Westside Gunn - Project Nigguhs Lyrics

[Westside Gunn:]
Luxurious fly shit
More classic than your average
10, 000 grams on the cabinet
Chrome 800 blow your face off
Got slippers on, no laces on
Half a milli on the first flick
47 with the banana clip
More or less I'm the best spittin'
Baguettess glisten
[?] mask in the 6
Dip the product, make it come back harder
The start of your ending
Money machines here for all this
SKS' on the tour bus, what up
Glamorous, bare handed eatin' mandarin
Broad day you'll be vanishing
Told the plug we was Mozart
Playing keys, six shells in your mohawk
Galaxy phones, my vision solar
The foot of the gat it would seem so far
Black roses out the concrete common
730 on the yacht, mask for torture
Kick your door in insurance
Project niggas in a foreign
Ayo, project niggas in a foreign
Ayo, project niggas in a foreign
Ayo, project niggas in a foreign
Project niggas

[Hus Kingpin:]
Kiss my sword or staff, throwing Edison medicine
I'm ten steps away from my tenth wind
You niggas know to walk about when I tap in
I'm armstrong from the left wing, seven rings
'97 kings, since the shootouts to settle things
Dilate a nigga for the Evidence
Darts is effortless, put a nigga on projectors
Bust a couple shots at your sector
You polyestor, tried told you 'bout the vector
You niggas won't learn 'til we test the guns
The weed shine purple like Phoenix Suns
Son why you leaking blood, speaking in tongues
Each gun teach one, bleeding from the lung
When the storm come, y'all niggas know the war rung
The transgression of sin, send my MAC-10
I push a benz and I pussy binge

[Planet Asia:]
Big face pheremones
Talk scrill, tackle 'til you re-up
Insult you with the vultures, fly doser
Money and Malta, shit's the buddha with the six shooter
In the sofa, I get chauffer'd when I rock loafers
Poppin' toast most, tailor made marble silk
Pardon self while I get my target's killed
Day be true, poppin' like it's '83
Street per diem, mob is the agency
Hood classic, mattress money
Splash a youngin', we project niggas in the foreign
Still outscorin', old schools peel out warrin'
We project niggas in the foreign

Who else but yours truly
Hustler harder for yards then Doug Flutie
But get more groupies
Port side on a boat at the dock
They say the keys to success open colorful drops
I'm not high end, cultural sluts, the bucks fly in
We toast on behalf of the cloth, your boss buy in
Stock market merger, pop from the burner
Style murder, I'm killin' these niggas now get your merch up
Shots of the? clique, laughin' as the tweakers tweak
Far from the point of my first sale, my sneakers squeak
Bucket brim low, muscle tenfold
Move like the scent of that loud through your crescendo
Heavy like the pendant on the end of the gold rope
My diddy bop d-boy, I'm basically pure dope
Packaged and distributed
The penmanship is militant
We sendin' soldiers for percentages

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