Westside Gunn - Finn Balor Lyrics

Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom

Ayo, Just Don Wolverines like I play with Webber
Crossover Fieg Pippens with the leopard
Next at the microwave floor, we 'bout to chef up
Get the sales off, call me [?] and some ketchup
Scarface Supremes, [?], niggas lickin'
I flew off the pitch to hit a fiend, [?]
Cactus triple beam on it, I mean
Four-door Ferrari, money green
Got my courts, beat the feds while I'm still on tour
Baggin' up dimes, had the MAC on the floor
Chine Gun is my shepherd, loaded Desert
And for the record, I be the flyest nigga of all time
More grime smothered my walls, more violence
Cookin yay on the gas stove, lit pilots
Raf parkas, Balenciagas makin' me look taller, ah

I'm off the top rope, like Finn Balor
(Y'all niggas fucking know better)
I'm off the top rope, like Finn Balor
(Ain't nobody fucking with me, Lord, you niggas know that)
Came off the top rope, like Finn Balor
(Fuck you niggas, the fucking king of this shit, niggas)
I'm off the top rope, like Finn Balor
(I make more money off one fucking shirt than you niggas ever have in your fucking life)

You niggas is bums, you hear me
Let y'all niggas live, man
I doubt any of you niggas gon' live long though
You know what happen when niggas disrespect me, right?
Look in the fucking mirror
Just look at your fucking self, you a fucking bum
Fuck you got on, nigga?
Old ass Giuseppes and shit
These niggas don't fucking rock Giuseppes, nigga
I don't even wanna f-
Listen man, listen man
Just do, just, just chill out, b
I got love for niggas, man
I want the best for niggas, man
But see who hiring out here, man
Get y'all some n-
Get y'all some fucking jobs or something
Rapping ain't it, man
Niggas made a thousand fucking songs, man
Still fucking broke
I'm on tour, nigga, I'm making it-
Listen man
I gotta show tomorrow, a show the day after that
A show a day after that, a show the day after that
And a show the day after that, motherfucker
Hitler 5, nigga

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Westside Gunn Finn Balor Comments
  1. Deejay Facts


  2. Manhattan Raised

    West gets off so nice sometimes

  3. Jonah ware

    got that action Bronson flow


    naww, that Ghostface flow more like it lol

  4. Jared Hall

    Damn the way he flipped this sample is amazing

  5. The Brave One


  6. BruhYou GotCashApp

    Something about this beat idk bruh... shit jus give u hope

  7. obewa


  8. Cosmic Dreamers

    Damn green lantern like he got some dope ass beats locked away sheeesh! 🔥

  9. iLL Soprano

    I’ll never understand people who say West aint lyrical. West is stupid nice

    Franco Scaglia

    they can't understand

  10. Cameron macGregor

    Sample is The Undisputed - Walk On By, Dilla sampled it on Donuts as well (Walkinonit)

  11. Gary Sutton

    Is this the issac hayes walk on by sample?

  12. bdgray23

    Love it!!😍😍

  13. icemouf7480


  14. Karate Joe

    Too bad Wes will never be on hommy and fahim level.Nigga should be grateful for all the shit hommy Nd fahim did for him and gxfr.theres more than one reason why they both beef it wit them

  15. brndn


  16. Danell Boyd


  17. Tasheem T

    I never really liked Fahim's Vibe and he is a bum lmaooo.... From SkullKiD

    Sdog Eht Fo Eliforp

    yeah...nobody interested

    Tasheem T

    Sdog Eht Fo Eliforp could care less

    Tasheem T

    apparently you are weirdo get off my nuts

    Sdog Eht Fo Eliforp

    sure hollywood

  18. XdkX A

    So YouTube just updated their setting and you can see who disliked the video......y'all know a guy named The God Fahim?

    Donbe Amenece

    XdkX A you must have not heard Fahim shit.

    XdkX A

    Ok 👍

  19. iLL Soprano

    This is beautiful

  20. shoqwave

    G rythm for the soul, salute green lantern, salute gxfr

  21. walkwithred

    Does anyone know the sample on this shit?


    walkwithred Idk, but it sounds similar to the sample from Mr. T

    Cameron macGregor

    The Undisputed - Walk On By

  22. intense34

    Man, one of the greatest productions of 2017. This makes my life happy.

  23. Al Simmons

    This is my shit right here!! 💯🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊😌



  25. Sosa Dibiase

    Fahim and Mach need to chill and patch this shit up

  26. jesse hensle


  27. Zachary Deering

    Wish there was 3 verses on this joint

  28. Zachary Deering

    This beat is one of the best I’ve ever heard

    BruhYou GotCashApp

    Zachary Deering facts

    John Cooney

    Theres no beat Haha. This sample/melody is dope though

    Chris Mcdiddle

    I see this comment on almost every Westside Gunn song

    Lee Sinclair

    @Chris Mcdiddle To be fair, Gunn does rhyme over some of the dopest beats/samples in the game. His ear for beats/samples is impeccable and he has had production from most if not all the top tier producers there is.👌🏻👍🏻

  29. Laron Johnson

    why does he have hitlet on all his music covers?

    Laron Johnson

    Kongcrete 818 w.e hmu when valid answer

    Kongcrete 818

    Laron Johnson bro just go see his interview documentary he explains about Hwh1

    iLL Soprano

    Its a play on the Devil Wears Prada

    Donnie Snow

    @Kongcrete 818 why did Judas rat to Romans while Jesus slept

    Kongcrete 818

    Donnie Snow lol

  30. Mike Grier

    Hope this thing with Fahim can go the same way as his issues with Hus Kingpin did....seems like they patched it up

    Al Simmons

    Mike Grier for real cah Fahim got some bangers too! 💯👊🏽🙏🏽

    Kongcrete 818

    Al Simmons dump goat and breadrick dougles have amazing production i bashed on fahim sometimes he says corny shit but on those albums his fire

    Al Simmons

    Kongcrete 818 Bro listen to Think Again and Spirit of Shogun...

    My 2 favourite tracks from Fahim right now! 💯😌

    Kongcrete 818

    Al Simmons iv heard em theres just some stuff i dont like from fahim he releases to much stuff that some stuff aint dope i aint a dick rider neither but im really fucking with that dump goat and breadrick douglas

    Karate Joe

    Mike Grier weren’t smoovth and Rozewood involved too? I dnt see them being koo wit Wes like Hus is...js.

  31. Thee Lion P-Dub

    Off the top rope like Finn Baylor.... #Classic here before 10k views

  32. EL Lee

    Scream on them Lord... In the words of Ghostface "It's Family Business"... #Hermes #GxFR #SunTzu #WestSideGunn #DumpGawd #Mach #Butcher #Conway #Buffalo #BSF #Unify #TrustGang #Pounds #ElCamino #GetMoney #Lyrics #NYNY #Worldwide #OuttaState

  33. Jay FK7

    Green Lantern.....WOW💚💚💚💚💚

  34. Some type of Haitian

    Shots fired at Fahim and Mach ?? I'm all here for it
    Ps. I was at the last a day after that show and these niggas murked it

    MR J

    I thought Fa only dissed em?

    Some type of Haitian

    I'm not sure if mach catching smoke but fah had it coming..and it don't sound like westside talking to one person

    Aftawerdz Nuth

    some haitian nigga I agree, but. Mach & Westside just released that Macho joint tho. Plus that comment about "a thousand songs and still broke" ? FAHIM need to fall back fr

    Farrukh R

    both put out mad heat they should squash it..

    iLL Soprano


  35. Holiday Styles

    Sun TZU the GxFR plug never late or slippin with it salute

  36. Jim Janson

    royal flynest

  37. Ash Balu