Westside Gunn - BLVK TAR Lyrics

[Sean Price:]
God is the greatest, we could never be friends
The Lord is my shepherd, my vest is sheep skin
Cannon bark, hammer spark, open casket
Bastard dressed like Shannon Sharpe, uh
P hardly shoot, I'm well loved, I tell thugs to do things for loot
Boss in the hood, don't get lost in the hood
Break North, my niggas take off with your goods
Heat in your space, hot shot seeking a place to rest at
Sket clap and scrap meat off your face
A quarter ounce of shake in the 'Ville get you killed
Grilled as porterhouse steak
Black nigga with the Eagle evil
Jack Tripper at the Regal Beagle
The 9 convince you
To take off your Nikes and like cement shoes

[Westside Gunn:]
Phenomenal whipping, we hopped in the Benzes
Let's chop in the kitchen, go shopping at Lenox
Lord rocking some Moschino vintage we did it
The Izod gator on the waiter
Push the Cayenne's in France
MAC-10 on me, who wanna dance?
Clip hangin' down the Pucci pant leg
My shit is legendary, stylin' majority
The.44 Bulldog belong in your mouth
Your shit get blown off
10 Deep rocking 10 Deep
Officially the flyest nigga I know is me
? peoples at the Eagle said he looking for Roberto
The Maybach was Merlot
Tommy Hill still had the steel on him
When Bishop shot Steel
My rich amilli? steal, I'll
Tom Ford all black, I'm in a fuck nigga' bushes
Thousand boxes of baking soda for the cooked goods
Yayo residue on my resume
Ayo Keke take these five bricks on Desiree
Wait up, soufflet'ing the yay straight up
Black Tar stars, papi on the call log
Sir Lord West
Legendary shit

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Westside Gunn BLVK TAR Comments
  1. Brooklyn’s Finest Red hook! 718

    Sean P #GOAT

  2. Mick

    I wish this was on the cdr version

  3. chris luckhoff

    Same sample as Angels and Demonz by True Masterz

  4. jason jones

    Mac 10s on me who wanna dance?!?

  5. Terrance Minor


  6. Andrew Cogger

    jesus christ is this terrible. who the fuck signed off on this beat?

  7. Jung

    Sounds like oldschool death metal

  8. plsdont

    I feel like Im 14 and just discovered rap...westside gunn and conway are kings man

  9. Ringolero

    WG paid the utmost Respect to P with that verse. 🔥🔥

  10. Anduin Arilan

    RIP Sean Price

  11. Tony Gwynn

    Shit is nice peace, peace to the Gods

  12. Kyle Santos

    This song is heavy and hard... FOH with that agallah bullshit!

  13. Hesheem Rahman

    Westside the GOD real ting dis!!!!!

  14. Emmanuel Jackson

    Now snort that line................. SNORT THE FUCKN LINE....😂😂😂

  15. Turtle Anton

    r i P!.

  16. joe mcginnis

    The god blessed this track, Typical ill spit form both. RIP P

  17. Jason Swenders



    Jason Swenders glad I found this joint!!!

  18. El Chato

    Hip hop lives !

  19. beige LAMF


  20. rhys maccabei

    5 haters gonna get slapped

  21. Johnny McFlick

    constantly finding more from westside gunn is a honour...

  22. Charmcity77

    This shit is the epitome of HipHop

  23. Tyrone Whitlock

    The only thing that would have been tighter than the Regal Beagle verse would have been adding Larry or Mr. Ferley!!!

  24. Kazzy Kaioken

    Cannons bark, hammers spark... open casket, bastard dressed like shannon sharpe! P!

  25. Don't GiveUp

    Cannon bark/hammer sparks/ open casket/ bastard dressed like Shannon Sharp RI.......P!

  26. DaBlasta81

    which album/mixtape is this track on? i so wanna cop this shit!!

  27. kurtkaleido

    Shout out my potna james robert mane

    James Robert

    kurtkaleido salute


    What's the sample between the verses?

    Martin Ndirangu

    From the movie Freelancers. Robert De Niro tells 50 Cent to "snort the fucking line"

  29. bigdog1002

    When Bishop shot Steel, my Richard Mille time stood still... ill....

  30. Eddie Edwards

    Jack Tripper At The Regal Beagle fukkkkkk P gone too soon new niggas goole that phrase to understand what he ment lol

    Mr. Reason

    they have no idea

  31. rodney turner

    what authentic hip-hop sounds like.

  32. Ferrari MOB

    You boyz on the way.. Conway got that uncut fish..I pray when the drama comes no one dies or go to jail

  33. Lost 1

    Dope dope dope

  34. robert Paulson

    ayyo, that three companys bar is way over you late blooms

  35. Barry Haze

    P sound like Doom on this one

  36. the Unfuckwitable

    God is the greatest, we could never be friends
    The Lord is my shepherd, my vest is sheep skin
    Cannon bark, hammer spark, open casket
    Bastard dressed like Shannon Shark


    Shannon Sharpe

    AFG Incite

    Shannon Sharp ...

    Matthew Wiley

    Who's Shannon Shark?

    Mar Ball

    Liquid sword shit

    mj's life

    @Matthew WileyShannon Sharpe always has the best suits on the TV show undiluted, Sean price is saying if you mess with him he will in a casket with fly suit

  37. Mike A.


  38. Manyak one

    Sean God Mandella still living thru his bars... Ri P

    M.S the Goghst

    Ruck is Priceless!

  39. Martin Ward

    r.i.p.sean nice keep it up west side you n the machine the inspiration for this brain dead generation....salute

    Fredicago Illanoise

    2nd That!


    Martin Ward all facts!!!!! Conway that nigga

  40. Anthony Mezka

    Westside Gunn iz dope! not like dat pussy rapper chance


    wtf, foh

    don time

    +Rurne. Shut your clown ass up. Commenting on another nigga voice octave, yous a fucxing weirdo.

    javier arevalo

    Anthony Mezka fuck chance nothing to compar this is underground


    don time if you rap like a hard ass but sound like Chuck E Cheeze with the cadence of a turnt Ghostface at best, a Flava Flav on lean at worst... be prepared to be called a clown and a fuckboy.

  41. Simon Forrest

    R.I.P MEGA SEAN PRICE.. my mu'fucking dude yo... miss you homie... WSG the next up..mos def.. classic hood poetry.. fly rhetoric.. my type of speech.. Griselda up yo!!!

  42. Fran Baillie

    Fire got this shit on repeat

  43. Sean Moon


  44. canis pugnax

    the nine convince you to take of your Nikes..Sean price one of the greatest of all time.


    canis pugnax word up, nine convince you to take off your nikes... absolutely inspirational

    canis pugnax

    @walkwithred yeah indeed black belt lyrics

  45. matteo ferranti

    AAAAAAIGHT ... (rip P! )

  46. stewcold to hold

    G Shit!!!!!!!

  47. Ra' KZA

    Shit is Dope! Rip Sean P