Whiskey Myers - Ballad Of A Southern Man Lyrics

My first rifle was a .243,
Papa gave Daddy and Daddy gave to me,
And they taught me how to shoot with a steady hand,
I guess that's something you don't understand.

Now I grew up on a prison farm,
Sneaking pulls of shine from a mason jar,
Used to go fishing out pickle creek dam,
But I guess that's something you don't understand.

Grandma's in the kitchen;
Papa's done passed on;
We'd sit out on the front porch,
Just a pickin' on a song;
And there's blood on the table,
'Cause we work for what we have;
And I was raised in this land,
I guess that's something you don't understand.

I still fly that southern flag,
Whistlin' Dixie loud enough to brag,
And I know all the words to simple man,
I guess that's something you don't understand.

Pledge my allegiance the original way,
Say "Merry Christmas" not "Happy holidays",
I can't change my ways I know who I am,
I guess that's something you don't understand.

Grandma's in the kitchen;
Papa's done passed on;
We'd sit out on the front porch,
Just a pickin' on a song;
And there's blood on the table,
'Cause we work for what we have;
And I was raised in this land,
I guess that's something you don't understand.

They'll grind us up in a big machine;
They'll feed us all on the same beliefs,
Holy dollar and a credit card;
But we got a way of doing things,
And no bankers gonna steal from me;
They wanna tear it all apart.

Grandma's in the kitchen;
Papa's done passed on;
We'd sit out on the front porch,
Just a pickin' on a song;
And there's a Bible on the table,
'Cause he bled for what we have,
And that's the ballad of a southern man,
I guess that's something you don't understand.

My first rifle was a .243,
Papa gave Daddy and Daddy gave to me.

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Whiskey Myers Ballad Of A Southern Man Comments
  1. Rose Red

    He reminds me a bit of 1980's Steve Earle and 1970's Ronnie Van Zant

  2. Tiff Clemons

    Love this song...sounds like my dads family...

  3. horgea ioan

    Annd there's a bible on the table cause He bleed for what we have . Those are the best lyrics

  4. Billie Cowart

    Has anybody saw the directors cut??? He blows the cops head off at the end....... epic

  5. Nathan Staggs

    Yes I do understand and I’m a proud back woods ol TN boy.

  6. Gabriel Mora

    someone who listens to this beautiful song in 2020

  7. zak payne

    It's hard to explain your values about God and family without being discredited as a racist or bigot.
    I wish God wasn't a poisonous term to liberals. All I want is to live by his word.

  8. Devon Christian

    The only part of the us that was ever worth a damn

  9. Kerry Wallum

    Nice video!! Luck films YouTube!

  10. KCT

    I promise never again to click on any Vevo vid of 'budding new talent'. If it's genuine talent it won't be on Vevo..

  11. emanuel banuelos

    God 1st

  12. zsrmx1

    Pro 2nd!

  13. zsrmx1

    Well. how's that Virginia situation gonna play out? Hmm.

  14. Billy George

    This is a true story for my family

  15. Lord Lhus TV

    Makes me proud to be born in the south! #SouthCarolina #Dixieland

  16. A W

    Merry Christmas y'all ❤

  17. efeightyeight

    I have recently discovered these guys and their music is just brilliant!

  18. Just Me

    Listening in 2019 😁 great song

  19. Kiana Ray

    I know all the words to simple man, guess that’s something you don’t understand🤘🏼🤘🏼

  20. Proper Paradox of Capricorn

    My great grandmother and great-grandfather had northern businessmen come down for dinner. I guess my great-grandfather who was a general in every war back from the Spanish American War to WW2, so it must have been something to do with military business. Well my great grandmother prepared fried chicken for the dinner they would all eat! One Northern businessman said, “Well up north we use silver ware to eat, we don’t just pick it up with our hands.” My grandmother replied, “Well if y’all wouldn’t have stole all our possessions including a silverware after the civil war, we wouldn’t have had to come up with such a genius delicious idea

  21. 都玲グッチ

    Are the lyrics
    Grandma's in the kitchen
    Pappa's done past on
    Papa's drunk past dawn???

    Ethan Harris

    Papas drunks past dawn

  22. Travis Prince

    Marry Christmas !!!

  23. Kory H

    This song hits home. I've got "I guess that's something you don't understand" tattooed on my inner bicep. No one will ever understand why I am the way I am. They simply didn't grow up or walk in my shoes.

  24. westbender 820

    Cop at end sound like Hank Hill . Lol

  25. Doug Sizenbach

    Its getting real in Virginia right now.

    Jack Greve

    Doug Sizenbach I was just watching this all the way to the end and thinking the same thing...

  26. ImJacobe

    Well is seems that 3.4 thousand people just don’t understand🤷🏼‍♂️

  27. Dixie Shuffler

    I still got Granpas 243 too.

  28. noofalata

    ooof, this one bites.

  29. Justin Ford

    I've been watching this video for years and still don't seem to understand why the police came to his house

  30. Carlo Demarco

    man if this song dosent hit home you aren't a true american

  31. Brandon Morgan

    God bless Dixie! ❤️

  32. Jonny Brooks

    Its not about color
    Its a way of life.love is all that matters in the end.............jonnb

  33. skateski

    Must be one of the best country/southern rock lyrics ever, and it is also quintessential rock'n roll music lyrics too. Classic stuff!

  34. filoIII

    That dude in the house at the end means business, and gives me chills. Wonder if he was a Vietnam vet who'd had enough of the establishment.

  35. Brody Laxton

    I love this song it says every thing

  36. Jeff Jacobs

    I pledge my allegiance the original way too! We’ve definitely become to politically correct! Everything hurts folks feelings nowadays! Southern Music tells the way it is! I guess that’s something they don’t understand

  37. LouisianaBoy1990

    Idk why I've never heard this song before damn.. And I love the guy at the end with the single barrel shotgun, you know some crazy shits about to go down lol..

  38. Gab Gab

    Love the rebel flag cause it means a lot for me and for my folks here. My geat grandfather was an 18 years old Kaiserjeger who fought during WW1 agaist the italian invaders here in north Italy, among the alps, to protect his land, his culture, and his family, and while I listen to this song I can immagine him singing it. Long life to Welschtirol (South Tyrol) and to C.S.A., linked by a similar history, that still live inside our heart.

  39. William Robertson

    Dude hope to see you all at the national Richmond va

  40. Bob Dylan


  41. Joe Weiland

    Seen yall in Sioux Falls @ The District last night 11/14/19! Topped the list of concerts ive been to (mostly 90's rock artists). Yall should definitely go on tour with Colter Wall, Cody Jinks, Tyler Childers, and The Dead South. And call it The North meets South tour. It would be fucking amazing! I would personally try to make to every midwest show! Would be more, but as you said last night starting off as a welder blue collar community. Im a Refinery Tech and money can be tight.

  42. roy weatherford

    Love it! Hit the nail right on brings back some happy and sad bitter sweet memories

  43. TEXAS LUCK 777

    Is bad when he shot a .243 win as a first caliber then there’s me shooting a .270 win as a first gun

  44. William Poole

    All these so called "southerners" saying it doesn't matter what color you are make me sick.

  45. rodney Bender

    Im not a Southerner, I love this song...but my first gun was a 22.

  46. dwayne welty

    Sounds like good ol linard skinerd

  47. trw61guitar

    Love this song, such truths and memories in the words to this song!

  48. bevodanger 2

    3.2k that disliked have an easy life and don't know the lifr we live and don't appreciate life at all

  49. Dave Crocker

    God bless Virginia

  50. Devon Christian

    The South was the first victim of zog.....if only the French and British did the right thing and killed the beast before it was fully grown

  51. Robert Goudreau

    Wow great song sir definitely added to my by the fire with the kids wife in friends drinking beer bbq playlist haha or just everything list well done sir

  52. John Allardyce

    Reminds me of growing up in S.E. Texas. These boys grew up not to far from me, they're just younger.

  53. ljshoreslokal

    IMO, my take on the homeowner and the two cops, this is about eminent domain. You see golfers on a golf course and a house bordering it, a general contractor or city engineer talking to the two cops, and the home in the background. I believe the government is taking the mans home and giving the property over to the golf course owners. This man is not going without a fight.

    This is about the working man standing up against crony capitalism and corrupt government. I just saw a house eminent domained this year for the greater good of a two lane road that the city widened to a wider two lane road. I watched the house get bull dozed. Absolutely crazy.

    William Poole

    This is about the cops trying to take his guns

  54. MrEpeeFencer

    R.I.P. Johnny Reb. To hell with the politically correct SJW's tearing down your monuments.

  55. DarrenKentucky

    Come take my guns

  56. Zach Collier

    This song hits hard my grandpa taught me how to shoot when I was 7 with a 243 and nothing has made me feel more free then some of the lessons he taught me

  57. TheFuMeSOG

    First rifle I shot was a single shot .243 in Lincolnton , NC with a buddy of mines father , very ironic haha

  58. Dee Harris

    I like these guys music.
    Who's with me?

  59. Aaron Shelley

    God damn they’re pandering so hard it’s disgusting. Listen I’m Dixie and educated. When I hear this it sounds like you’ve used the idea that everyone who listens to you is from a blue collar family with blue collar offspring. If that’s the case, then fine. If not. We’re here and we get it. But don’t insult us.

  60. Darris Hawks

    I created a playlist called "Country Music that isn't borderline fascist" just for this song but then you started talking about flying the racist flag so I deleted the playlist and felt sad lol
    The melody is great, the sentiment is great, but I would prefer if it didn't have the "wE sAy MeRrY cHrIsTmAs" nonsense lol

    Darris Hawks

    @OK you're welcome

    William Poole

    @Darris Hawks Are you white? if so you are disgusting, shop being ashamed of your own identity.

  61. M M

    The South....... last place for Libertarian Principles and that way of life.... love it

  62. Jakobs Martin

    My first rifle was a .22

  63. Preston Barnett

    In the south we work. We don’t go to school we don’t have it made for us we aren’t born with a silver spoon in our hand. We work for it all. I’m making 13 an hour and about to be taking care of twins. But I know I can handle it because it’s called work. Work in life and work at work. Nothing comes easy but ig that’s something you don’t understand

  64. Brittney Bennett

    My brother Lance would have loved this song, this one’s for you brother ❤️

  65. Alijah Rowley

    I don’t get what the music video is about if someone can reply that would be great

    Brian Michener

    I dont know which part of the song it is that you dont understand , its about standing up for family values the values that our pappys & papas worked & scraped & earned by the blood of their hands & defending it at all costs & refusing to allow any banker or corporation to step on your toes & take it all away from you because they think they own everything , i have a bible & i have blood on my table from my own hands right next to papa's blood , there is so much more to this song but really i fear its just something you wont understand

    Alijah Rowley

    Brian Michener thanks man

  66. Jag Robinson

    Guess this song is something 3k dumbasses just dont understand!Who could hit the thumbsdown on these guys ever??!!

  67. The Legend

    I’m northern and this song speaks volumes to me

  68. Jesus Gonzalez

    Come to my house with my band 1501 w olmos 5511peca SA 78201

  69. filoIII

    Last part was spooky.


    It’s funny how i’m from nowhere near the south....but i can relate to everything this man sang....i guess deep down i have some southern charm in my blood...i just grew up in the wrong part of the country😂😂😂

  71. Mitchell Young

    And no black is gonna steal from me

  72. Billy Bass33

    I got so much southern pride when I listen to this song every hair on my body stands up and tears start rolling out of my eyes god bless the south something yankees don’t understand

  73. Aron Rosas

    This is a ballad for a midwestern man as well just a little bit different

  74. Greg Gregory

    So is this today's pop country or rock n roll?

  75. Swamp militia outdoors inc

    It warms my heart to see all these comments I just moved back to my home town in Georgia I've missed it since I left but im home now with mt wife and kids with all the bad shit going on in this country its nice to get back to small town America to raise my kids right with a gun in their hands and to fight for our rights! God bless country folk!!

  76. LotsaJello

    Love this band but have to pretend this song doesn't exist.

  77. Marilee Dent

    Mine was a 12 gauge

  78. cracker_ zac

    Glad to see questioning authority in the mainstream...

  79. PA Mountains

    I am from Central Pa aka Pennsyltucky, and this song resonates with me. I actually have letters from my ancestors during the civil war. There were small groups from PA that fought for the South. You drive from Eastern Tennessee up through Kentucky, WV, and into PA you would be hard pressed to tell the difference

  80. Sue harrelson

    First time hearing this song n I swear it's me in a song i thank the good lord I was born in the south,there's no better place in this world

  81. Mark O'Malley

    I Hear Synyrd. I Hear President Trump.

  82. George Wilson

    Not politically correct or historically accurate.. but I guess that's something you don't understand.

  83. Jenna Faccio

    Dont hate the white, dont hate the black, if you get bitten simply hate the bite!

  84. Costas Giotakis


  85. Costas Giotakis


  86. James H

    Gotta keep the wolves away.
    People are quick to give their freedoms to an idea.

  87. Walking Through Life With A Cajun

    I Dow understand were your coming from I was raised on a farm we grow ever ting and raiesd chickens ,cows and so on it was. a good life at the time I dent understand but now I am 52 and its all going. RIP mom pop DaD mis and love y'all Louissina 🐊

  88. thaPMAN127c

    Listening to this for 7 years now and I am a southern man, and there is even more dislikes than ever by dumbass libtards that just dont understand!

  89. jbscornerstore

    ...they don't understand.

  90. Desert Ghost

    Something the DEMONCRAPS will NEVER understand

  91. The Baron

    I like this new version of Sheryl Crow's Are You Strong Enough To Be My Man!

  92. Collective Mycology

    New Mexico born. First rifle was a lever action 30/30, I dont too much like a lawman, my heart still lives in the Badlands, thats just something you don't understand..

  93. Todd Tucker

    Great song..Reminds me of my POP and Nanna in Miss. If you didn't live you just won't get it.I do.Thanks for a great song

  94. Kainalu Carpio Cuico

    The Skynyrd boys who have lost their lives over the years are crying tears of joy for this one brother. 🇺🇸 #foreverrebel

  95. Hektor of Troy

    From a South Texas rebel, well done.

  96. D H

    I still pledge my allegiance the original way.
    San Francisco calls us terrorist but I call myself a patriot!

    Gregg Noonberg

    We called Bin Laden a terrorist, he called himself a patriot. It's all perspective.