White Buffalo, The - House Of Pain Lyrics

It's a little past supper time
I'm still out on the porch steps
Sittin on my behind, waiting for you
Wondering if everything is all right
Momma said come in boy don't waste your time
I said I've got time be home soon

I was five years old and talkin' to myself
Where were you? Where'd ya go?
Daddy can't you tell

I'm not trying to fake it
And I ain't the one to blame
No there's no one home
In my house of pain
And I didn't write these pages and
My scripts been rearranged
No there's no one home
In my house of pain
No there's no one home
In my house of pain

Wasn't I worth the time
A boy needs a daddy like a dance to mime
And all the time, I looked up to you
I paced my room a million times
And all I ever got was one big lie
The same old lie, how could you?

I was eighteen, still talking to myself
Where were you? Where'd you go?
Daddy can't you tell?

I'm not trying to fake it
And I ain't the one to blame
No there's no one home
In my house of pain
And I didn't write these pages and
My scripts been rearranged
No there's no one home
In my house of pain
No there's no one home
In my house of pain

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White Buffalo, The House Of Pain Comments
  1. Marco Antônio

    It has been 3 years since I last talked to my father. Don't know why I shared this, just felt like it

  2. clayton carmine

    this for for Anthony and benjamin

  3. Zabi Akbari

    touch me alot thanks for the dive

  4. Lucas Reis


  5. AnamCara1967

    The Original ''Faster Pussycat-House of Pain'' from the eightees brought me here.

  6. Ömer Dalkılıç

    Türk yok dimi hiç..

  7. Martin ksiazek

    This is one amazing song...Brooklyn NY💪

  8. aokspage


  9. Gabriel Santos


  10. MetalizedButt

    You should cover Dolly Parton’s I will always love you

  11. Tracey Cole

    Sons of anarchy has brought out a damn great band

  12. Hot 100 Jay Giron

    My dad did this to my brothers, sister and I. I’m 29 now. But I felt this way about him as a 5 year old. I broke down in tears when I heard this.
    He came back later on down the road but the damage was already done.

  13. James Reynolds

    He does a great cover of this "Faster-Pussycats" song

  14. Peter Sandstedt

    i love this

  15. jeremy blackwood

    Unreal!! I remember this from faster Pussycat for sure but I wasn't the biggest hair band guy although I did love the ballads for sure. I just don't think I really caught the lyrics especially for this one. Thanks buff for putting it in perspective for me. And to the beaut glam rockers that wrote and made it first. It's one of the best!!!!!!

  16. C L

    Goddamn... this song floors me every time I hear it.

  17. blacjack

    I love the original by Faster Pussycat, but damn this is amazing.

  18. Martin ksiazek

    Don’t like country but this is one amazing fucking song!!!!!

  19. Salles Murilo


  20. paul s

    Holy shit this song is good

  21. Joe Branton

    Awesome song

  22. VGN Games

    Muito bom Ricardo!

  23. Andreas Vece

    No one in the world deserve a similar pain. Love yourself and your children too.

  24. Gorj Ander

    I've never had a good relationship with my father. Since he left my mother. Now he's an old man. Yet I try to regain our relationship, but it is not easy. Anyway, I still want him to live a lot. He is my father and I love him.

  25. sean quinton

    Sadly amazing

  26. Donald Ferguson

    I cry almost every time i hear this song

  27. Troy Kirkley

    Hits a bad spot

  28. MetalizedButt

    This is a brilliantly written song by FasterPussyCat. Definitely one of the underrated hair bands.

  29. Semih Topal

    in my house of pain..

  30. Ryan Greenly

    Listen to this with a teenager who lives with mom... would be so much easier to give up, but my little girl will never know that, or feel this song in her own heart.
    Family Law Reform. Kids need dads.

  31. Matthew Rogers

    Great cover, faster pussycat

  32. Koby Franklin

    I know my father but as long as I can remember I blame myself for him leaving when I was two, I struggle seeing why anyone would stay around me if I wasn’t good enough for even my father to stay. Him being gone has given me the chance to be the man of the house since I was 7, I love my family to death and wouldn’t want to see anyone hurt them but at the same time I struggle to not hurt myself, I feel like I have and never will be good enough. I spent years without any close friends in fear that they too would leave like my dad. Until about a year ago when I realized that I needed to have people I was okay with being alone. Seeing people’s comments about people having good or great fathers makes me happy to see that at least some people can have that, and seeing the comments of people who never knew there father makes me feel sorry for them. I know my father and I know the type of “man” that he is, and that knowledge has helped me realize that it wasn’t me being broken or unwanted it’s that he couldn’t realize the things in life that actually matter.

  33. Ivon Grey

    This goes out to my Dad who died a few weeks ago as this is how I felt after he died, thanks for Being their Dad :')

  34. l3yfajamz

    It's annoying that cover artists get more views than you I have all your albums and nothing else compares to your music it's raw and realistic to the point most listeners / fans can relate your amazing I can play most of your tracks myself and no matter how many times I play or listen to your genius it's always amazing. Underated .com

  35. Matthew Rogers

    Fasterpussycat 80s my bad

  36. Matthew Rogers

    Thx l.a.guns fuckin nice

  37. drallen888

    Thank you for for posting this , I'm amazed how this mirrors my relationship between my father and myself. I didn't know then what I know now , I was a kid , actually of 5 years old, I lived in that "house of pain" until recently. I know now it wasn't my fault and it wasn't his either, it just was. I raised five children and have 9 grandchildren all I ever wanted to be was a good husband and father . I strived for those two things so much because of that "house of pain".

  38. Dawn Kennedy

    didn't realize The White Buffalo covered this song! Wow, this brings me back to elementary school. 80's hair band rock. This version is simply beautiful. Jake's voice........love

  39. Davi Emerick

    2019 ^^

  40. Marie Tuahine

    I came to the white buffalo by accident. I live here now.

  41. Peter Jones

    Well sung buffalo,credit to you,credit to faster pussycat for writing this beate of a tearjerker.been kistening to the white buffalo for years now.saw him live in birmingham.hes so energetic live.sang every song I knew of his.moneysworth?OOH YEAH.IF HE COMES BACK I BE THEIR BROTHER.GO BIG MAN.ONWARDS AND UOWARDS TO YA JAKE

  42. Kevin Brooks

    Both of my children where stolen from me. A abusive woman i married because i served my military and wanted to be a father. She constantly hit me. She broke my heart more than any person in the world. Now i hear this an i cant even see my son who lives in the uk and im in the usa. Ive tried so hard to see him and my daughter. This song hurts me so bad its hard to stand.

  43. Ryan Kelley

    respect my man, respect.

  44. BirdShot IV

    jimislash brought me here

  45. Federico Di Guglielmo

    It's painfull listen this song thinking about my grandpa... I miss him too much, can't stay without him

  46. cruz

    can't listen to this without getting teary eyed

  47. Peter Jones

    Powerful song.sort of reminds me of "kody"the matchbox 20 song off yourself or someone like you album.great album.love white buffalo especially his 1st album too

  48. Angie Anderson

    Keith pointer

  49. Angie Anderson

    Anything and everything

  50. Genna Reid

    76 people have disliked this because....?? Ready for a discussion on this

  51. The Lone Outlaw

    Imagine the video of a man in his mid 20’s sitting in a dimly lit room, empty with exception to him and a crate of empty beer bottles. He’s sitting on a chair in front of the camera looking into it(us) when he’s singing the song, as if he’s sitting in front of his father(the camera) asking him “Where were you? Where’d you go? Etc.) Occasionally looking at his feet in an obvious attempt to hold off the pain. He starts out sorrowful and melancholy and as it progresses, we seem him break down into pure agony. As if all the sadness, anger, loneliness and confusion are coming out for the first time, all of which, at the same time. Then as the song fades out, the camera pans to a perspective of behind the actor/Jake to see he was talking to a picture of his father. In which it shows that he served in the military and either gave the ultimate sacrifice or committed suicide, then the camera fades to darkness.

    We see after the song ends, the guy, in uniform, get into a bus filled with other men in uniform. He looks back at his wife who is standing in the front doorway to their house, sobbing. (The camera is close up to show only her face) We hear the bus drive off as the cameras on her. Then it cuts off to show the man sitting on the bus, with a determined but mournful look in his eyes. The camera then cuts back to a zoomed out shot of his wife, holding her pregnant belly. Representing the cycle, of him becoming his father and his child becoming him.

    I don’t know, this just popped into my head while I was listening to this.

    alex hill

    You got a great imagination dude.

  52. The Lone Outlaw

    The beauty of the darkness is matched by nothing but that of the light. But at the end of the day, you can’t have one without the other. Two sides of the same coin so they say.

    Yet, why do I feel nothing but darkness? Where has the light gone? Was it taken from me? Did I give it away? How do I get it back? I don’t like the darkness. Not this much. It’s killing me. God. Where is the light...where is the light.

  53. Nathan Tugend

    As a 20 year old young man this hits home for me, my Dad was never there. Either behind bars or out partying. I remember over the years trying to give him chances but some people don't change. He's been out of jail for years and he's not partying anymore but like this song says "tho there's no one home in my house of pain"

  54. Alex Bowen

    Grew up in foster care for 14 years with my Dad in prison and my mom was nowhere to be found. After I buried my mom 3 years ago when I was 19. I found this song and it blew my mind about how close this hit home for me.

  55. J Lord

    Hail satan

  56. fritshits65

    got to know this unreal tune back in `89 , by Faster Pussycat ( its their original ) , these were the `dying days` of glam & hair rock , the 80ties were full of bands like them like Warrant , Poison , Cinderella , Dokken , Motley Crüe ( those guys I realy liked !!) etc etc , and although there were pretty good ones amongst them ; by `89 they have had their good times , and it was time to move on ! But all that followed wasn`t all that great , actually I say the 90ties and especially the zero`s were truly poor times for music lovers , some exceptions were there ( I turned to Brit/Indie Rock for example , and there were great bands also ) , but in general those were years of poverty!..thank God for nowadays , for a decade that has brought us TRUE musicians again , for music that comes from the heart again , instead of all that polished-up-studio-arranged shit....I name guys like Paolo Nutini , Ben Howard ( no > not his hits , remarkeably those are his least best songs ) , Matthew Good , Hamilton Leithauser , Tom McCrae , Jonathan Jeremiah etc , and this Big Guy > the WHITE BUFFALO.....doing a cover here , but what can you say ??...a tremendous voice , a guitar and a mic.....most of the time its all you need , when it comes to a TRUE artist......and thats exactly what we are talking about here.....this guy is pure , honest , you get what you see ( = HEAR!)....and I have to say > I know many a song by him ( into the sun for example is unreal..) but I can only say that I take it as great respect to Faster Pussycat for picking their song...it is a `classic` for true music lovers.....and here I rest my tribute in writing to a truly BIG guy.....with Love!!.....don`t you just lóve M U S I C ??? ;-)

  57. Dustin McCain

    Where were you.. where did you go..

  58. Raphael Nether

    Sublime, what a beautiful song, pure art.

  59. Mellowcanuck

    This song is for a truck driver's boy.

  60. FarBeyond Driven

    My father ignored me till I was young teen then took off. Feel it. Hard.

  61. Jackson Swank

    This song hits pretty close to home

  62. patt

    just lots off hugs

  63. patt

    in silence soooooo coooollllll

  64. Patsy. Martin

    This guy is a Beauty xxxx

  65. Patsy. Martin

    This is a great track , I do have this album and listen to all the tracks always , some impressive talent.

  66. Just Some Random Person

    Man this makes me feel bad. I wish my father had the guts to stand up to my bitch of a mother, that would've been a lot better.

  67. JNK67x

    This song reminded me of myself, so much anger that i didn't know how to place. i was so angry at everything and i forgot that my anger was hurting those i loved around me.

  68. Nicolas Freeman

    It's 2017 already and still is no one home in my house of pain...

  69. HardcoreJesus100

    I'm speechless... thumbs up


    Faster pussycat had a good lead singer/song writer

  70. Nathan Goodfellow

    Faster Pussy Cat would be proud to know you covered there tune and im proud to have heard this version, i feel it . Well done!

  71. Leaking Blood

    A father plays a very important role in one's life, they can ruin you or make you. I'm glad I have a great one, thanks dad.. :')

  72. Sam Hudson

    I can't decide which one I like more, this or Faster Pussycat's original

  73. Daniel D

    Wiki <3 :* :D

  74. Norene Cashen

    As already mentioned, this is a slow, haunting cover of "House of Pain." TWB releases the profound sadness of the original like rain water dripping off the gutters of a rustic cabin out in the woods somewhere. Re: a previous comment, this is not "lyrics by" Faster Pussycat. This is a song by Faster Pussycat. Surprised it hasn't been covered by more artists. A beauty.

  75. joshua key

    I do love fasterpussy cat, but they are not the original singer

    among theghosts

    Kings of leon

  76. joshua key

    jonnie cash wrote this song

    Mathew Woolhouse

    Erm... No, It was written by Faster Pussycat founders Taime Downe and Greg Steele.

  77. Fábio R. Rodrigues

    top de mais.


    HAIR METAL COVER YO!!!!! ...Good Job!!! \m/ \m/ ROCK ON!!!

  79. terry vince

    I just cryed like a baby

  80. earl knight

    the album cover makes me think of the West Memphis 3 for some reason.

    Wicked Gio Spataro

    the cover art reminds me of and justice for all

  81. Brian Clancy

    This.This was my childhood.

  82. digger973

    Faster pussycat!

  83. iKanneR


  84. Gabriel Messali

    Simply amazing songs this guy do... Listening a song with sense and with a real feeling, it became complicated in these times... And this guy do that in my opinion! I really appreciate it...

  85. Traci A

    My son is 8 & this has been a daily struggle for years. To have a parent abandon their own is one of the most soul crushing things. Wiping tears & having no logical reasoning is a helpless feeling. Call your children & tell them you love them or call your parents & thank them for always being there & loving you.

  86. Traci A

    My son is 8 & this has been a daily struggle for years. To have a parent abandon their own is one of the most soul crushing things. Wiping tears & having no logical reasoning is a helpless feeling. Call your children & tell them you love them or call your parents & thank them for always being there & loving you.

  87. yaryar1976

    Is this for the West Memphis 3 that were falsely imprisoned?

  88. Ülkem Karakaş

    This songs and voice is just adorable my life before The White Buffalo just crashed and now these songs just speaks to me its amazing!!

  89. smoov120

    this is a cover I believe

    DHR T

    yes, faster pussycat is the original artist ... right?

    amine memmi

    yes it is .. the original one from a band called FASTER PUSSYCAT

  90. Jonáš Vohrna

    Just... AWESOME <3

  91. Roeloff Vorster

    Small differences hey, still have my dad around. 21 now and I still fell like I didn't have a dad, just a General.
    Just another soldier in my house of pain.

  92. Jw Howell

    Felt it

  93. Walter Whitfield

    This song hits home hard. Today makes a year since my dad died. There were a few years where he wasn't around, I blamed him for the longest time for that. Regardless I always moved on, and then circumstances changed where he was able to be around more. And while I loved the fact that he grew closer relationships with my two sisters and their husbands and kids, there was always that unspoken part between me and him. Almost like he looked at me and saw all the chances he missed out on, that he knew I remembered how bad things were in the beginning while my sisters were too young to remember. It's not that I remembered, it's just that it was so damn hard to forget.
    I forgave him. It took me a long time but I forgave him and told him I wanted a closer relationship with him. To make up for all the missed chances and opportunities. I had this conversation with him 5 months before he had a heart attack and passed away. Hardest thing to this day was seeing him on the floor like that, knowing he isn't coming back.
    I'm glad I forgave him. I'm glad I told him those words. My only regret is not doing it sooner.

    Sam Evans

    Walter Whitfield Respect man, my dad doesn't even bother with me. Speaks to me rarely, this song hits me too. Respect again.

    Michael S.

    And the lights go out to a silent night
    And all you can do is just stay in the fight
    And I just can't see the wrong, and I just can't see the right

    Well I've done wrong, well I've done right, that's clear
    But maybe I'll get better, maybe I'll be different, next year

    Helen Griffiths

    Walter Whitfield
    If only.... such small words with such a huge meaning.
    I lost my Dad 3 years ago now, found him gone in his chair. Like your Dad, his heart was week.
    I would give anything for one more chance to sit and talk .
    Words are sometimes harder to find for the living than the dead.
    Regret is a bitter pill.
    I hope as time goes, you will find comfort in the tiniest of a memory and smile.
    Thinking of you Helen .x

    Çatal Hüyük

    I hear a song writer in you my friend.

    Aaron McCauley

    My story about my Dad is almost a carbon copy of yours. No one home in my house of pain.

  94. charlie marlie

    These songs just speak to me. I love white buffalo

  95. Fabrice Brizio

    Californication brought me here. And reminded me of Faster Pussycat....


    +Fabrice Brizio you wouldn't happen to know and be able to direct me, as to which episode this might be in?

    Fabrice Brizio

    I think it is one of the last episodes of season 7.


    +Fabrice Brizio If I'm not mistaken it's episode 9

    Erik .F

    This is a cover of Faster Pussycat

  96. Eddy Strauss

    Oh my GOD!!!!! I am crying :-(((((((

  97. Charaf Touati

    Californication brought me here <3

  98. PookieFromTheO

    The more I listen to this the more I think it might honestly be one of the best songs I've ever heard. Amazingly simple and calm flow pair with quality lyrics and a soothing voice and you can't go wrong. This is the type of song that movie montages cream their panties for.


    PookieFromTheO can't stop listening to this music like this doesn't come very often


    I would just add that this song in itself is almost like a movie. Especially for anyone who has had an absent "dad", or father, or loved a child with an absent father. I always say, just about any man can be a father, but Dad is a much more revered description, for me, b/c my DAD was the one who was there Day After Day and Always Dependable. A real man is one who is present and reliable for their child, even if they do not live in the same home. This song really hit home.


    @Hippijade I am a daughter, this song screams to that abandonment. My dad made 9 of us. I was raised with 2 siblings but lucky enough to get to know and love another set of 3 he just walked away from. We are all damaged by him in one way or another.


    I can relate. My biological guy, had children after me that he also did not care for properly. I call him "sperm guy", only after he insisted that he was my father, and god damnit I would respect him for that some day. No, no. I did not. Some people say "sperm donor". I say, that implies generosity. Not an irresponsible act of selfishness. I graduated college, traveled, came home and opened my own business. He walked in one day, after I was in business for 6 years, waved his arm around and said "See all of mine didn't turn out so bad". I was livid. My Dad had just walked in, as I was about to tell him that you don't get to take credit for my success when you were nothing but a destructive element in my life. And, to tell the other kids, that if he was disappointed in them, to tell him he had no one but himself to blame. I achieved everything b/c of the man who raised me, nurtured me, and helped me blossom. Sowing your wild oats is not " being a man", nurturing that seed to fruition is being a "real" man. He was always making snide comments about my Dad, who did not have biological children. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Matthew Rogers

    Take it u don't kno that's faster pussycat 80s gotta love it