Westlife - The Difference Lyrics

I wake my faith shaken inside
Images of you race to mind
Did I forget I meant to tell you something?
Only half 'til you have to fall
Only whole when you're seeing it all
Oh you saved something for me

Between lost and found
You showed me the difference
Between safe and sound
You showed me the distance
Oh I was sliding, safe but I was hiding out
Oh I fell I'm not down
You showed me the difference

Everything was slipping right through my hands
Hard to find any place to land
Clouds don't cover me where I stand anymore
Only half 'til you think you lost
Only whole when you’re reaching across
You saved something for me


You resurrected me
Eyes wide open to dream
In scattered pieces when you found me


You showed me the difference
You showed me the difference

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Westlife The Difference Comments
  1. Ciara O'Loughlin

    Hi westlife I know who is better singer is Kian Egan, Nicky Byrne and Shane filan

  2. Alicia Townend

    omg love it

  3. Rok Pogorelčnik

    2019 =))

  4. Lydia Kay

    what else wld u ask for...dame westlife.......

  5. Ari Setiaji

    2019 🔥🔥

  6. RAMA .R

    Best group ever .. I love you westlife .. who's from 2019

  7. Mirmas 99

    December 2018

  8. Fabiana Claudino

    Quanta música linda do Westlife!! amo!! 🎶😍

  9. Joshua Lee


  10. Gabby Art Countryhumans

    2018 and still miss them a lot.. 😊mark ..❤️

  11. Marianne Orate

    June 2018 ❤

  12. Brian Santos

    2018 !!!!

  13. Romiana Bakara

    hmmmm 😘😍😋

  14. sandra feehily miranda

    lost and found...safe and sound..
    i fell im not down..
    westlife left us a GOLDMUSIC

  15. 北极

    I love this song

  16. micandro nella

    2018 :))

  17. Merriem Mathabo

    Wooow wat a sweet music ever

  18. Grea Than


  19. Clarisse Calubing

    ..IloveWESTLife very much😍💖💯💞

  20. Dhary Khamees


  21. MarTin

    follow me ! :) covers on my channel ! :))

  22. Suiryuu Jin

    my current repeat song list! Westlife forever!

  23. Sligo 1978

    Westlife..,my LIFE!


    Sligo 1978 my life too :)

  24. micandro nella

    2016 :)

  25. zuneid osman

    still listening in 2015

  26. F Rekeeb

    2:16 is the best

  27. F Rekeeb

    Thumbs up if you're watching in 2015 :)

  28. Nkosinathi Madlala

    an amaizing song wow cant stop playing it

  29. รัก ใจเย็น

    Iove westlife

  30. Fer_Langford

    Between lost and found... Westlife showed me the difference.

  31. Madelief Bakker

    I was just searching for some songs a few hours ago and I think now I love this band. 0.0

  32. akanicolerocks711

    first time hearing the song sounds to me they are saying "oh yea, i'm awake at night"

  33. DAngelLove26

    This beautiful song would had made an awesome music video had these talented boys been allowed to release more singles from this fantastic album.

  34. Joanna Louise

    It doesn't say that. It doesn't even sound like that hahahaha

  35. Joe Stevens

    oh yes awake at night

  36. crys follen


  37. Beata PoTacie

    piekne :)

  38. Wati Jeng

    best singer ever

  39. Wati Jeng

    woow it was a realy great song,lov it!!!!

  40. Maryam Utaifa

    Fantastic song & album

  41. Maryam Utaifa

    really in love with this song

  42. suzie aley

    its a shame there spiting up but i will still love westlife forever x x
    i love there songs there are amzing well done guys x x
    good luck in the furter

  43. Maryam Utaifa

    Westlife is the best forever

  44. Maryam Utaifa

    Westlife r the best

  45. Irish Abby

    This songs suits JEMI (Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato)

  46. Đan Quyết

    hay we'

  47. ZiRaNotE ZiLaKotE

    I like song!!!! ^^

  48. DumpLilGirl

    Amazinnnnggg love them sooo <3

  49. perspect19

    i like the lyrics of this song...and the beginning part sounds so cool!!! yay one more superb song from westlife

  50. Mai Shurrab

    this album awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Palkia792

    so wonderful song. One of the bests XXX

  52. Julie Keeney

    I am in luv with this song <3

  53. Kelly K.

    big love.

  54. Doorways ideas & solution

    my best friends, westlife,

  55. Canada3000guy

    Awesome song....love it boys....COME BACK to Australia soon

  56. Tasbih Amin

    keep on the gd work guys!

  57. Rebecca Hill

    love it!!

  58. ixorra85

    i miss them so much...love them...

  59. Joanna Louise

    the album is amazing isnt it? :)

    they're saying "oh yeah, awake i lie"


  60. Jessica

    What are they singing in the very beginning? 0:08 - 0:15

    I love this song, I love the whole album!

  61. Jessie Mannion

    Yh the only cover is What about now

  62. bjobg

    not out in mexico yet and I wanted it for xmas :(

  63. Monica Jansson

    I did get this album from santa - I love alla songs <3

  64. actressinny

    @wasalathilaka - Written for them by Scott Michael Culter, who is a genius and wrote "No Man's Woman" with Sinead O'Connor, "Piano in the Dark" for Brenda Russell. I actually looked up this song on YouTube b/c I saw Mr. Cutler wrote it. (there, that's a lot of info..)

  65. Ciara Holly

    mark is ddly :D:D xx

  66. Serianabella

    It's original. The only cover on the new album is What About Now. All the other tracks are brand-new Westlife originals.

  67. Charmaine Bean

    original :)

  68. King Family VRR


  69. Eden Mamo

    "Between lost and found you show me the difference" true song with true voice live u Mark!!!! :) xxx

  70. Heidi

    i love this album!
    every song is awesome (-:

  71. Eden Mamo

    love this song the music is rock my world this shoul b next single

  72. Monis993

    wow!! great song! ;d
    i love it!
    this song makes me feel better ;))
    this album will be great! ;d

  73. Vishant Vatsal

    dude! they r the best band yarr good music good tune good voice everything is good good setup good video thx rainbow princess for iploading this video

  74. killermeg4


  75. Noel Gorman

    amazing !!!!!!!!

  76. Rachel Menkhus

    LOVE this album!!!!!!

  77. vickie sweetdevil


  78. Labs

    lol.. yeah I hear ya ! :p Well when I listen to this I say: OMG this gotta be my faver, but then I go listen to the next and say the same ;) lol .. just cant deside !

  79. Labs

    How can u deside?! LOL they r all so good, never been this lost on whitch one to be my faver :p