White Buffalo, The - Come Join The Murder Lyrics

There's a blackbird perched outside my window
I hear him calling
I hear him sing
He burns me with his eyes of gold to embers
He sees all my sins
He reads my soul

One day that bird he spoke to me
Like Martin Luther
Like Pericles

Come join the murder
Come fly with black
We'll give you freedom
From the human trap
Come join the murder
Soar on my wings
You'll touch the hand of God
And He'll make you king
And He'll make you king

On a blanket made of woven shadows
Flew up to Heaven
On raven's glide
There's angels that turn my wings to wax now
I fell like Judas, from grace tonight

And on that day he lied to me
Like Martin Luther
Like Pericles

Come join the murder
Come fly with black
We'll give you freedom
From the human trap
Come join the murder
Soar on my wings
You'll touch the hand of God
And He'll make you king
And He'll make you king

I walk among the children of my fathers
The broken wings
Betrayal's cost
They call to me but never touch my heart now
I am too far
I am too lost

All I can hear is what he spoke to me
Like Martin Luther
Like Pericles

Come join the murder
Come fly with black
We'll give you freedom
From the human trap
Come join the murder
Soar on my wings
You'll touch the hand of God
And He'll make you king
And He'll make you king

So now I curse that raven's fire
You made me hate
You made me burn
He laughed aloud as he flew from Eden
You always knew
You never learn

The crow no longer sings to me
Like Martin Luther
Or Pericles

Come join the murder
Come fly with black
We'll give you freedom
From the human trap
Come join the murder
Soar on my wings
You'll touch the hand of God
And He'll make you king
Come join the murder
Come fly with black
We'll give you freedom
From the human trap
Come join the murder
Soar on my wings
You'll touch the hand of God
And He'll make you king
And He'll make you king

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White Buffalo, The Come Join The Murder Comments
  1. Rita Lamberty

    2020 🥰

  2. Say Now

    And that game of thrones is how it's done.

  3. reekaree

    chills EVERYTIME♥

  4. Nevius

    I used to make fun of people for watching this show till ladt week i watched 7 seasons in 7 days WOW what a fucking show from begining to end. Saddest ending EVER. GREATEST SHOW EVER!!!

  5. VorteZ

    All in favor of the dislikers meeting Mr.Mayhem, Yay

  6. Matt

    It still hurts a little.. I’ll never forget this show

  7. Eric Barker

    Very beautiful song to go with a hellacious series

  8. keir tyrie

    What an ending, bring a tear to a glass eye

  9. cmrd kadaf


  10. Turt Wig

    The club took everything from him but he still gave his life up so SAMCRO could live on in peace so it could hopefully continue with Jax and his fathers original vision, What a show, they don't make them like this anymore

  11. Игорь Овчинников

    Kurt sutter is genius

  12. Prabhat Lamichhane

    Why would you make it un-downloadable ??
    I take my like back...

  13. Mike Davenport

    God is a wimp who let's others fight his battles !

  14. RAKI_ 04

    ❤️❤️❤️que serie 🤤🤤🤤

  15. Bob Gnarley

    Jax was such an incredible character. I can't picture any other actor playing that role, Charlie hunnam did a phenomenal job.

  16. Yusuf Turan

    Bu şarkıyı götüme sokmak istiyorum öyle seviyorum yani

  17. ali hameed

    كملت المسلسل في اسبوعين مسلسل رهيب واكشن ودراما عشق

  18. osocat

    i hope the truck driver wasn't hurt.

  19. Barış Kızıltaş

    We miss samcro currently 🇹🇷

  20. Brandon Walker

    Only show I can watch over and over again and learn something new every time.

  21. Ryan M.

    That cgi just hurts

  22. Record Rabbit


  23. Edielson 182

    I shouldn't be thrilled to see this, but a good show, ball show.

  24. - Czarjevskiy

    Будет продолжение про сыновей ?

  25. Julie Kay

    I watch SOA over and over.utter Brilliance and this ending kills me every time

  26. Cécilia Bimik

    Quelle triste fin...

  27. Dante cell

    Breaking Bad e SOA the best

  28. It's Jay/ Jenna

    Why was there bread at the end?

  29. Nigel Baldwin

    This is how i would dream of leaving this sick planet, brilliant show.

  30. David Sansum

    Took my a good few years to watch from start to finish but I'm still in shock even though I had a thought he may do something like that

  31. yellow snow


  32. Prowler_official

    Jax's eyes in the begining of his last day are the saddest things to see in the whole series... Miss this show so much

  33. etai feder

    so i know the song didn't see soa and now i am and I'm at s2 and i got spoiled my 2 favorite chars died;-;

    Nigel Baldwin

    still worth watching as the journey is incredible

  34. takahiro tanaka

    I LOVE SOA(っ´ω`c)


  35. Tracy Vincent

    The most heartfelt series ever.There will never be another.

  36. LIL KUSH

    This is a beatifull song and the best show i ever watched i love you jax rip

  37. HellbillyUndertaker

    Everyone in this series died with balls and guts. More than most people have in this day and time. Much respect and love to the series and all the characters.

  38. Johnie Jack

    Jacky boy 4ever!

  39. Elina Lahti

    I want this song playe at My funeral

  40. Friction Burns

    R.I.P Jax,Bobby,Tara,Juice, Piney and how can I forget your son Opie. one of the best shows I've ever watched

  41. keithm11112

    Sons don't kill themselves. Was sad he had to go out that way. He got the Mayhem vote but wouldn't let his boys do that .Killed August & the Irish Kings.

  42. Jim Pickens

    It might just my stupid autistic brain, but has anybody else thought about the final scene? With the crows flying off from the bread after Jax crashed into the semi and his blood pours into frame? I've always chosen to see that as Jax making up for his mistakes, giving his sons a chance and getting them out of Charming, and the crows flying off represented his sins flying off, so Jax could die a good man, doing what he believed to be the right thing, and given the show has some religious undertones and a popular theory about the homeless woman is that she's Jesus, his final actions grant him access to heaven. At least that's how I like to think of that scene

  43. Heymymy1000

    Shakespearian's & r'n'r's TV show, awsome !

  44. Jolanda Lorek

    Ist das Video eine Vortsetzung vom ander Lied und Film.So gut.Gefühlvoll und Hsrt

  45. Dale Denton

    This and don’t you think by Waylon Jennings are the ultimate outlaw songs

  46. Paul Issac

    Can’t kill a man who’s already dead inside - unknown

  47. Buenas Intenciones

    Depressive song, Jeepsus fucking Cripes

  48. Buenas Intenciones

    Almost everyone in the show deserved to die, so who gives a fuck?

  49. Lori

    The singer sounds like Richie Havens.

  50. Diogennes Barros A. Brito


  51. ScottishObserver

    Never got what the need in shooting happy in the arm was?

  52. Princess, ally

    I miss jax so much

  53. OisEasyKhalisi JaLogoKhalDrogo

    Sons of Anarchy is Game of Thrones on motorcycles but with a great final


    Well you're not wrong but at least it dosent have incest that's a good thing to be honest.

  54. Meredith Arbon

    I cry because my son is the absolute image of Jax. He has his own demons. I pray for him. My own Jax Teller....

  55. SUBSCRIBE the any youtube channel

    Jax Teller is alive

  56. Azez_777 Azez_777

    sons made me think that I have another family , the way they take the actors was very sad even though we wanted them to die like klay Moro, and jax’s mother . I will never forget you , Jax, Tara , bob, iopy, tige,chibs, Gema, hap, I love you all

    Leroy Oj

    Azez_777 Azez_777 and juice


    Leroy Oj juice is a snitch.

  57. xXx xXx

    one like one life 🗾

  58. stvcanada Brooklyn outlaw

    Ps crystals had no rights stealing mom's phone or ring or stuff selling it why mom got to pay

  59. stvcanada Brooklyn outlaw

    Stop selling mom stuff tache if not ur going to jail came with Steve o


    ζοκήθηςσχολαςοοβςππμ €(#ευιό /

  61. volkswagen87

    Hammer Serie

  62. Hello Sidney

    Jayzus chroist Jackie

  63. Adrian K

    Sons. .

  64. deutscher türke

    Best tv Show ever

  65. Starscream

    one of the best series I've ever saw
    incredible good choice for the outro song

  66. dag v

    This show changed my life forever😂✊🏾

  67. Lucas

    i would give the show overall a 6.5 of 10 but this scene is so wonderful 10 of 10! The way he looked when he opened his arms was just satisfiying he was ok with dying. wonderful

    stvcanada Brooklyn outlaw

    Her son half brother name lucus

  68. De StroyzZ

    If anybody asked me what my favorite song is I would without a doubt say this one.Not because I do really like how he sings or even the melody.But the fact that its telling the story of jax just makes me wanna cry everytime I listen to it🙏🏼

  69. Big irish 1916

    Only 2 times in life I cried
    My father's passing and the end where jax dies.

  70. Richard mon

    Tell me another f***in great tv show like this. I bet u cant.

    Amazing. I cant stop watch this show.

    The KibbsterYT

    Richard mon mayans mc that has sons in

  71. Игорь Флерко


  72. Charlie Hunnam

    We got this goodbye cruel world we are in peice at last our last ride we celebrated and had fun rocked it out on Halloween now it's our time to fly free on a ravens wings

  73. Edip Yavuz ŞAHİN

    death didn't suit you jackieboy

  74. Anaïs Dallari

    L’amour ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  75. Big John Diseno

    I loved the Song/Lyrics/Spoiler lmao

  76. Eduardo Maciel

    Opie, Tara, Gemma, Bob etc .... almost every family died, Jax had to kill Uncer and his own mother, the pain of living for him should be horrible.

  77. All star Raper

    กูพึ่งมาเคยดูเรื่องนี้ได้ไงวะ ครบรส จริงๆ

  78. Jeff Shipman

    Will never be another show as awesome SOA forever!!!

  79. Abdallah Khalid

    This always gets me
    Respect to this masterpiece from Sudan 🇸🇩❤️

  80. Yılmaz

    "In Memory of JAX"

    Karaeski 01

    In Memory of AMİRİM.

  81. myalove 555

    songs of arnarchy est le films que j'ai aimer ,j espère qu il font refaire un notre films sur les biker......

  82. milchuck

    Not many shows can make you immerse yourself to where you cry like a baby because it feels like you've lost a family member.

  83. kain holmes

    Only outlaw can enter Valhalla this way

  84. kevin77ism

    what a tit

  85. Rachel K

    Jax died when Opie died. Just like Opie died when his wife died.

    Daniel Kuritson

    When Opie died, Jax was on the edge. Tara getting killed is what pushed him over the edge

    Jeff Peterson

    Losing opie changed jax when tara died jax died

    Игорь Овчинников

    so everybody died in season 1

  86. Shaun Cason

    Off topic, but if that two lane road is I-580, I'm the Pope

  87. Patricia Lidgold

    Fuck the mayans rhat show is trash !!

  88. Patricia Lidgold

    Jax tellers death is more tramitic than tony sopanos !!

  89. Betül Şişdağ

    Aşk tesadüfleri sever *E

  90. Leanne Powell

    Cried my eyes out , Best show ever made .

    JayEd KC

    Leanne Powell do you watch the Mayans, I know it’s not the same but Chibbs is in the next one

  91. Luiz Enio Oliveira Silva

    depois do SOA nao achei nenhuma serie que chegue pelo menos perto dela !!!

  92. Donnahhughes1954 Hughes

    Love you Jax😍

  93. Antonio Toin

    2019 e ainda não superei o fim dos Sons of Anarchy...


    Acabei de terminar a serie e eu tbm não superarei


    mt top essa série, inclusive a trilha sonora, até gravei um video do solo dessa musica https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2X5cjO2JO8

    Kelvin Oliveira

    Pse amigo..

    Douglas De Almeida Martins

    A melhor série. Não haverá outra

  94. Hundr þungr

    As vezes essa música me vem a mente quando tô andando de moto, aí fico com medo e tento pensar em outra coisa. Kkkk

    Kelvin Oliveira