Westside Gunn - Gustavo Lyrics

Griselda, Griselda
By Fashion

[Westside Gunn:]
Ayo, word to the tiger on my Kenzo
Extendo gats hanging out the Benzo (doo doo doo doo doo doo doo)
Christian Dior jumpsuit proper though
The bitch stepped on my Fillings I should've shot the hoe
So much money came I got scared
You ain't talking code no more shit got weird
My homie laughed when he got six hundred months
He ain't care, he ran the yard from a bottom bunk
Wang draped over the pump, what's for lunch?
Mikimotos & Sotto Sotto
Twenty three you want Lord's Ford loafers hanging off the boat
Imagine them fiend faces when they got soap
You could talk fly if you want but I'm the GOAT
Season One Yeezy on the ropes
M1 fully loaded I'm 'bout to rain on him (BRRRRRRRRRRR)
Needles still hanging out the veins on him

Every day, make money and pray (Gustavo)
Every day, make money and pray (Gustavo)
Every day, make money and pray (Gustavo)
Every day, make money and pray (Gustavo)
Every day, make money and pray (Gustavo)
Every day, make money and pray (Gustavo)
Every day, make money and pray (Gustavo)
Every day, make money and pray (Gustavo)

Ayo, bought moms a new stove Lord I killed that shit
Turned one to three Lord I killed that flip
Spinning new revolvers
Prada trunks Malibu waters
Pal tried to break Jerry King Lawler
Pulled up on the curb no top on it (SKRRRRRR)
I don't care block you reppin' you getting shot on it
I'm a man of my word
Hit her from up the block (BRRR) I was lucky as shit (BRRRRRRR)
Bust the duct tape, shit musty as shit
Niggas running from plain clothes
Talking slang when we slain those
Go back where you came from
Too many four-fifth shots should lift him (BOOM BOOM BOOM)
I thank God I'm still living
I'm 'bout to be rich forever
Ten chains HumanMade Sweater

Every day make money and pray (Gustavo)
Every day make money and pray (Gustavo)
Every day make money and pray (Gustavo)
Every day make money and pray (Gustavo)
Every day make money and pray (Gustavo)
Every day make money and pray (Gustavo)
Every day make money and pray (Gustavo)
Every day make money and pray (Gustavo)
Every day make money and pray (Gustavo)
Every day make money and pray (Gustavo)

[Keisha Plum:]
If Rakim and Nicki Giovanni did the nasty
They would've had me
Product of poetic genius DNA
Seven one six in my DNA
Every day make money and pray
Holy Father, he said pay attention
Uncle Stevie got his throat slit ear to ear
Word to life nigga's still breathing though
Spiritual atonement, dreaming of angels
But living with demons
In one 911 made OTC, in the jungles of the Philippines
You can never clean away the odor of sin
His gut filled with gin
Her skinned dipped in Gucci bamboo
Hunter boots and Woolly socks
For thunder and rain, tears shed in Medellin

Gustavo Gustavo
Gustavo Gustavo
Cocaine dreams empire
Cocaine dreams empire
Cocaine dreams empire
Gustavo Gustavo
Gustavo Gustavo
Every day make money and pray
Every day make money and pray


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Westside Gunn Gustavo Comments
  1. EFP

    I just heard this for the first time yesterday.. I just bought that Griselda album last week.. I just got hip to them.. These cats are special.. I’m a fan now ..

  2. Darnell Townsel

    “The bitxh stepped on my feelings I shoulda shot the hoe”🤣🤣💯

  3. ThaKidDJL

    600 months.....Damn!!!


    50 years


    Praise the Most High for Griselda...

  5. JoN bLaK

    play 5 times a day. inshallah: in God all is possible. Jesus saves so should I
    make money and pray

  6. Justin Hauerwas

    This beat with WSG flow n bars will never be matched.

  7. Ismail McDuffey

    Y'all boys in Buffalo got a down south slang.. love that shit.. remember as a jit I met a nigga from Buffalo in HS.. that was our reinforcer.. shout out to my Buffalo nigga who went to Stephen HS in Lithonia GA.


    Doot doot doot doot

  9. Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77

    Westside Gunn - Gustavo (remix) feat. Conway, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, MF Doom & Ol Dirty Bastard.

  10. Salah Al'Din360

    I'm so overwhelm with happiness for the fact that I got introduce to Westside Gunn music a few months ago. It's late, I agree. It's better than never. To me his music is another testimony that Hip Hop is still alive. Always was Always Will Be.

    lauren M

    Salah Al'Din360 I swear bro I been just got on the wave end of November mani been missing out on greatness

  11. bayzlordz

    Yo! Who is gustavo?

    Andrew Cogger

    could be gus fringe

    J O.D

    Pablo escobars brother I thought


    Gustavo De Jesus Riverio. The cousin of drug kingpin Pablo. Escobar. Every last one of West’s songs are the 💩! Phenomenal hip hop music right here.

  12. Khaleeq Muhammad

    I Don't Care What BlocC You Rep You Can Get Shot On It... I'm A Man Of My Word

  13. Don Killino

    Doot Doot Doot !

  14. Jimmy Elahcene

    Money maker, religion maker, one way. Always the same things, you can't change the human be.


    Everyday make money and pray 🙏🏼

  16. Dylan Bell

    The bitch stepped on my feelings I shoulda shot the hoe 🤯

  17. Yami Majic

    So fuckin smooth and soulful

  18. Jimmy Thrash




  20. Rap Gee

    the bitch stepped on my feelings I should have shot the ho from South Philly with that shit

  21. K&M Thomas

    Griselda and these young brothers made me believe in New York hip hop again. I’m 39 and my east coast progression goes as followed for me if I forget anyone : dmc , rakim Krs one, juice crew, public enemy, tribe de la, wu, Nas, biggie, anything produced by preemo, Pete rock or extra p. Jay z first album and figures. The infamous Around puffys era I started venturing away. To common and other mcs can’t forget soulqarians

    jasmine ridley

    Cold Crush, Busy Bee, Treacherous 3, MC Sha Rock , T la Rock, Coke la Rock and more, they will bring you closer to your foundation and connect you back to your roots✌✌✌


    Big L, Lord Finesse, Gang Starr, Jeru the Damaja, The Fugees, Boot Camp Clik, Smif N Wessun, Heltah Skeltah,

  22. Lukeni Wollo

    This album should be 10x platinum. Real man anthems! Dont have to deal drugs to relate

    Mickael L

    Every day make money and pray...

  23. - Swayze -

    Jesus Christ this shit is filthy... New York shit frfr

  24. L Ron


  25. Charles Davis

    I need a better sound system for this music... Hip Hop has been upgraded,... I gotta upgrade my sounds.. FrFr

  26. Shahfiq 007


  27. Screwhead Blik

    Thank God I'm Still Livin

  28. Sludgewavefather

    Still hard and WSG is still doing work out here

  29. Derrick Ross

    You can talk fly if you want, but I'm the GOAT!

  30. Isaiah King


  31. Bles

    This was my first GREISELDA song. Was hooked after. Il never forget that day.


    Good introduction! A thousand birds got me hooked

    Kenneth John

    welcome aboard...better late than never fam.

    jasmine ridley

    Mr. T got me hooked!!!

    Bob John

    jasmine ridley same, I’m not coming hoome too


    This was my first song too in 17 i was late but it’s crazy how much bigger they got in 2 years

  32. Anna C

    Every Day Make money and Pray Gustavo brap brap brap


    pure. timeless. classic

  34. Gifford Palmer

    Rough track

  35. Lucy Aguilar

    Everyday make money and pray 💱

    Isaiah King


    Arthur 82

    You ain’t taking code no more, shit got weird

    carlos velazquez

    Lucy Aguilar hola

  36. Canigula Cruz

    Say what u want about West , at least he got one of the main things in hip-hop taken care of.._STYLE ORIGINALITY.._His is dope!!!!!!

    smith lovy

    I like his style but it aint original. Every east coast rapper sounded like this in 94/95/96. Shit prob why i like it.

    cee gwola

    smith lovy Griselda woulda blended right in wit the greats from that era.


    He sound like Ghostface back in the day


    Please never let that female try to rap at the end. Literally just ruined that track :(


    it's not rap its spoken word/poetry kid

    Theo Phee

    Nah you just don’t know fly shit

    Darnell Allen

    Spoken word poetry dickhead.

    model marc

    GRUSIVE stfu....it’s spoken word..u mumble whack fan...


    Not at all. The poetry might even be the best part of the track.

  38. Anna C

    Much love.

  39. Fabrice-Makengo AkA Morphis

    fav of all time

  40. silverton jersey

    Blizzard up in buffalo holla jersey kiddd

    lex lydon

    silverton jersey jersey

    silverton jersey

    Upper east gets no love unless its ny city

  41. Jamel Redfern

    I remember when we first starting dunking it's amazing.to.see my bro crowned dunk champion illa da guerilla

  42. Rich Honorable


  43. AndyM

    I can't believe, what I'm hearing. This is unreal!!!

    Justin Hauerwas

    Shit still fire!

    JoN bLaK

    pick u face up that how my niggaas rock

  44. purplelove010

    The only good thing about this song is the beat.


    @Evan Knapp lmao


    @MEMO THE MAN He ran the yard from a bottom bunk


    @JROKRIZZY ran the yard from the bottom bunk


    lifestraight ok It’s close tho I misheard EM But Randy Orton Still wuda been a dope reference Good look tho I stand corrected 💯


    @JROKRIZZY who da f is randy orton? Lol

  45. purplelove010

    Wtf is he talking about?

    Angelico Smith

    Gustavo was Pablo Escobar cousin who oversaw the cocaine being shipped from Columbia to the United States of America when he was killed it was start of Pablo Escobar fall in Drug wars with the United States and other Drug Carters in Central America.


    Too young for this


    POLLOS HERHAMOS iz what he talking bout, bro! Breaking Bad in da house

    Calvin LaFleur Jr

    JROKRIZZY he says “he ran it all from the bottom bunk”. Nothing about Randy Orton.


    @JROKRIZZY thought he said "he ran the yard from a bottom bunk"

  46. Gustavo Saenz

    My song...

  47. Gustavo Murcia

    Best song title ever

  48. Gustavo Ribeiro

    Every day make money and pray

    Dart Briggs


    Super Iroquois Snake

    Tatted on my chest

  49. Herban Legend

    wow the poetry at the end is beautiful.

    Sam C

    Herban Legend The whole thing is poetry🌊

  50. Joshua Mitchell

    he need a video to this

    Jordan s

    fuck a video, this is perfect.

  51. Boombap beats

    so chill . westside HEATER