tüylerim diken diken oldu LAN.

  82. Patrik Horváth

    503 people liked it so much that they turned their mobile so they could give another like

  83. Rocky

    Mükemmel amq

  84. Johan Nel

    Video to date has almost 5.2 mil views, but only 39k liked the video and 798k subscribed?where is the rest of them?

  85. AvalonDreaming

    Wow! This guy is the real deal.

  86. MythMethuselah

    Anti hero track.

  87. doug marcus

    he was the voice of the sons of anarchy

  88. Gilgamesh Modinkin

    I’ve heard of songs that rip your head out through ur anus, but this is ridiculous.

  89. David H

    Giving this a thumbs down shows you cant hear

  90. BeachGunner

    Great stuff. He and Colter Wall share similar qualities of tone.

  91. Fennec

    This version is way better than the studio recordings of this track in my opinion.

  92. Sergei F

    You tear me to pieces

  93. Karolyn

    What a fine, powerful voice!

  94. Kleybson Roberto

    -BR aqui ? ouvindo música de qualidade , SOA .