Westside Gunn - RVD Lyrics

[Westside Gunn:]
Grr, ayo, ayo, ayo, ayo
Grr, luxurious fly shit

Ayo, heckling the tan, you flex, a nigga talking extra
Never rode a bike in my life, Supreme Vans selected (ah)
Selling coke, some might've stretched it, I like to keep it raw
Nigga fell out, one sniff, you can keep the straw
Flags on the duplex crew necks, German Suplex
The guy come with a few checks, Perrier-Jouët
Jewels dropped in the mess hall, I had to pick 'em up
"When you come home?" He said, "Never", I think my heart got stuck (ah)
Ten chains on his arm, can you
Remember when Pete shot up my house, tryna hear the coop (boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom)
Mona Lisa Off-White, 40 below Feigs
Four door Ferraris with no heads (skr)
So lavish, my whole locker lit for a 10 o'clock count
I'm standing rich in the JJ Vance trench
Splash the brick on some Rob Van Dam shit
Doors on the cran-apple land lift
You had your cup, what's the logic?
Palm trees on the Mary Jane suits, load the pocket rocket
The feds wanna indict, give life, I'm looking rich, right?
The Wraith with the pinstripes, I been nice (skr)
I swear, I hate when rap niggas claiming they king
Blow your head off with the crown on it, make my ears ring
Took the ace out the deck, chopped the coke with it
Ain't no business like dope business

[Keisha Plum:]
Terra cotta, ricotta, red snapper
Grilled lobster, and roasted lamb chops
He dresses his wife in Armani
Mistress in Versace, and his ho in Top Shop
Fly in his prime like Karl Malone and Karl Kani
In uniform like Karl Lagerfeld, Coco Chanel frills
Black leather on black leather
Black locs, black blunts filled with black smoke
Ain't no business like dope business
It's brutal, and time is crucial
Never show weakness
Think, what would Griselda do?
What would Griselda do?
Shoot them before they can shoot you
You know what they say is true
Trust your instincts
Test the circle for weak links
Plum colored minks, plum colored drinks
Everyone wants to know what Plum thinks
Nigga told me his bitch gets lost in the texture of my voice
She hears my poetry and her pussy gets moist

[Kanye West (Charlamagne Tha God):]
This is... this is an Hermès level existence at this point, you know?
Like, you look at a, a Birkin bag, the way it's made
The more scratches on it, the more, the more value it has
You know, so all those things, those pieces of the story have...
Created, uh, who I am today

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Westside Gunn RVD Comments
  1. tawanda kambeu

    Westside and Griselda for 2020

  2. Yocat

    Beat is fire🔥🔥 lyrics make it even betta. Sounds like a premier beat . These buffalo kids are ridiculous..

  3. Ismail McDuffey

    Keisha I love you!

  4. Mister SLimeBall

    Play dis shit on 1.25x (no need to thank me)

  5. Bee R.


  6. Bliggity

    RVD was my favorite wrestler lol.

  7. trakém official

    Fucking ILL ASF

  8. Charles Davis

    Street poetic Genius.. keep it up. Flawless Victory.

  9. Charles Davis

    Thet spoken word too dope tho

  10. Darlene Crosby

    "Aint no business like dope business" Real and Raw!! St.Louis OG!!

  11. DocM

    Golden barssss. Westside so reminiscent of GFK!! great SC montage!!🔥🔥🔥

    Ya Boy H.K Stain

    Bro I swear

  12. Tonee Ochoa

    - Took the ace out the deck n chop the coke wit it, aint no business like dope business . . #Griselda🔥

  13. Reese NineEightNine

    What would griselda do

  14. shawn thomas

    Murder Chi wrote

  15. Jamalle Wilson

    I wish I had the ability to like this a million times!

    Mr. D Brown

    No need bro the fact this dont have a million views should just show u theres more fake niggas that real niggas out there

    Jamalle Wilson

    @Mr. D Brown Facts bro

  16. IT KNOWS

    This might be my favorite Westside Gunn X Keisha Plum poem/verse

  17. Waweru Ngigi

    Is that Kanye at the end?


    yea the first zane lowe interview

  18. Deandre Crosby

    Still dope!!!

  19. Kendrick Jones

    FLYGOD holding ALL the BELTS!!!!

  20. Turtle Anton

    This is simply fantastic

  21. CORY FГaΩCo

    FLYGOD did it again 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Turtle Anton

    CORY FГaΩCo for sure