Whiskey Myers - Colloquy Lyrics

Old man is walking down memory lane
His piercing stare tears out through the rain
You can see in his eyes
Ain’t too much life left in them veins
He tells his son “I’ll be out on the run if I ever get out of this chair”
And if you don’t mind, I’ll be out of my mind
Thanks for the time you could spare

Cause I know you’re leavin
Don’t leave me believing I might
Your smile is misleadin
Your eyes are deceiving my fight
Cause I can’t hold on
And I can’t move on

Young man is walkin down Faith Avenue
Can’t understand what he’s fixin to lose
You can see through his tears a moment of fear come creepin through
He tells his father he wouldn’t even bother
If I could ever get over you
And if you don’t mind, I’ll make up for lost time
I swear on my life this is true

Cause I know you’re leavin
Don’t leave me believing I might
Your smile is misleadin
Your eyes are deceiving my fight
Cause I can’t hold on
And I can’t move on

Cause I know you’re leavin
Don’t leave me believing I might
Your smile is misleadin
Your eyes are deceiving my fight
Cause I can’t hold on
And I can’t move on

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Whiskey Myers Colloquy Comments
  1. Shawn Sly

    Hits hard right now, dads coming to the end of a long bout with cancer. We talked the other day and cleared the air on a lot of the past. He's always had my back. Don't know what its like not to have him here

  2. Luiz Carlos Arruda Braga

    Cara que viagem!
    Que som magnífico!
    Obrigado por postar algo tão bacana!

    BeyondtheVeil Of Death

    Many thanks to you, for your beutiful words, mate. the song is so fantastic, indeed!!!

  3. Jason White

    amazing ,touching , speak to the soul .. keep making em

  4. Jason White

    seen u guys several time ,. n. w arkansas, lot of yalls music , it speaks to me and ive lived alot of your songs . this is one them. powerful... favorite band since your, road of life days, keep on keepin on .

  5. Bow Hunter First

    Very few songs are produced as powerful as this one! If you got anything going on with a family member aging and about to pass this will year you up!!! Amazing song!! See y’all Aug 10 at Whitewater!!

  6. jackie davis

    best, keep it up

  7. Tammy lora susan Fussner

    Prettiest song

  8. sil pasternak

    Why this song is nowhere to be found apart from YouTube? I need to download it!!

    Regina Sims

    i got all of their music on amazon....

  9. Brian Davis

    That guitar solo at the end is just awesome

  10. mystic morning 76

    I love this one

  11. Miguel Boffa

    Para tí...

  12. Tracy Munro

    i'm obsessed with this song.

  13. jackie davis

    No comparsoin to any other band, authenic sound

  14. jackie davis

    Perfection at is awesome best.

  15. jackie davis

    true to the end of one's life, I love this song.

  16. jackie davis

    love all their music.

  17. William DeVaughn

    Well I don't know how I've missed this musical genius and his awesome work! I sit here in my bedroom today literally in tears from this song and I think it's probably one of the top 6 best and most beautiful songs I ever heard! This guy is unreal!

    Christopher Johns

    I said the same thing where in heck did this guy come from I love it

  18. kevin urban

    what a friggn band

  19. peggy lopez

    Absolutely love this band. Listen to them everyday. !!

  20. Stephan Alford

    The Best Band in Music Today is without a doubt these guys!They dont have a single bad song.

  21. John S

    You did a great job on that video. Thank you.

    BeyondtheVeil Of Death

    Thanks to you - I'm so glad that You enjoy it :-))

  22. Cody Richards

    This song makes me remember my grandmother, the 17th of this December will be one year since her passing, I love you rest easy

    Brandon Hause

    Czanek Shadows shit ain’t never easy. This one makes me think of my dad. It’s been a year and a little over a half since that day I had to say bye. It sucks. Everyday I try to push away the feelings but it affects each and every day. I haven’t been able to completely let go.

  23. Jon Inman

    I think these guys have everything it takes to be great. I grew up listening to Skynrd and the Black Crowes... This might be some of the best music I've heard in a long time.

    Daniel Hill


    ringo haze

    Their already great .they dont have to sell their souls to the devil for conformation from hollywood to tell them that

  24. Ryan Kushner

    One of the most beautiful soul touching songs I have ever heard. I totally agree about the guitar at the end. The whole song speaks to your soul.

    Tammy lora susan Fussner


  25. krispykremelvr

    can someone explain this song?


    Dad is dying
    Son never paid dad much attention
    Dad assumes son will just leave him to die alone
    Son wants to be with him
    Son regrets never spending more time with dad


    Each only wants the best for each other


    ty! I thought so, but I wasn't sure. love this song.

    Danny McCloggie

    I'm going through this right now. My dad won't have much time to live anymore and he lives in another country so it's really difficult for me to visit him on a regular basis. The last time I saw him was 9 months ago. This song haunts me ..

  26. Jens Böhm

    ....wow.... klasse Song... top Band sowieso.... und ein schönes Video noch dazu

  27. Betty Stancell


  28. chief 2017

    has a voice like mellencamp or is it just me? I like this band a lot and hope to see them open up for blackberry smoke on the 29th in Detroit

    Jennifer Krticka [email protected]

    Tate did a great job w this one.

    Laura Souza

    +Jennifer Krticka [email protected] música top...

  29. Music4allofU

    Incredible track by 'Whiskey Myers' love this band. Lovely well made image video as well.

    BeyondtheVeil Of Death


  30. wolverine3566

    There's good stuff too in the new CD, Mud, 2016


    @BeyondtheVeil Of Death Watch my Stone :p!!!!

    BeyondtheVeil Of Death

    head-stone? hahahaha!!!!!!


    @BeyondtheVeil Of Death muddy stone!!!

    BeyondtheVeil Of Death

    Bought it...not so good as the previous ones, daddy...doncha think it!?


    The same I thought at first when listened to 'Ride out" of BS in 2014 but we both know I was not right... Something else, masterpieces like this here cannot be born everyday :)

  31. jonathan horn

    whiskey myers is the lynyrd skynyrd of this generation

    Ramsey Daugherty

    Man I used to see this band out in East Texas, they capture one of those intangible qualities that make one a true TEXAN

    mystic morning 76

    Bad Asses

    Brennen Christian

    If you listen to the first few notes from " the ballad of curtis lowe" it sounds very very similar to " trailer we call home"

    michael hedgepeth

    I just don't know how to describe it as older Guy. I'm 52 and it's not like anything else I've ever listened to, frfr.
    I DO Know in Glad my son(24) turned Me on to Whiskey Myer's & Cody Jinks ;

  32. Ale Vargas

    Linda canção. Great song.

  33. Ian Wilkie

    Great song, great band, the slide guitar on this is gut wrenching........

  34. Danny McCloggie

    One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard! That solo in the end cuts through you like a chainsaw! Gorgeous!

    Jon Inman

    Danny McCloggie I've just discovered these guys. And I'm absolutely blown away.

    Ryan Husk

    its the guitar solo that drove the song home for me. Its almost like they are giving you time to reflect the lyrics you heard.


    They are truly amazing....they always deliver with every song they write! I grew up with one of them, our dads were buddies (RIP Tater)

    Danny McCloggie

    I visited Palestine TX last year, which I think is their old stomping ground? Planning on staying in Palestine next year again. Greetings from Scotland :-)

  35. Tyson King

    Great song very well written.You can feel the raw power of the words

  36. Florian Viennois

    Une chanson magnifique ;)