White Buffalo, The - Chico Lyrics

Oh Chico he lies
Well he got it coming
He don't know when to quit
Just keeps his mouth running
From day into night

Grab the money and the bag
The cold Smith and Wesson
Going to take him out back
Going to teach him a lesson
That will stick in his mind

You better follow the lessons
Heed the signs
Don't you follow him
Down past the borderline

Can't find the dope
I don't know where he hid it
Well he's sneaky like that
Maybe we should just split
Put it out of our minds

Chico comes to
He heads south for the border
They got women and pills
That can stretch his disorder
Right over his eyes

He got ties to the Cartel
Put it out of your mind
Don't you follow him
Down past the borderline

He was always high
No right from wrong
Literally out of his mind
I heard there's a golden gate
That glows like the sunshine
I'll meet you there
This ain't forever
This is goodbye

Slide in with no passport
No trail of paper
Well I know where he's staying
He'll be meeting his maker
And I will get mine

So I kick in the door
At the Casa de Nada
He swings from the fan
Like a busted piñata
With no candy prize

Better cut my losses
Just get out alive
Head up north
Cross the borderline

Rush to my woman in waiting
No way to rewind
Should have never gone
Down past the borderline

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